Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It will grow back. It will grow back. It will grow back.

My Brody.
Those big brown eyes, those freckles, his silly personality... the boy has stolen my heart.
Oh - and those red curls.
A curly-haired boyfriend once told me that "curls get the girls" - he must've been right because Brody's curls melt me.

But a few weeks ago, he took those ginger locks into his own hands one night after we put him to bed.  The next morning, his "bed head" looked a little suspicious.  When we looked closer, we found that a chunk of hair was cut (some to the scalp) right in front, leaving behind a tiny fringe of bangs.  Nice.
 And no matter how he tried, the comb over (or comb forward) just wasn't cutting it.
 So off to the kid salon we went to fix things.  She tried to blend the cut in as much as possible, but there was no hope.  Bzzzzzzz...
 I could barely stand to watch. 
 The camera in front of my face hid my teary eyes!
 When the stylist was finished, he couldn't stop touching it.
Poor little guy.  He was not happy with his new hair.  He told me he was afraid people would laugh at him, and he wanted his "Brody hair" back.  He asked me if we could go to Target on the way home to get him a hat.
Fast forward a few weeks, and it's grown out a little bit. I'm getting used to it, but I do miss his hair. His sisters keep affirming him about how handsome he looks.  The timing couldn't be better - it's actually a great summer cut.  
Of course, he's the same Brody he was before, and just as cute as can be, but I'll just keep repeating this in my mind until those curls are back: "It's just hair.  It will grow back.  It's just hair.  It will grow back.  It's just hair.  It will grow back..."


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