Thursday, April 01, 2010

Eggs to dye for

Last week, Amy and I got our craftiness on and decided to literally tie-dye some eggs for Easter. We both had seen this idea on various crafty websites and took the plunge since we had a few hours to spare.

Go to the website for step-by-step directions, but the gist is that you dye an egg with a silk tie wrapped around it. It's pretty amazing.

A few things we learned:
  1. Thrift stores have awesome ties and they're CHEAP.
  2. Thrift stores are well-stocked with tacky Christmas sweaters this time of year. We are both well prepared for Ugly Christmas Sweater Brunch 2010.
  3. Lines at our local thrift store tend to be amazingly long at 11:00 on Thursdays.
  4. Crazy and ugly ties make cool dyed eggs.
  5. This project took longer than we thought, but it's our fault, not the project's fault.
  6. You can get two eggs dyed per tie.
  7. Although we didn't have a glass or enamel pot to boil our eggs in, it worked just fine.
  8. Next time we should make sure the vinegar is evenly distributed in the water BEFORE we dunk our eggs. (Yeah, duh. But I think that's why they didn't dye very evenly.)
  9. Go to the bathroom before you try this project.
Wanna see pictures? Here you go!

Amy's egg wrapping skillz:

About to be wrapped again and dunked:

Amy was getting a little jealous that the eggs were getting all the attention:
Relaxing in the hot tub:

All of the finished eggs... prettier in real life. :(

Our favorite! (I don't have a scrap of the tie to compare to it)

The black on this one was cool!

Wild design, but turned out fun!

This one is so pretty, but I wish it had been more vivid.

We're tempted to go for round two, and I'm thinking we'll have much better results! Let me know if you try it - I'd love to see what you end up with!


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