Thursday, May 31, 2007

American Idol and other shtuff

The first part of this post is dedicated to Cam, who probably won't even get past the title. :)

We DVR-ed American Idol finale last week (oh my gosh - I've not talked about how much we love our DVR, but let me say, it's awesome. It deserves a whole post of its own!), and finally sat down over the weekend to watch it. Get this - Ryan Seacrest said "Your next American Idol is---" and the DVR stopped recording! We were laughing so hard! We're not die-hard Idol fans, so we weren't devastated and knew that we'd find out soon enough, but we thought it was hilarious. We watched 2 hours of nonsense to find out nothing. Cam, if you've made it this far, I thought of you and how you'd probably think that was funny and that we deserved it for wasting hours of our lives watching Idol. ;)

In other news...

ONE. There is ONE baby growing within. When we saw a single baby on that ultrasound, Gary and I breathed a huge sigh of relief! So now, Emma is still convinced that it's a girl named Soapy, and that the boy just isn't in there yet. Hmm. Okay.

I've been MIA lately because morning sickness and fatigue is kicking my heiney. I'm beat, friends. I'm eagerly awaiting that magical morning when I wake up and feel different and "know" that first trimester misery is behind me. In the meantime, I've had to learn to be okay with the girls watching maybe a little more TV than usual, eating out or ordering in a lot and looking around at a less-than-clean house. I'm thankful for my very patient and understanding husband - who is also very eager for this part to be over!

Grammy (Gary's mom) and Granny-Great (Gary's grandma) were in town last week and we had a great time. I'll post pictures later. I'm grateful to Granny-Great for making the effort to make the trip out here from California. I know it was a challenge for her, and she was such a trooper. Special time.

Finally, remember that little page contest I entered? I won! I won one of the categories and got a $25 gift package. Fun! I'll post that page sometime too. I don't think I deserved to win.

Back with pics later! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The good news and the bad news and the bad news

The good news: I finished a REALLY cool little mini-album for my sis for Mother's Day. I have to swap out a few pictures that didn't print out clearly, and so when I get it back, I'll take pictures and post them. I really was happy with how it turned out! She loved it, so my goal was accomplished. I like making the time to do special things like that. I think about stuff to do and make all the time but it never gets done. I can think of at least THREE little things I'm in the middle of making for three special people... that have been in the works for um, years. How embarassing. Anyway, finishing this little book and being able to give it to her was encouraging and makes me want to get off my tush and do it more. Unfortunately, I didn't get my mom's little mini-album done which was intended for Mother's Day. Luckily, she's forgiving.

The bad news: I submitted two pages in to my little scrapbook store for a page contest they're doing. What's so bad about that? I think they're HORRIBLE! I'm embarassed. I think I just tried too hard instead of just doing my thing. You know? Things kept going wrong with them. I kept gluing pictures down in the wrong spots, only to tear them off the page and had to really switch up my plan to cover my mistakes. Sadly, some of it couldn't be covered. Maybe they'll think it was on purpose. Ha! :) I really think it was the Lord telling me to get over it and not enter, because I think my pride was getting in the way of it turning out the way I wanted it to look. So, we'll see what the results are next week. I haven't even gone in to look at the other entries for fear of seeing my own. How lame am I? So, I guess I learned that I just need to stick with "me" and my style instead of trying to impress. Huge lesson there... way deeper than scrapbooking, right? If I weren't fried and starving, I'd run with it. Lucky you. ;)

The bad news again: About an hour after I posted that I hadn't puked... yep, I puked. Fun, huh? Emma came over and rubbed my leg (I was standing at the sink - I was desperate), and told me I should rest and that she could take care of Addie. How sweet is she?! I told her I needed to make them lunch (which is what triggered it, I think), and she assured me she could reach the raisins in the pantry. Whew. At least they'll eat when I'm passed out on the couch. These next few months should prove interesting. What a sweet girl I have!

- - -

Oh... and from day one (like I mentioned in the pregnant post), Emma has been convinced that there is a boy baby AND a girl baby in my tummy. Grrreeeat... she never refers to them in the singular. It's always "they" and "the babies" and "them"... I'm kind of nervous about that. One thing I KNOW she's not right about: she says their names are "Washcloth" and "Soapy." Hmmm. Maybe for middle names, but not first names. Sorry, Ems.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Today's McNugget of Wisdom

I'm at that yucky spot where preparing food - even the simplest PB&J- wants to make my stomach turn. So I can't say I was too disappointed yesterday when lunchtime came along yesterday while we were out running errands. It was the perfect excuse to go out, and let the magical, germ-filled McDonald's Playland wear out my kids in time for their naps.

I was standing in line near this woman who had a thick New York accent and was talking loud enough for the entire joint to hear her speak. She bragged and bragged about how wonderful their staff is at that McD's and how they just don't compare to any other McD's in the area. "I come here every day for lunch," she announced, "and you guys are by far the best. Sometimes I go to a different McDonald's for breakfast every morning and they just don't even compare! Hooray for you!!!" (At this point, the thought of McD's every morning and noon just about kicked in my morning sickness.)

Later, I had the pleasure of sitting in the booth next to her in the kids area. That's where I learned this delightful little tidbit of information. Please, friends, tuck this away. Tuck it far, far, far away...

"You know, it doesn't matter if you give someone a bunch of [we'll pretend she said "JUNK"] on a special day like a wedding or birthday. Even if it's cheap, it's the thought that counts. I go to the Dollar Store, buy a bag for a buck, find something small for a buck, and BAM. They get a gift."

Now, don't get me wrong. There's a LOT to "it's the thought that counts." I'm sure when my mom was sick and Emma drew her a picture of a bunch of lines, my mom didn't for an instant balk at it and wonder why she didn't at least get a picture of a house or herself. I'm thrilled to get a CARD on my birthday - there's no way I expect to be showered with gifts. Even if they're from the dollar store. But to be so intentional about finding something cheap just so you can say you gave someone a gift? Where's the thought in that? The whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way.

I know. There are far more serious issues to get fired up about. :) I agree.

As she left, she told the woman she was with (who, by the way, I never heard speak), that something she does is stand up and wait 20 seconds before taking that first step. That way she can balance herself and think about which direction to walk. (No, she was far from elderly.) Have you tried that? Twenty seconds is a long time to just stand there. It just struck me funny.

With that, Emma came running to me to tell me that a little girl had pooped in the play area. We were out of there faster than the woman at the Dollar Store!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Definitely pregnant

Morning sickness has reared its ugly head.

I knew it was a ticking bomb. With the girls, at week 6 1/2 or 7... WHAM. It hit me like a whacked out bird hits a glass door. (Why has this happened to me THREE times? I hate picking up those tiny, lifeless dead birdy bodies. In fact, I always chicken out and call the neighbors to do it or wait until Gary's home. Everytime it's happened, he's been out of town. Go figure. I digress.)

So far I haven't puked, but I've had a couple of close calls. Sneezing triggers it every time.

Plus I'm exhausted. Totally, completely exhausted. Yesterday afternoon, I told the girls they could watch one quick show (luckily I had 1/2 a Curious George recorded) and then it was naptime. Basically, I couldn't keep my eyes open another second and needed that 15 minutes to rest my eyes. I zonked out. Emma woke me up to tell me it was over. I'm so glad God is helping me to watch these girls while I'm napping.

And emotional? Oh gosh! Does the "Between the Lions" theme song make anyone else cry? Yeah. Probably not.

I'm so pregnant.

Mother's Day

What a fun day! Kenzie was dedicated, which was really sweet. I skipped our church so I could go to Amy and Justin's to be there for sweet Kenzie's dedication. They played a little slideshow/video of all the babies being dedicated, each with a few little unique tidbits about the babies or parents. Most were sweet and touching and Kenzie's was no exception, but the best part of hers was when it said that her mommy (Amy) got to have 2 C-sections: one to get Kenzie out and one to get the sponge they left in her the first time! Ha! That got a good laugh.

Anyway, it was a beautiful service. It's not easy to give our children over to the Lord. It's a daily process. But I find that there is so much joy and peace that comes as a result when I submit to the Lord and realize I'm not in charge. I think I could easily have inherited my mom's worrying if I didn't make a conscience decision every day for God to take my burdens - my children included. I pray that Amy and Justin daily hand Kenzie over to God her whole life and seek His wisdom in raising her. It's the only way Gary and I have gotten this far! :)

After the dedication service, we went over to my folks' for a Mother's Day BBQ. Very fun.

My sweet family. I love them tons and bunches.

Abby, Mom, Amy and Me!

Monday, May 07, 2007

I have a little secret...

My head is spinning! We just found out last Thursday and I'm still reeling from it! We've told most of our family and a couple friends, but it's still kind of a secret. I just love secrets.

We told Emma yesterday and the first thing she said was, "Now we can have bunk beds!" Silly girl. (Although, I think she's right.) We asked if she hoped it was a girl baby or a boy baby, and said, "It's a girl baby AND a boy baby... two!" We're REALLY hoping she's not prophetic.

We've been waiting for this for a few months now, so we really are elated. We're not sure of the exact due date, but we're thinking it'll be around January 1st. So now I need somebody to reassure me that we WILL survive what is already a crazy time of year! (That's what I'm most scared about. Three kids? No problem. Thowing a birth and subsequent birthdays into the holiday mix? Scared to death.)

AAAAGGGHHHH! I'm pregnant! Thank you, Lord!

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.
Let the whole world know what he has done.
1 Chron. 16:8

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sights of spring

That's an ant on Emma's hand in that first picture. She likes it when they crawl on her. I mean, who doesn't?

Powerful stuff

The title of this post makes it sound like it might be deep and thought-provoking. I assure you it will not be.

We were bathing the girls last night and I was putting some special prescription cream on Addie's eczema. She's got these sores behind her knees that just look awful, poor thing! So Ems is getting lathered up with her beloved "purple" lotion which suddenly isn't good enough and she asked Gary if she could have Addie's lotion.

"No," he said. "Addie's lotion is pretty powerful stuff. It might hurt your skin."

"Oh." And she dropped it. (Good girl, Emma!)

A few minutes later, I had finished drying her hair and was brushing it. In a rare Osborne moment, all was quiet, even with the four of us merely inches from one another. And then Emma tooted.

"Emma!" we exclaimed, while trying to stifle our giggles. Because yes, even grown-ups think tooting is funny sometimes. Come on, admit it.

With big eyes, and a whole bunch of seriousness, she said, "That was powerful!"

We busted up laughing and even Addie did too!

My girls' terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

So Addie had her 18-month well visit last Thursday. I was on a mission to get the doctor (who we love, don't get me wrong) to really go after WHY she is cranky a lot. My mommy gut was telling me it was more than just her personality and the fact that she's a drama queen. Yes, we know that (boy, do we know that!), but I just knew something else was making her skin crawl... literally.

Dr. S. took one look at my sweet one and said "Allergies! Let's test her for allergies." Well, duh. We'd tested her very early on because of some bad eczema, but only tested for wheat and dairy, both of which she tested negative. I wish I'd been persisting all this time. He noticed her very dry and irritated skin, dark circles under her eyes and flakiness around her eyes and knew immediately that allergies were to blame. Now here's the part where I feel like such a bad mom - why didn't I notice all these things? I guess I see her everyday and they'd become the norm. Sad. Actually, compared to how her skin WAS, it's been a huge improvement lately.

Here's where I'm going to interrupt this story to tell you about the funny sense of humor God has. You see, back in my shallow, list-making days, I decided I wanted a husband with no allergies. Yep, that's right. Because, you know, what a HASSLE that would be having to keep up with what he can and cannot eat, where he can go and do, etc. I mean, SERIOUSLY! Don't worry, I came to grips with things long before I was married - or engaged for that matter - and ended up marrying a man who could have a few allergies (we're not sure), but worse than allergies, is picky and won't eat more things than a simple food allergy would have kept him from in the first place. Go figure. LOL! So here I am... years and years later, with a daughter who quite possibly has some severe allergies. The Lord is truly teaching me patience, humility and compassion through this. I'm eager to see what else He has in store.

So anyway, we went back the next day to get her blood drawn to test for dairy (again), cow's milk, eggs and dog dander. We should get the results back this week, and I'm very anxious. On our way through the parking lot into the hospital, Emma got stung by a BEE! She screamed and wriggled her hand out of mine and flailed about in a panic. Strangely, I wasn't panicked at all and we calmly (okay, there was no "we" in the calmly part) went in to get an ice pack. Emma soon learned that an ice pack earns you TONS of attention and lollipops. I guess bees aren't so bad afterall!

Two tubes of blood and a TON of screaming later, Addie's blood was drawn and we were on our way home. I just had to laugh when I looked in the backseat and saw Addie's two bandaids from her shots the day before, a big bandaid and cotton from her bloodwork, and a puffy arm with an icepack on Emma. I felt the Lord with me through all of it. It's the only way I stayed so calm!

Here's Emma and her bee sting (it's a red mark on her upper arm... LOL... look closely!):

This is what grouchy looks like.

Addie is not a morning person. Emma is very much a morning person. Emma would have jumped up, said, "Time to rise and shine!" and given me a hug while trying to climb out of the crib. Not Addie. She rolled over and wailed. Like this:

But you know what? That's okay, Addie. I'm not a morning person, either. I've tried. Just like I've tried to like coffee and have failed, I've tried to be a morning person and have failed too. I wish I looked forward to getting up - the birds always sound so cheerful, I really DO love watching the sunrise, it feels so good to be up early and get a good start on the day, it's quiet, and yes, one of the few times of the day I can be alone long enough to get in a good quiet time. How often does it happen? Next to NEVER. But when it does, it's enough to make me want it to happen again. But then the next morning, those sheets are so cozy, the pillow so soft... zzzzzzzzz....

I'll stick to being a night owl. It's just as quiet at 1:00 a.m.

I deleted a widget.

I don't even know what a widget it. But I deleted one, and now my blog is all wonky. I have no idea what I did. Emma's on my lap while we try to figure it out. Uh-huh. This will work!

If anyone out there in blog-land knows what I did, I'd be so grateful. And then we can get to our regularly scheduled ramblings.

- - - - -

Okay... things are sort of back to normal, but I still need to tweak a few things. I'm so not blog saavy. What's that weird line around my banner? Why isn't it centered? The perfectionist side of me is going bonkers right now...

- - - - -

Whew! I think I've got it. And I learned a thing or two on along the way. Number one lesson learned: naptime should be used for MUCH more productive things.


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