Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm doing this!

I stumbled across this super fun opportunity for my kiddos yesterday, and we're doing it!

Kids’ ATC Swap 2011

And I think you should too!

I'm just going to leave links where you can learn more about it, but the gist is that your kids (age 4 and up) create miniature works of art on a 2.5" x 3.5" piece of watercolor paper, bristol board or illustration board. They're called Artist Trading Cards (ATC). Then they mail them to other kids who sign up to participate, and in turn they will receive 5 other ATCs.

SO FUN! It seems a little like those sticker or recipe chain letters, but a bit different. My girls will love making something to send to someone, knowing they'll get some artwork in return. I can't wait to see my kids' masterpieces and see what comes in the mail for them. Plus it'll be fun to squeeze in a little geography lesson when they each get their ATCs in the mail. The organizers say there are international participants!

Registration for Kids' ATC Swap 2011 (hurry! you must register by 4/4/11)

After following link to link to link (of course now I can't find it anywhere to confirm), I think I read somewhere that there were over 500 participants last year! Or maybe it was 500 ATCs. Or maybe it was 900. I really don't remember what I read - numbers aren't my thing. Art? Yes. Numbers? No.

Suffice it to say, there were lots of kids playing along. Won't you join the fun?

Let me know if you sign up!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I hear it from my girls several times a day:

"I'm her!"
"I'm that girl!"
"You be that one - I'm the other one."

When they're watching a TV show or movie, or when I'm reading them a book, they have to claim which girl or character they are.

For example, we were watching Mary Poppins the other night when the animated carousel scene came on. "I'm the purple horse!"

Or when we were reading a book about a clown family, "I'm the girl with the red hair!"

Or when we're reading Little House on the Prairie together, "I'm Laura!" (and then a fight ensues, because doesn't EVERYONE want to be Laura?)

Or watching a new show on TV, "I'm that one! I'm Izzy!"

After they've claimed "who" they are, nothing happens. It's not that they're setting the scene for later when they reenact everything they've just watched or heard. Staking their claim on which character they are actually has no implication later on.

Sometimes I wonder what the point is. And sometimes I'm annoyed by it. (Until I remember that I did the same thing when I was little.) I know it's just a game.

And I wonder, are they basing their affections on how the character looks? How they act? What they stand for?

So then I began to think: if they're going to be thinking these things, do I want them watching this show/reading this book? I mean, would I really want them to "be" anyone on this show? Is this just a silly game and they're just pretending, or does it go deeper than that?

And then I think...

Do they look at me and think, "I'm her! I'm THAT girl!"?

I mean, I'm not wearing the sparkly pink gown, and nor do I have the flowing locks which might actually be the object of their affection. I'm not the funniest or the most entertaining or the one with the longest eyelashes. I'm not sure why they'd pick "me" to be.

But it's just a good reminder that when the show is turned off, when the storybooks are closed and when it's just me and them, I'm the focus of their attention. Am I sending them the right messages? I want them to think, "I'll be her!" And not because I'm all that. But because I'm trying my best to show them how to love Jesus and live for Jesus.

I want them to see Jesus in me and think, "I want to be like THAT."

"And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ."
1 Cor. 11:1 (NLT)

Lord, help me to love my kids how you love them, so that they would see you in me. Teach me how to be an example to them of living for you and loving others. Show them that no one measures up to you, no matter their fame, their beauty, their possessions or their character. Help me to live in a way that would intrigue them, so that they would want to know you more, and so that they would point at me and say, 'I want to love Jesus like THAT.'

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scrambled and Fried


That's the sound of me, sitting down now that the kids are finally in bed. (At 10 p.m.)

I'm fried. My thoughts are scrambled. I'm about to crack. (I know there are more funny egg puns in there, but I'm too tired to make another funny yolk joke.

Gary was out of town last week for 4 days, home for a day, and then left again for 10. We're halfway through that second stretch, but it's been looooong.

And yet, I count my blessings. I admire those moms whose husbands travel for work or whose husbands are deployed. Or single moms. How do you do it, girls?

I'm thankful for a friend who came to give me a break today. While she jumped on the trampoline with the kids, read them stories, and put up with a drooling, runny-nosed baby, I got to leave. I didn't even have a plan when I left, I was just glad to get a little break. And it was good.

Anyway, my blogging absence this week can be explained by the fact that by the time the kids go to bed, I am spent. I woke up last night at midnight, after I'd fallen asleep on the couch holding a craft project I was working on. I'm glad I wasn't using the hot glue gun at the time!

I had these grand aspirations of getting all sorts of projects and organizing accomplished while Gary was gone this week. I think I'll be pleased if I get one or two of them finished, and I'm not above counting the laundry as one of those projects!

Alright, I'm wrapping this up before I fall asleep with the computer on my lap and wake up at midnighhhhhhhhhhhhkl;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish royalty

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we're all sportin' our green. Although, it was work to convince Addie to wear green today. She wanted to get pinched. Of course she did.
Before Emma left for school, she was all abuzz about friends in class who are just a "little bit" Irish, so "today is really exciting for them, Mama!"
Imagine her delight when I informed her that she, too, is a little bit Irish. Her eyes widened and she gasped as she clenched her hands together. So I called my dad to see if he knew just how Irish I am, and together we figured out that Emma is 1/4 Irish. And that's without adding in Gary's side, so who knows, maybe it's more. And the truth is, I have no idea how all that ancestry stuff works, but our answer was good enough for Emma.

She squealed and jumped up and down when I told her.
But, the news got even better when I told her that my great grandma Mary (McGuire) Stone had a big book of genealogy. It showed that way, way back in our Irish lineage, WAY BACK, is the King of Ireland.

Or at least, a man who claimed to be the King of Ireland... along with a whole lot of other guys who claimed to be the King of Ireland. But again, it was good enough for Emma! She was beyond excited when she heard this news.

And so just for today, she is going by the name Emma McGuire.

Nope, scratch that. Princess Emma McGuire.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wiww {5}

I think this might be my last wwiw post.

The fact is, there are just going to be days I'm in my sweats all day. Shoot, there are going to be days I don't get out of my jammies. Looking presentable on those other days hasn't really been an issue. But really - when I'm on the floor playing dinosaurs with Brody or painting at the table with the girls, does it matter what I'm wearing? No.

And I'm okay with that!

And besides, I'm no fashion plate. My shopping rarely reaches beyond Target, Kohl's and Old Navy, so I'm not charting any new territory there.

Or maybe I'm just being a grouch. Although I do really enjoy peeking at the other wiww posts each Wednesday to get ideas of how I could put different outfits together. I'll admit though, sometimes it makes me want to go shopping, so that part of it is bad.

Thanks for bearing with me as I think out loud.

On to this week's anticipated pictures:

Last Wednesday
{Adorable baby trumps outfit}
top: Kohl's
cardi: Old Navy
jeans: Gap
shoes: Kohl's

{I do not remember last Thursday. At all.}

{visited Joanne}
tank: Gap
cardi/wrap: Costco (!)
jeans: Kohl's
flower pin: Gap
ruffled flats: Marshalls

{birthday dinner with my dad}
top & leggings: WalMart
tank: Old Navy
shoes: Payless
flower pins: made 'em myself!

What? Yes, I pretty much wore Saturday's outfit. So?
top: WalMart
tank: Old Navy
jeans: Kohl's
boots: Marshall's
flower pins: made 'em myself

{stayed home}
"The Uniform" (see Tuesday last week)

{a bit of color}
green top , pink top & necklace: Kohl's
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: Payless

Go over to Lindsey's to see the others and link up!
Let's see those jammies outfits!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A charming birthday

I have a friend named Joanne.

Perhaps you've heard of her?

It seems like every blog I click on lately has the "Praying for Joanne" badge on it. It warms my heart. Joanne's stroke on January 11th was the beginning of a hard journey of recovery for her, starting with a battle for her very life.

But it was also the beginning of a faith journey that she's taken thousands of people on with her. We can never know why God does the things he does, but it's apparent that he is using Joanne's stroke and struggles in big ways. It has sparked conversations between friends and I about the work the Lord is doing in Joanne... and in us. It's caused me to pray more consistently. It's made us all believe that God still performs miracles every day, and that Joanne's life is one of them. According to a recent status update from Joanne, even the doctors have been talking about miracles.

Well, today is Joanne's birthday!

While it's pretty crummy to be spending your birthday in a hospital (although she is moving to rehab today, praise God!), it's pretty awesome to have thousands of people around the world celebrating that the Lord has blessed you with another birthday. Because for a time, it was very, very scary.

Over on Joanne's blog today, our good friend Janna has gathered charms from many of Joanne's blog readers to make a virtual charm bracelet for Joanne. Joanne has a MASSIVE charm bracelet - it's featured at the top of her blog.

So here's mine: On one side it says "Love" which just so happens to be Joanne's word for the year. Little did she know when she chose it that it would be all about others loving her.

This charm is really special to me. There's something on the back too, but I think I'll save it for another post. Today, we'll focus on Joanne!

Happy birthday, Joanne! You are so special and so loved. Visiting with you last Friday was the highlight of my weekend! Just keep pushing through this, girl! We are cheering you on and are praising God for your life every day. I am proud to call you friend!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In case you've ever wondered...

I'm quirky. And curious. I think of odd things.

So is it any wonder that I've wondered for years what happens in those mysterious Daylight Saving Time hours?

More specifically, what happens on TV? On the TV guide listing? Have you ever wondered? These are urgent things to think about, people!

I'm thankful for my super sleuthing cousin Molly, who committed again this year to documenting the wonder that is DST when it comes to the TV Guide channel. I can always count on her to provide me with what I need to put my mind at ease.

I sent her this request last night:

This morning she posted the following photo on my Facebook wall:
Do you see it? It jumps from 1:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.! Doesn't anyone beside me get giddy seeing this? No? Oh.

Molly's commentary also made me giddy. She's so funny and so faithful to cater to my whims.
She also took a picture for me one fall when it was the opposite. I can't find the picture anywhere, but perhaps she'll start an email distribution list for those who are curious that she can use for when the time comes. Be sure to alert her if you're interested.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of rabbits, robes and 'rody

It's the weekend! Goodbye to a very long week.

Sickness invaded the Flibbertigibberish home, saving me for last. We had our share of puking, croup, RSV, sniffles... and now it's my turn.

But on this lazy Saturday morning, between bites of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and reaching for the Kleenex, I just thought I'd highlight a few random things.

Addie came to me yesterday, smiling ear to ear. She held her school bag in one hand and was reaching in with the other.

"Mom, look at this," she said joyfully. "Finders Keepers!!!!" and she pulled out a chunk of rabbit fur.

And no, my Facebook friends - who said they loved their rabbit's foot growing up - no. There was most definitely skin and blood still attached.

She found it in a field next to her preschool. The lucky duck.

"All my friends asked if they could have it, but I said NOPE! Finders keepers!"

After these pictures were taken, it went in the trash. At least Addie didn't decide this would be the perfect start to another new collection.

The girls and I are going to work on their first sewing project together this weekend. We're making robes. I'm questioning why we didn't start with something easier since my sewing skills are a bit lacking, but they are so excited.

Last night we ran to the store and I let them pick out whatever fleece they wanted to make it with. Addie chose black and pink zebra stripe (so her!) and Emma... well, Emma chose THE MOST HIDEOUS pattern they had available. I tried to convince her otherwise, but she had her heart set on this one. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished products. Oy.

'rody (Brody - but I needed an "R" ya know):

Want a strawberry?

Or maybe half of a strawberry? We're so glad Brody can open the refrigerator these days.

I discovered these munched-upon strawberries yesterday morning just after I finished cleaning up an entire can of crumbled Pringles from under the corner table in our family room. Brody had snuck under there with the can and ate who knows how many before we noticed. It was a new can. He eats like cookie monster, crumbs and pieces flying everywhere. I should've taken a picture first, but suffice it to say, Dyson earned his keep yesterday.

And then yesterday when I went to get my shoes, I came upon every archaeologist's dream. I love that little guy.
Have a happy Saturday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have a secret code!

I have something exciting to tell you!

Remember when I talked about the time Addie got her 5-year-old shots and didn't blink an eye and was so incredibly brave because she called upon the Word of the Lord that she learned from the Seeds of Courage CD?

(deep breath)

Well, we love that Seeds of Courage CD. So much that the other weekend we were looking all over for it because the kids really, like REALLY, wanted to listen to it and I searched high and I searched low and I searched in the car and it was nowhere, I mean NOWHERE to be found.

(deep breath)

So I called Gary, because of course I call him anytime there's a crisis of any sort around here, and heaven knows not finding that Seeds of Courage CD totally qualified, but I could not reach him. He was in the mountains with a billion high school students at a retreat and was probably too busy playing "Chubby Bunny" or "Pass the Pigs" to answer our very important phone call.

(deep breath)

But the second he walked in the door from his weekend away, the girls and I pounced on him and said, "Where is the Seeds of Courage CD?!?!?!"

And he sheepishly admitted that he took it. Because even big people like to listen to the Seeds CDs. It's good music.

Which brings me to my really exciting news!

If you didn't buy a Seeds Family Worship CD when I talked about them the first time, now's your chance!

Seeds has generously offered Flibbertigibberish readers 20% off their Seeds CD purchases!

20% OFF!



I was really - I mean REALLY - excited when I found out.

So, are you ready for the code? When you go to their store to order your CDs, just type FLIBBERTIGIBBERISH for the coupon code. (That's F-L-I-B---oh, just cut and paste it. I should've chosen HAT for my blog name.)

And if you've not heard about Seeds until now, here's the scoop. Seeds Family Worship creates great Scripture-based music with the hope of planting God's Word in the hearts of families everywhere. You know what? It's working in our family! We have all five of the current Seeds CDs (you can pre-order Volume 6), and I'm amazed at what our kids have already memorized.

Wait - not just our kids. Me. I'm amazed at what I'VE already memorized thanks to Seeds. Memorizing Scripture is not one of my strong points, and yet there are many more verses hidden in my heart now after listening to this great music with my kids.

Brody is 2 1/2 and still doesn't talk much. But I know which songs he wants to hear over and over again. "Go-o-o-o!!!" he'll shout at me from the backseat while clapping, which means he wants to hear "Go" (Matthew 28:19) from the Power of Encouragement CD. Or if he roars at me and nods his head like he's rocking out, that means he wants to hear "The Good Song" (Psalm 34:10) from the Seeds of Courage CD. And then he'll shout "Na-nen!" which means, "Again!"

I need to stress that this music is good. Really good and really catchy. Not annoying. You know what I mean.

And an awesome thing about the CDs: each package contains two identical CDs - one to keep and one to give to a friend.

Plus, I think the CDs and website have really cool graphics. (Does that matter to anyone but me?)

So what are you waiting for? Click your way over to the Seeds Store and get yourself a CD or two for 20% off. And tell 'em FLIBBERTIGIBBERISH sent ya!

- - - - - - - - -

Wow. I am nothing if not wordy.

Here's the bottom line:

20% off at Seeds Family Worship


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

wiww {4}

Here we go again!

Do I think I dress with great style and flair?
Am I a fashionista?
Do I like taking pictures of myself?
No, no and NO.

Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy started "What I Wore Wednesday" as a way to get out of sweats (or, ahem, jammies) and into real clothes. This week started out okay and went downhill fast...

Last Wednesday
{Addie says this is my cowgirl outfit}
shirt & jeans: Kohl's
shoes: Payless

tank: Target
shirt/dress: WalMart ($3 on clearance, thankyouverymuch!)
cardi: Gap
jeans: Kohl's (same as Wednesday)
shoes: really old... maybe Kohl's?

We went to some friends' house for dinner on Friday.
We went out on a date on Saturday.
I didn't take pictures.
But I wish I would have, because things went downhill after that.

{skipped church - home with sick kids}
This entire, stunning ensemble is from Old Navy.
Sorry, Old Navy.

{sick kids part 2}
People! Please do not be jealous of my style!
Here I am in all of my un-showered, oversized sweatshirt,
make-up-from-the-day-before glory.
Take it in.
If you look closely, you might see evidence of my
girls' illnesses on my sweatshirt.
{sick kids part 3}
{A.K.A. no shower, day 3}
{picture? YEAH RIGHT.}

This week's question: How many days in a row have you not showered?
Just kidding.
Don't answer that. :)

Link up and play along!

And I dedicate this post to Kristen, who I'm pretty sure was taunting me earlier this week in her comments and didn't think I'd actually post pictures of me not showered. :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

It Just Makes Cents

In the last few months, I've found a few different ways to make a little money.

Now, don't get your hopes up. I really mean "a little." But it all adds up, right? They're all very simple things that take little or no time.

1. YouData
With YouData, just a minute or two can earn you a little change. YouData is trying to convince consumers that we should be the ones controlling our own data and selling our own attention, not third parties like broadcasters, newspapers, and spammers. By creating a "MeFile," I now control what ads I see and when I see them. Here's the great part - I am selling my attention directly to interested advertisers, for real money. That's right, I get paid for giving them my attention. YouData simply puts the change I earn directly into my PayPal account.
Plus, if you refer friends to create a MeFile, you get a bonus!

It's real! They pay. Just this morning, I made 60¢ in about 2 minutes or less. I know, I know... SIXTY CENTS?! But remember, it adds up. (Or in this case, it "ads" up. Ha ha!) Click this link to sign up!

2. Swagbucks
Maybe you've heard of Swagbucks before but have never signed up. Here's your chance! Swagbucks is nothing more than using Swagbucks as your search engine while getting the same results as you would by using Google. But as a perk, once in awhile you'll earn "SwagBucks" which you can redeem for prizes or cash. That's it! So easy.

Again, if you refer friends, you get a bonus. So sign up here!

3. Google AdSense
If you have a blog, you should sign up for AdSense. If you look closely, you'll see an ad or two over in the righthand column of my blog. Those ads are generated by the content of my blog and chosen by Google. Google will pay bloggers for advertising based on the page views and clicks they get on the ads.

Now, before you rush to monetize your blog thinking it will make you millions, let me tell you that in the two weeks since I put them on my blog, I've made.... wait for it... 1¢! Actually, as of yesterday that went up to $1.82. All in one day. I don't fully understand how it works, but what I do know is that it takes no effort on my part. I go on my merry way, blogging along, and Google pays me for the ads. And one day, one shiny day years from now, I'll have earned enough money from AdSense to buy myself a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. It will be glorious.

But! If you're awesome like my friend Jody, you can earn $18 with AdSense in a matter of days. Seriously! I don't know her secret. I think the bottom line is, as I wander my way through blogland, I'm going to start clicking a few ads here and there, to support my favorite bloggers.

So there you have it! Three easy ways to make a little extra change, without spending much time doing it or even doing anything differently. We could all use a little extra change, right? Or how about devoting your on-line earnings to your favorite charity?

These are just three that I'm familiar with. Do you know of any other money-makers out there?

Monday, March 07, 2011

This post is about laundry

Catchy title, eh?

If that doesn't deter people from reading on, I don't know what will.

I had almost caught up on laundry this weekend - until the end of our weekend was tied with a nice croup and puke colored bow. And now there's lots of laundry again.

But anyway, here are a few thoughts and discoveries regarding laundry:

1. In my next home, I will have a separate room devoted to laundry. But not a laundry room, more like a pre-laundry room. A staging area for the laundry.
And then there won't be these laundry land mines for my family to step around as I sort colors on the upstairs landing. And when I'm all caught up on laundry, it will sit empty. (Caught up on laundry. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Good one.)

2. Buttons. We got front loading machines last summer, and the only issue I have with them is that little hands love to push the buttons on them all. the. time. I don't know how many loads of laundry I've had to rewash because they stopped it mid-wash. See - here's my washer. Ignore the laundry on top and miscellaneous items. Here is the panel of buttons that is clearly irresistible.
If they were really that irresistible, don't you think---wait. What's that? Zoom in.
No, really zoom in.
Oh! A button to push so that it locks all the other buttons. I seriously just discovered it this weekend. Good to know 8 months after getting these things.

3. I miss the stalker scent. I unpacked a few spring things from pre-Chloe the other day, and they smelled so good. Last fall I switched laundry detergent because it was on sale, so this clothes smelled like what I used to use: the magical concoction of yumminess that I stalked someone to discover. I think I'll go back to using it.

Okay, off to do more laundry and disinfect the house. Three of the four kids are sick. That means today is full of saltine crackers, water, laundry, snuggles and movies. It's chilly outside, so at least we're not wasting a beautiful day inside with the sickies. Happy Monday to you!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

God in the details

Yesterday morning was one of "those" mornings.

I took a shower even though I didn't have time to.
We were rushed.
Kids weren't hurrying.
Diaper blow-out.
New outfit.
Spilled milk.
Oatmeal in hair.
Lost shoes.
Tangles in hair.
Another diaper blow-out.
Another new outfit.

Needless to say, Addie was late to school.

Emma had a late-start day, so after we dropped off Addie, we went to the grocery store and to get a haircut for Brody. After that, we headed back home to pack Emma's lunch and get her to school.

We walked in the door and there was Addie's lunch, sitting on the floor right in front of me. GRRR! She forgot it! I looked at the clock. If I hurried, I had just enough time to make Emma's lunch really fast, run Addie's lunch to her school, and get Emma to school just before the bell rang. I could do it.

I stood at the kitchen counter and got out two pieces of bread for Emma's lunch.

And then I reached up to the cupboard to get the peanut butter.

But it was already out on the counter, which is when I was hit with numb-chills. I had made Addie's sandwich with peanut butter. She's allergic to peanuts.

In that split-second, I realized God had really protected Addie. Yes, she'd forgotten her lunch, which was kind of an inconvenience. But really, she'd forgotten her lunch that had a peanut butter sandwich in it. Talk about inconvenience!

And in that split-second, I felt so loved. God had orchestrated my morning exactly right.

For whatever reason, I didn't make their lunches at the same time like I normally would. That meant that later, I'd have the chance to realize that I'd made Addie's with peanut butter instead of her almond butter. If I'd made them at the same time, I'd have had no reason to make Emma's lunch and notice the mistake.

Also, I didn't put the peanut butter back in the cupboard. Had I put it away (like I always do, you know, followed quickly by wiping down the counter to rid it of all crumbs, mopping the floor and having time to throw in a load of laundry), I wouldn't have noticed that I'd used it by mistake.

And then He got me home at just the right time. Any later and Emma would've been late for school after running Addie's lunch to her, and Addie would've gone to get her lunch bag only to realize she'd left it behind. No line at the grocery store, no waiting to get Brody's hair cut... God knew how much time we had.

Do you know God loves you? Do you know he cares about the details in your life? I felt loved and protected yesterday, and was able to share the story with the girls to show them how much God cares. He's not this big, distant God watching us go on our merry way. No, he is a part of our lives, orchestrating every minute, every detail, and cleaning up our messes. Our daily wants are God's business.

Thank you, Lord, for being full of tenderness and mercy. We praise you!

"The LORD makes firm the steps
of the one who delights in him."

Psalm 37:23, NIV

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

wiww {3}

I'm linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy again for the "What I Wore Wednesday" challenge.
the pleated poppy blog
Do I think I dress with great style and flair? Am I a fashionista? Do I like taking pictures of myself? Um, no, no, and no. Lindsey started this as a way to get out of sweats and into real clothes. And in addition, I'm challenging myself to shower every day. (Wow, never thought I'd say that. Can I get an amen?!)

Last Wednesday
{longing for spring with a lavender scarf!}
shirt: Kohl's
scarf: Marshall's
flats: Payless
earrings: Kohl's
Brody: all mine

tank: Gap
sweater: Kohl's
jeans: Old Navy
necklace & earrings: made by my sis!

{one of my stand-by outfits}
tank: Target
zip-up cardi: Forever 21
jeans: Gap
scarf: boutique in MN
vest: Old Navy
earrings: Forever 21

{Birthday Suit}
What I was wearing was far less interesting than what these three were wearing.
hospital gown: Littleton Hospital
scrubs: Littleton Hospital
baby: fearfully and wonderfully made by God
(I know, you can't stand the cuteness! Here's more about sweet Lainey.)

{The uniform}
hat: Life Is Good, from Marshalls
tank: Old Navy
sweatshirt: Costco
jeans: Gap
shoes: Target

...and the Tuesday outfit is why I started doing this. Because most days of the week, this is what I'm wearing, except maybe substitute some yoga pants for the jeans. And you guessed it, no shower. But! I'm okay with that. Yesterday I was home with five kids (I had my niece while my sis is in the hospital with her new baby), and by the time I'd taken this picture, I'd already changed once because Chloe pooped her pants and mine. On stay-at-home, jump-on-the-trampoline, paint-some-rocks-with-water, spit-peaches-on-Mommy kind of days, this seems like the perfect uniform.

What's your "uniform" look like?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Aunt Again


my new niece, Maclaine!
(we'll call her Lainey)
born February 28, 2011
7 lbs., 13 oz.
19 1/2"

She's beautiful and perfect and had God's hand on her until her tricky delivery was complete.
Her big sister Kenzie loves her to pieces.
And so do her four cousins!
She is one loved little baby.
With lots of hair.
I love you, Lainey Lou!
That's not her middle name - I made that up.
She doesn't have one yet.
Aunt Abby, me and Grandma

Her mama's pretty proud of her.
And I'm pretty proud of her mama.


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