Wednesday, October 13, 2010

California Vacation :: Prologue

We went to California last week.

We should've sold tickets to the sideshow we were.

Walking through the airport.

And going through security.

(Oh my word. Security! Could it be any more difficult?!) Six pairs of shoes off. Put them in gray bins. Jackets off and in the gray bins. Baby out of the carseat. Carseat on the conveyor belt. Stroller taken apart. Stroller on the conveyor belt. Laptops out and in the gray bins. Bags on the belt. Chloe in a gray bin. Walk through the magical security doorway, and now... do it all again in reverse.

Just kidding, we didn't put Chloe in one of those gray bins.

And then on the plane.
I was on one side with the three girls and Brody was across the aisle with Gary. Don't let Brody's sweet smile fool you... I may have had three kids to Gary's one, but it was EVEN.

The sideshow continued as we walked through the airport again with our stroller, carseat, four suitcases, camera case, and five backpacks.

It's quite an ordeal traveling with a family of six.

But we all survived and it was fun...

Stay tuned.


  1. You are brave! I love the picture of Brody running to Margaret. So sweet!

  2. OK...I just have to say that I am 33 years old, and I think I'm going to have to buy a suitcase just like the ones your girls have!

    And Brody...well, he's the most adorable thing ever, but he can't help it...the little guy has sisters and red hair!! ;)


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