Thursday, June 09, 2011

I'll take CRAZY for $200, Alex

I've always wanted to compete on a game show.

When I was younger, I was confident I would rock Wheel of Fortune and show Pat Sajak who's boss.  I wouldn't even need to buy no stinkin' vowels.  I was sure I could solve the puzzle with consonants alone.  That's right.  Confidence.   Vanna would turn just a few letters and BAM!  I'd solve the puzzle.

When Emma was a newborn, I rarely missed an episode of Family Feud.  I had big plans for my family and I to be on that show.  In my sleep deprived state, I was certain no family in the history of the Feud had ever been on the show that would be nearly as entertaining as mine.  And we'd school that other family in "famous pigs" and "things you look for in the dark."

Now, I can't get enough of The Amazing Race.  Watch out, people.  Someday, as soon as I'm done having babies and done nursing and my kids are old enough to take care of themselves, Gary and I are taking off and we'll win that million dollars.  If it's still on the air.

For now, I live vicariously through others.  And last week, a friend's husband was on Jeopardy! for two days!  I've only met him once, but the way I was rooting for him, you'd think we were life long pals.  When he won that first day, I was thrilled for him and came bounding down the stairs to announce the news to Gary.
And then an odd memory came flooding back into my mind.  I'm afraid what I'm about to tell you won't support the claim I keep making that I'm not a stalker.  I am not a stalker.

I've posted about spending the day with Beth Moore.  (Except... I didn't.)
I've posted about posing as a newspaper reporter to gather info on a classmate.  
I've posted about leaving notes in a stranger's mailbox to find out about her laundry habits.

Truly... I'm not a stalker.

But there was this one time...

I loved watching Jeopardy! in high school.  I mean, doesn't every high school girl?

No?  Oh.

Well, I loved watching Jeopardy! in high school.  One time, during the teen tournament, there was a really cute guy competing.  To this day, I remember his name.  Matt Morris.  He won.

We had our picture taken together.
Like I said, I'm NOT a stalker.

(I know... WHO DOES THAT?!  Matt Morris should just be thankful Google and Facebook weren't around then.  Just sayin'.)

But hey!  Great news!  I must've married my dream guy, because Gary competed on The Price Is Right in college!  One day, if I can figure out how to convert the video tape, I'll post his clip.  It's worth watching.  You'll have to wait and watch to see what he won!

Gary, I promise that had I seen you compete on The Price Is Right, I would've started stalking you immediately.  We would've had our picture taken together, unbeknownst to you.

(Matt Morris, if you read this, I promise I'm not a stalker.  Do not be afraid.)  

UPDATE:  Matt Morris DID end up reading this!  Read this follow-up blog post.


  1. Is it sad that I'm pretty sure I remember watching that tournament and crushing on Matt too? Must have that awesome 90s hair. No photographic evidence though, so I'm only an apprentice crazy. ;) I lacked the full on commitment you had to him. Should he ever resurface, you've earned first dibs. LOL

  2. Bwahahaha! We would've been such good friends as teenagers. If, of course, I wasn't so much older than you, which I never think about until you post something like this and I realize that while you were a carefree teen stalking a Jeopardy contestant, I had already been married for 2 yrs and was about to complete a 2-yr sentence (whoops, stay) in Alaska. Wow! But anyway, I was probably watching that same tournament, b/c up until more recent years, I was a die-hard Jeopardy viewer. I wonder what Matt's up to now? He'll probably google himself one day and think it's either hot or creepy that you stalked him. ;)

  3. hahaha! Had I known this about you, I would have made sure to let you know when one of the grad students working in my lab out at Caltech competed on Jeopardy. He did pretty well too, if I remember :)

  4. Now that we HAVE google.... I couldn't help myself .... just look at him now!

    My favorite part is when he says, "I figure my 15 minutes went the way of most Teen Tourney winners--local celebrity, fan mail (some interesting, some frightening)"

    hahahahahaha !!!

  5. I LOVE it Angie :) I had to comment...! We were so excited that Matt was on Jeopardy...I may have even been more into it than Matt! We love The Amazing Race in our house too! Get on it and we can root for you and feel cool for knowing someone... ;)

  6. You are hysterical...and perhaps a bit scary! :)

    If Gary bails as your partner on The Amazing Race, I'll do it with you. We LOVE that show!!!

  7. If there was a game show for blog post titles, you would win for sure! Love it!!!
    My sis, our 3 best cousins and myself were sure that, if given the chance, we would be the ALL TIME Family Feud champs.

  8. This seriously cracks me up. LOVE the picture! :)

  9. I graduated the same year as Matt and spent 6 years competing against him in Quick Recall tournaments. Actually, that would be six years losing to him and his schools in Quick Recall tournaments. (And the schools he went to are still on top to this day.)


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