Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tall boots, skinny legs

It seems like cozy sweater dresses, cute skirt, wrap dresses and TALL BOOTS are in the fall fashion forecast. Of course, I have none of those things. I think I'm a little fashion impaired.

But I admit, I just lied. I actually DO have a sweater dress that I just bought. It's not even been taken out of the bag yet. I think I'm a little afraid of it.

So when I bought it, my Mom and my sister Amy told me I needed tights and tall boots to go with it. Okay, great! That only meant I'd have to go shopping for them. I thought to myself, how do I not have tall boots? Haven't they been "cool" for a few years now?

Despite feeling crummy (yes, my entire family just got over the nasty stomach bug, and now the girls and I are plagued by some yucky sinus thing), I went to the store today and took my first shot at trying on some tall boots. Then I remembered why I don't have tall boots: they never, ever fit me.

My legs are too skinny.

I don't think they're supposed to look so baggy on your leg, are they? I could bend my knee and they hit the front and then the back of my legs like a bell. Is that right? They looked ridiculous on me.

Now before I'm hit with the fake "oh too bad your legs are too skinny" pity party, let me say that it really is a drawback. I tried on skinny jeans the other day, and they too were baggy on me. I wish the weight I gain on my hips would go to my legs.

Don't believe me? Let me wrap up with this amusing little tale...

Once upon a time when I was in 3rd grade, my friend Kathleen asked me to play on her softball team with her. My mom was quick to say "no," claiming that my legs were so skinny they'd break as I ran the bases. Mmm-hmm. Right.

About ten years later, my senior year of high school, I got the brilliant idea to go out for cross country. Now, mind you, I was not a runner. So that summer, I went from running nary a mile to running 5+ miles a day. After my first meet, my legs were burning as though on fire. I have a high pain tolerance, so I like to think that I'm no weenie, but it did not feel normal. So I went to the doctor, and he showed me x-rays that proved I had stress fractures in both legs. My mom had been right - my legs were so skinny that they broke when I ran. Okay, I know it's not because they were skinny, but still!

I don't know what my point is. I guess if you know of any tall boots made for people with skinny legs, do a sister a favor and please let me know. Thanks.


  1. Unfortunately, I don't struggle with I'm of no help. My daughter, however, does know how you feel about the skinny jeans. Even in skinny jeans, she has no hiney!! She's a volleyball player, so her calves are muscled and she can't help you there either! Good luck!!

  2. Yes....I've totally been wanting a pair of boots this fall, too! I haven't been shopping for them, but part of me feels silly in them, I think it's just that I haven't looked around much for a good pair, and the good ones can get pricey! I hope you find some that work on your cute skinny legs....I definitely know the bell feeling though, I don't have as skinny legs as you, but I've experience the bell feeling myself. And wow, a sweater dress...that sounds fun, you can totally pull off the fashionable looks. It helps that you are a good shopper with a great sense of style and taste.

  3. I have an idea. Let's take the extra fat from my legs and put it with your skinny legs. We'd be a perfect pair! LOL....

    Ok, my legs aren't THAT fat, but it seems to me that tall boots are always too tight around my calves. Waaaaaaaaaaah.

    All that to say, I feel your pain, sistah :)


  4. Ditto to what Heather c said... I am short and have muscular legs... tall boots go to my thigh and look ridiculous. They are for tall/thin people! lol
    Wish I knew of som that would fit you! But I can't afford what the tall/super skinny models wear! lol

  5. I'm fighting the urge to make the grumpy "oh, poor you & your skinny legs" comment. LOL! I honestly can't relate because I've always had fat, gross legs that I'd never dare show off with a sweater dress & tall boots. I bet you could find some for super skinny legs, but they'd be expensive- the kind all the super skinny models wear.

    I didn't know y'all had a stomach bug. Yikes! Did Gary have it too? I hope he didn't react the way he did way back when Emma was a baby...I still remember you relating his all-night agonizing groans to us on MLB! LOL!
    I hope you're all feeling 100% soon!

  6. For the record, Cam does NOT have fat , gross legs. I've seen pictures and she's a hottie. ;)

    Also, I'm so going to get a talkin' to when (if? please say IF) Gary reads this!!! Okay, so yes, Gary can be a bit of a baby when he's sick. I've changed my attitude and realize it's just because he loves me doting on him whilst he milks the sickness, and now I look forward to him being sick. Yeah, that's it.

  7. I have a muscle condition that makes my legs and arms really thin. Basically I'm lacking muscle tone there. We're talking 8 inches around the ankle and 12 around the calf. I never wear dresses or skirts because I am so embarrassed. Is anyone else's legs THAT skinny.

  8. well i have skinny legs too.. i also find it hard to get boots etc to fit but i do have a tip for you :D ive noticed that the more expensive the shop the wider the boot legs!! i have some idea they expect richer people to be fatter :P if you go for the cheaper shops they will be skinnier!!

  9. I always heard that the more expensive places had the skinnier boots? Well it would be nice it it were the opposite cause I can't afford a ton lol. I remember my sister had this lace up custom made converse boots (with dragons on the side) that went up to the calf. They fit me but she took them when she moved away. Damn her!

  10. In all my searching and shopping, I found that the skinnier boots WERE more expensive. Like, really expensive. I found a pair you could order according to your calf size, but they were in the $400 range. Forget it! When I checked cheaper places like Kohl's and Target, they were huge around the calves. Maybe it was coincidence, but I'm thinking you have to pay more money to get what you really want.

    And to my above commenter, dragons weren't really what I had in mind. :) I'm sorry your sister took them with her though.

  11. Women (like my own sister, who have normal sized legs) don't get that skinny legs are somewhat difficult to cope with. Don't get me wrong, I know they benefit me in ways-for example, skinny leg jeans...but I've always had trouble looking for boots. I have been looking ALL winter and have tried on thousands with no luck! I've come to notice that fake leather boots tend to have more stretch in them so they are less wide than real leather boots. Maybe we skinny legged girls need to speak up...there are narrow shoes, why not narrow boots too:)

  12. Hey

    I'm a guy, but I wear skinny jeans and boots, have been for about 4-5 years now, so I'll try and help.

    First what kind of boots are you after?

    Second of all, try and get them from a real boot store, not some fashion store.

    The quality will be far higher, and the price won't be much more (seeing as fashionable stores charge extortionate prices anyway)

    Also alot of places you can select the width and shape of your boot and get them custom made, or many offer variations width wise of the same style.

    The smallest usual width you can get is a "D", which is a slim cut designed to be worn inside the jeans, they hug your leg and usually take some wearing in.

    I won't go into the other cuts because those are the slimmest, and worn outside of skinny jeans/tights they'll hug your legs and not "ring like a bell"

    Hope that helps!

    Oh and as an example, take a look at

    B. x

  13. Instead of getting high boots, why don't you try for getting thigh high opaque stockings, and wear them with ankle boots? In my opinion it looks really, really good with short dresses, but you need to have skinny legs to pull it off.

  14. Hi there
    I know the feeling of seeing all these lovely boots and being excited, but then getting upset when I try them on cuz they look like gumboots/wellies.

    When I was in the UK earlier in the year I bought a pair from this place is awesome and have boots in a huge range of calf sizes, and to be honest the prices are really good. Hope this helps.

  15. aldo has some

    and if you can find cheap ones or those on sale, sometimes the price balances out to a regular pair of boots if you spend the extra money to get them custom fitted for your legs :) id do it with one solid good pair of boots and just wear the other loose boots with jeans in winter and not worry about altering them.

  16. I TOTALLY get the too skinny legs to wear tall boots!!! It is a sad thing!! I'm 5'10" and have size 11shoes, which can make shoe shopping a pain in and of it's self. I have something like 13" wide calves...yes I still call them calves, not sticks ;-) I've ordered 2 pairs that say they are for that size calves, but end up being HUGE when the arrive!!!! My guess is that they make the sheath larger as the shoe size increases...they assume that just because I have Goliath's sister's feet I must have Goliath-size calves to go along with them. I like the website the RW recommended. I might be tempted to splurge on some boots there. I'll keep you posted if they fit my too-skinny-calves!!!

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