Wednesday, October 20, 2010

California Vacation :: The Beach

What would a trip to California be without a visit to the beach?

I'll tell you: less sandy.
Like her sisters and brother, Chloe got to take her first dip in the Pacific before her 2-month birthday.
And in proper Osborne tradition, she loved it!

Beach days are usually the days of our California trips when we dream about what it would be like to live there.

So relaxing. So fun. So peaceful.

We were so busy on this last trip to California, that when we got home we felt exhausted.
We should have had more beach days.

The kids are all so happy and carefree at the beach.
There's no bickering, no whining, and everyone is content.
It's easy.
The kiddos are so happy just exploring, taking walks, digging and playing in the sand and water.

The girls are even at ages now that we really trust their confidence in the water and they have a blast playing in the surf.
Emma did an EXCELLENT job boogie boarding all by herself.

One thing that makes me smile?
The fact that I keep finding evidence of our beach day a week later.
In shoes... in pockets... in the camera bag...


  1. These pictures are GREAT!

  2. Aww! Love the pictures, Angie! Out of curiosity, what kind of camera do you have? I'm been thinking about buying a new one, so I'm researching. :)

  3. The beach speaks to me, too. "Come back, Kelly. Remember the lazy Sunday afternoon naps on the sand? Remember the sun-kissed brunches and the pounding of the waves competing with the cry of the sea gulls and the laughter of children?"

    It's usually at that point I remember the beach doesn't speak at all, being an inanimate object, and that I'm just projecting my homesickness of San Diego onto an unsuspecting shore.

    But whatever.

    I get this.

  4. looks like a really sweet family time!


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