Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Six Weeks

Six weeks have already gone by. Six weeks have already gone by? I feel like Chloe was just born!

People keep asking who she looks like. Well, with my neapolitan kids who look so drastically different, who knows?!

So I thought I'd look up everyone's 6-week old pictures and see if I could see any resemblance that way. I once thought she didn't look anything like her siblings. Now I can see that she does!

Gary and I were laughing last night looking at these pictures. Emma's so scrawny (not so much in this picture, but definitely in others). Addie's eyes POP! Brody... that doesn't even look like him! Isn't it funny that when they're tiny babies, you think there's never been a more beautiful, perfect baby? And then years later... you look at those same baby pictures and realize that they were actually kind of, well, funny looking?

I mean, I'm sure SOME people out there think that. Not me. Nope.

So who do YOU think Chloe looks most like?


  1. Hmmm, I kindof think, other than her hair, she looks like Addie!

  2. I think she looks like Brody...or maybe a mix of Brody and Emma!

    She's SO cute!

  3. That was such a cool way to put the pictures together...I think she looks like Emma.

  4. Isn't that so cool that they each totally have their own look? I love the way you put them all up like that....but I think she looks most like Brody! It will be so fun to see her grow and change. Emma sure was a tiny little peanut! What cuties you have my friend! And can it have been 6 weeks ago?

  5. I think she's a mix of Emma and Addie. But really? She looks like Chloe! :)

  6. I think she looks like Brody, but they all look related.

  7. LOL @ the Neapolitan children...I may have to use that! We must have potpourri genes. LOL

    I think she looks like a mix of Brody and Emma, too. Though I'm sure if you took a picture of Chloe a bit more surprised, she'd look just like Addie.


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