Tuesday, October 19, 2010

California Vacation :: Sea World

The clouds parted, the sun came out, and the rain dried. NOW the vacation could begin!

We decided to take the Amtrak down to San Diego from Irvine. What a fun adventure. All aboard! (I was waiting to hear the conductor holler that line, but I missed it. Doh! Gary claims he heard her say it, although it was quiet and not nearly as enthusiastic as I imagined it to be. My guess is the business travelers probably don't get a kick out of it day in and day out like I would. Bah-humbug, you business fuddy-duddies!)

It was a beautiful, (mostly) peaceful ride down to San Diego. Much of the trip is right along the coast where we could watch the ocean and see surfers catching waves. Pretty gnarly, dude.

So the bus arrived at the station where we caught a bus and took a very indirect route to Sea World and finally arrived hours after we'd left home that morning. "Adventure," I kept telling myself, "Adventure."

Sea World was awesome. We were so impressed by the different shows and exhibits. And the kids loved it, of course!

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