Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Four no more... Addie is FIVE!

Dear Adeline Joy,

My sweet girl! You are FIVE today. Time has flown. Just a blink ago you were that bright-eyed baby who smiled so easily. Today you're five. Just as bright-eyed and just as easy to smile... most of the time. :)

You are aptly named, Addie Joy. You are full of JOY and bring joy to our family. No one has the imagination and sense of humor you do. You are constantly humming, singing or talking to anyone who will listen. And if no one will listen, you have no problem talking to yourself or the pretend people in the room. You've made it well known that you want to be an actress when you grow up. (Oh, and a Mommy, of course.)

You love school. You love your sisters. You love Brody. You love riding your two-wheeler. You love playing babies. You love playing school with Emma. You love to dance. You love to sing. You love climbing trees. You love calling for the neighbor boy over the fence. You have a tender heart for the Lord and for those who don't know Him.

Sometimes, Addie, you are a handful. Your daily emotional rollercoaster ride is exhausting to Daddy and I - we don't know how YOU can take it! You're either extremely bubbly and happy, or the world has crumbled down around you and you're in the depths of despair. There is no in-between with you. We're learning how to handle this, but mostly we're praying you outgrow this soon!

Oh, and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the ADDIE-TUDE. Oh. My. Word. Nobody rolls their eyes and stomps off better than you. If you're practicing for your teenage years, we're really in for it. And as exasperating and exhausting as the Addie-tude is, we can't help but laugh at it as well. You are full of spunk and personality, Addie!

Addie-cakes, you are a treasure to our family. You are so very loved!

Happy 5th birthday, Addie!

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