Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just some more thinkin'

Sometimes my mind wanders and I think up bizarre ideas and storylines, as evidenced in this post from December.

This morning was no exception.

Maybe I was trying to escape the reality of what was happening outside the walls of my shower (bickering girls and a crying boy first thing in the morning), or maybe I'm slightly disturbed. Probably both.

Maybe it's just a coping mechanism since the next couple of days are looking a little crazy.

Anyway, I was standing in the shower when I saw the shadow of a bird fly by the window. I could see its wings spread and flapping, and it made me wonder if there are ever birds born as siamese twins.

Seriously. That's what I thought of.

So it made me think that if indeed there ever have been birds born as siamese twins (that would mean two birds out of one egg... can that happen? It seems logical... of course, this whole thought process is logical and yet completely impossible, so...), would each twin have one wing that they control? Could it fly? Maybe they'd have to work together to fly, much like a three legged race.

That made me think about my BFF and I, who, despite there being at least a 6" difference in our height, totally ROCKED every three legged race in elementary school field day.

Well, that made me think of the potato sack races, which I did not rock at.

That led me to think about potatoes and their eyes. It made me chuckle to think that maybe in some secret potato world, maybe their eyes are like status symbols. The more eyes a potato has, the better. Some kind of twist on "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

And then I thought, what if that potato is a PIRATE? Would it have multiple eye patches? And how would they stay on without ears to keep them up? I pictured this little multi-eyed potato with five eye patches and a red bandana on it's head. It didn't have an earring because it doesn't have ears, and it didn't have a parrot on it's shoulder because, you guessed it, potatoes don't have shoulders.

But the potato is with his band of other potato pirates, shouting, 'Arrrrgh!" and keeping a ship hostage off the coast of Somalia. Things got ugly when they started fighting back with spud missiles and potato guns.

I was quickly shaken from my reverie when a naked Addie pounded on the shower door and told me she wanted to get "dwessed" and that she was "hungwy."

And then I turned off the shower and my runaway imagination.

The end.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ordinary Day

I was thinking today was just another ordinary day, and tonight I went to clear pictures from my camera and realized I was right. It was just another ordinary day...

Emma and Brody watched a TV show together in the laundry basket.

Addie watched while eating an apple.

We had about eight Easter Egg hunts in the front yard, the back yard, and in the house (yes, the day after Easter), and it was fun every time. The girls stuffed all their candy back into the eggs and I hid them again and again. It wasn't until the end when they took everything out of the eggs that I learned that Emma actually put carrots in some of hers. It shouldn't surprise me since she's on a health food kick.

While I was on the phone with Michelle, Emma and Addie made a fort out of the couch cushions and Brody was their neighbor. (Can you see him? He's there hidden in the cushions, cradled in the laundry basket.) Yikes.

I ate too much junkfood.

Addie found the first roly-poly bug and first ladybug of spring. She told me it was a boy ladybug because she couldn't see its eyelashes.

Addie crashed on the couch and it was really hard to wake her up for dinner.

Emma and Brody played games with the laundry basket while I made dinner.

Brody had noodles at dinner and loved them.

Later, we realized that the aforementioned roly-poly bug had died.

Addie was sad.

Yep, today was pretty ordinary. I wish every day was just as ordinary because it was a good day. I love my family.




Okay, I can't end on that sad picture of Addie. So how about this one of the three kids on Easter? It's the best picture I have of the three. I might have to stage an Easter picture. Brody's looking gigantic since he's closer and Emma has a funny look and Addie looks pained. But they're still cute. :)

I hope you have an ordinary day!

Monday, April 06, 2009

The answer to a bad economy? Lose your teeth.

Last night, Emma ANOTHER tooth. This is her FOURTH tooth and she's only five!

The problem was that she had to go to bed before Daddy got home, and she wanted him to see her tooth. So she wrote a note to the toothfairy. She asked me how to spell each word and took her sweet time writing it. Mind you, she was tucked into her bed when she lost the tooth. So was this a stall technique or just sweet? You decide.

Yeah, sweet. You're right. Well, just as I tucked her in again, the note safely balanced on her tooth box, Daddy came home. Much to his delight (not! teeth gross him out!), he got to hold Emma's tooth.

She was very excited about how shiny and small it was. It was really cute how eager she was to show me where the weeds used to be. Weeds? Yep. She gets "roots" and "weeds" mixed up. SHE IS SO CUTE.

Anyway, the toothfairy left a sparkly quarter coated in fairy dust in her tooth box, complete with a trail of fairy dust from the box to her bedroom window which was cracked open a smidge. Emma TOTALLY believes in the toothfairy, and it's really fun to play along. The toothfairy even left a little fairydust on each of the girls' cheeks where she must have kissed them. The girls were excited all day about that!

(Note to self: when making a tooth box, do not dangle noisy beads all along the outside of the lid of the box. It is not conducive to being a sneaky toothfairy! I can't believe the toothfairy has yet to be caught with all the racket her box makes!)

So now I have the cutest little toothless girl you've ever seen. Addie's sad that her teeth aren't loose yet, and Brody is working on a bottom tooth right now. I think it'll be awhile before anyone loses another tooth around here. And if it's Gary or I who do, I probably won't blog about it. I just think the cuteness factor would be lacking, don't you?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Good morning!

Today feels like a new day because Gary is HOME! After two weeks of being away, he's back. Talk about two... l o n g... weeks! I was hoping to make it really fun for the girls and I, but frankly, it wasn't. I'm so glad he's back.

Everything is better when he's here.

So today is filled with catching up, lots of laundry, and hanging out as a family. Oh! And packing, because this time, I'M leaving! I'm headed up to the mountains today for a women's retreat with some friends. I'm excited. I'll have a little stow-away with me since Brody doesn't really take a bottle, but it'll still be a great break.

Although, I almost backed out because when Emma found out I was leaving, she said, "When is our whole family gonna be together again?" Yikes. Soon, Emma. But mama needs to go.

I'm excited to enjoy God's beautiful creation, being with good friends who sharpen me and make me laugh, and have some good solitude time. I'm looking forward to hanging out with Jesus and hashing out some things that have been on my heart.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So Berry Cute

Emma is my strawberry girl.

She has ALWAYS loved strawberries. She has several pairs of strawberry jammies and could eat strawberries all day long. Whenever strawberries are on sale, I snatch them up because I know they'll all get eaten; when I ask Emma how many strawberries she wants at lunchtime, she always says, "One hundred!"

But she's started a new way of eating her strawberries.

She takes a small bite out of each one...

Then she lines them up on the table from yummiest to least yummiest. Despite her discretionary tastes, I've never seen her reject a strawberry. She's an equal opportunity strawberry eater.

And then she eats them, saving the best for last.

And yes, she is still in her jammies at lunch time, but that's because we stayed in our jammies all day long while it blizzarded outside. Cozy.

But she's also on a heath kick which I don't get AT ALL. She doesn't get it from me, that's for sure. I offered her a cookie after dinner the other night and she refused, stating, "It's not healthy."

Say whaaa?

What is this health thing she speaks of?

Have my standing dates with Ben & Jerry taught her nothing?

Have I been force feeding myself Twizzlers in vain?

She helped me make and decorate sugar cookies the other night, only to eat half of one before stiff arming me with some kind of "it's not good for you" nonsense.

She even came home today with 1 1/2 cookies left over in her lunch. Oatmeal cookies, mind you. She said, "You gave me too many cookies, mommy. I only eat healthy things."

I guess Emma can keep her strawberries and tofu. More cookies for me.

And ice cream.

And chocolate.

And licorice.


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