Monday, May 14, 2012

Color Run = Color FUN!

One of the super fun things we did to kick off Gary's Sabbatical was to run our first family 5K!  

And by first family 5K, I mean the first one for every single one of us.  Need I remind you I'm not a runner?  Miraculously, my legs did not break by the end of the run.

Before you read another word, go to the Color Run website NOW and register for the 5K near you.  They are selling out like crazy, so seriously, don't waste another second.  We ran the SoCal (Irvine) race last month.  I'm sorry to report that the Denver race for next weekend sold out long ago, but I assure you that we will be among the first to register when it comes back around next year.  This is easily one of the funnest things our family has done together!

It works like this: every runner is encouraged to start wearing white t-shirts.  Here is Team Osborne all in white and ready to run:
The starting line is a sea of white t-shirts, just ready for a color explosion.  Here's Chloe, gearing up for the race with her white t-shirt, Color Run tattoo and headband.  Check out that game face.

Along the race route, volunteers are stationed at every kilometer marker with buckets of colored powder which they toss at you when you pass.

(Image taken from

Seeing the "poofs" of color in the distance was exciting, knowing you were nearing the next marker.
And here's Chloe again after the 2nd kilometer, with the yellow and green color on her.  As you can see, she was having the time of her life.
But Brody, who was in and out of the stroller along with Addie, really was having fun.  Do you see Aunt Heidi and Emma over there on the right?  Emma ran the WHOLE TIME.  So proud of that girl!
Just before the last kilometer marker where pink powder awaited us, Addie hopped out of the stroller and BOLTED.  We actually weren't sure where she was for awhile, but it turns out she finished before any of us!  Who knew a little pink powder would motivate her to full-on sprint to the end?  Here are Heidi, Emma and I crossing the finish line - look, I'm even smiling!  Running didn't kill me!
And here is our happy, colorful family at the end of the race.  
Ohhh, Chloe. All that running wears a girl out, huh?  Somewhere between the 3rd and 4th kilometer, Chloe succumbed to the color coma and fell asleep.  Adorned in her technicolor dreamcoat, we think she was very likely the most photographed little person at the Color Run.  After the race, we couldn't walk a few feet without someone jumping in front of our jogging stroller to take a picture of her, or asking permission to pose with her:
After the race, it was party time.  Loud music, tons of happy, free Slurpies and more.  
 Everyone was given a color packet like this (with the option of purchasing more):
 They're filled with the fine powder that is responsible for colorfying the entire race.  At the finish line, it's a color explosion and an absolute free-for-all including every color of the rainbow.  Everyone gathers together and tosses powder in unison.  SO FUN!

Emma and Addie became the life of the party when they got to go dance for the crowd up on stage and throw out color packets.  They loved every second!!!

A lot of people have asked if all that color came out of our clothes, our hair, the stroller... the answer is mostly.   After the race, there are volunteers with blowers to blow a lot of the color off.  But once we got home, we used an air compressor to really blow the powder out of everything. Our jogging stroller is fairly clean, and any color left is faint, and a good reminder of the fun we had.  

My advice would be to maybe cover it in old towels or trash bags if you really want to protect it.  The white shirts are not a crisp, clean white anymore, but we're okay with that!  After a couple of showers, our hair and skin were back to normal.  A few items didn't get the powder blown out completely and have some faded color stains from going through the water/laundry.  But you know what?  It's all worth it. 
I've also been asked if the colored powder hurt our eyes. Nope!  We all tried to wear sunglasses (I was additionally concerned about my contacts), but even when a little powder got in it wasn't too bad.  It's easy to just close your eyes when you're running through the color stations.  
You'd never believe she's standing next to the sign proclaiming "The Happiest 5K on the Planet!"  But really, it WAS the happiest.  I love that our whole family could do this together.  The run isn't timed, it's all about FUN.  It's for every age, size, and athletic ability.  So great!
Oh, and eventually, Chloe perked up.  On our walk back to the car, she decided to strut her stuff and get into the groove.  She's ready for next year!

To see The Color Run in action, watch this short video.  AND!  Watch for Emma throwing yellow powder at the crowd at 1:32.  She's famous!!!
We can't wait for Color Run 2013!

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  1. I would like you to know that I went to the website as soon as you posted pictures on FB to see if we could sign up for the Minneapolis Color Run. It was already sold out!

    But next year, baby, we are so in. Glad you have fun!


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