Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just your average day

The fire department visited our house today.
And the medics.
And the police.

Because Addie accidentally locked Brody in the car.

She was extremely worried.
Would Brody ever get out?
Would they take her to jail?
("Mom, can you take another picture?")

("How about like this?")
On the way home from Chloe's well-check today, the kids got to watch a movie. When we got home, I left it on for Addie and Brody while I took sleeping Chloe up to bed. The plan was NOT for Addie to get out of the car while locking the doors behind her, and thus, locking Brody in. No. The plan was for her to stay in her seat.

But apparently she thought my day needed some added excitement.

And so when I first thought to call AAA and changed my mind and called the police, how was I to know that every emergency vehicle in town would show up?

And how was I to know that EIGHT people would come to rescue Brody?

And speaking of Brody, he was totally oblivious to the entire situation. Until The Fox and the Hound ended. That's when the waterworks started.

But five minutes after they arrived, our friends saved the day and Brody was free.

We gave them three boxes of Thin Mints for their efforts. Addie and Brody got cool firefighter hats. I probably got a police record.
Lessons learned:
  • Never wake up in the morning and wonder what you have to blog about.
  • Always keep your car washed, in case the police have to break into it.
  • Always keep your garage clean, in case the police have to break into the car that's parked in it.
Oh! And all you local readers, could you save your next newspaper for me? I'm sure we'll be featured in the police blotter section, and I'd like to save it for the baby book. Everyone has to document their 15 minutes of fame, you know. Somehow, I imagined it more exciting than this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wiww {2}

Well, here we go! I'm posting pictures this week of three outfits I wore. Please remember:
  • This is in an effort to keep myself accountable to (trying to) shower every day and wear something other than sweats.
  • It's not because I like to see pictures of myself. I actually feel very self conscious doing this!
  • I forgot to take pictures on the other days. It's not because I went au naturel. Just so you know. In case you're dying to know what I wore, imagine this: jeans, tank, cardigan... repeat. :)

Dress: Old Navy
Cardi: Target
Boots: DSW
Flower Pin: I made it!
Baby: I made it!

Sweater, Tank & Scarf: Old Navy
Jeans: Eddie Bauer
Shoes: Dansko
Earrings: Forever 21 (They were $2 and my favorites!)

I was having issues deciding how to wear the scarf. I couldn't decide between tying it in front or the infinity style around my neck. I went back and forth throughout the day.

I decided against the mysterious head wrap/fringed cape scarf action.

Sheer tank: Target
Solid tank (under sheer tank): a nursing tank. It's old, and I'm sure you don't care where I got it.
Cardi: Old Navy
Leggings: WalMart
Boots: DSW
Necklace & earrings: Cookie Lee

When I got dressed in this to go to MOPS, I felt like it was a casual, comfy outfit. But now when I look at the picture, it looks kind of dressy. Is it the necklace? First I had on a scarf, but changed my mind at the last minute. I think I should've stuck with it. The sheer tank is maybe a little dressy, but the leggings dress it way down. Maybe it's just a weird combo? Usually I wear the tank and cardi with cuffed jeans. I think I'll stick with that plan.

So there you have it! I'm linking up with Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy for this weekly WIWW extravaganza. Join us! It's fun! Yes, I feel silly doing it, but honestly, I look forward to everyone's WIWW posts. It's given me ideas about how to shop my closet and put new combinations of things together. And plus, it's more fun than not showering.

My favorite accessory was worn on my hip on Sunday, followed by Monday's earrings. What's your favorite accessory?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy Day Off

Happy President's Day to you!

According to Addie, the President needed a day off. So here we are.

Gary took the girls up skiing today for their second time. They're in lessons all day while he sits in the lodge and sips on hot chocolate and naps works, but I got a text from him that said he hadn't seen Emma since her first run. I imagine she's having a blast.

Addie loved it her first time, and I'm sure she's loving today too. Gary took a little video of their first lesson last month, and I die laughing at the part where she's waiting for her turn to go and drops to the ground and starts doing snow angels. People are standing all around her, but she's in her happy little snow angel world. I love that kid.

So I'm down here at home with Brody and Chloe, having a quiet, lazy day off. We've built block towers, read stories, played games, jumped on the trampoline, ate pizza for lunch, played dinosaurs and now Chloe is napping. Brody is out playing in the sandbox. He's a little obsessed with his hat and sunglasses lately.

Even if the glasses are constantly worn upside-down.

It's a gorgeous day today, even if it started off a little chilly. In fact, I have the windows open and the backdoor wide open letting the fresh air in. The only housefly I've seen in months managed to find his way inside my house, and I swear he's been fattening up all winter. The dude is HUGE! Annoying as he is, it's easy to be a little forgiving as he serves as one of the first signs that spring isn't far away. But I'll be getting the flyswatter as soon as I publish this post...

Kids eat free at Chili's tonight, so that's where we'll be!

How are you spending your day off?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Giggles

Lately there are two videos my kids request to watch over and over again. I dare you to watch and not laugh!

I think everyone's seen this one before, but it never gets old:

What are YOUR favorite YouTube videos? Are there other videos that will give my kids the giggles?

Friday, February 18, 2011


When I asked Emma to put all of the Little People away...

I didn't really mean all of them.

But I'll take what I can get.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This 'n' That 'n' WIWW {1}

Hello bloggy peeps!

My mind is scattered, and thus, so will be my blog tonight.

First off, I'd just like to say that it is 10:00 p.m. and Brody is still awake. I don't know what he's doing, except that every time I walk up the stairs, he runs back into his room holding his bottom with both hands, shaking his head and saying, "no! no! no!" Just sayin'.

We went to deliver Girl Scout cookies tonight. Me-oh-my. Can you say, poor time management? Things always, I mean ALWAYS take longer than I think they will. (Gary is nodding enthusiastically right now.) Out of the 12 deliveries we'd routed out tonight, we made 6 of them. I should've known. But I will say that it's kind of fun driving around town popping in and chatting with friends! (Oh, is that why it took longer? The chatting? Oh.)

Emma's goal was to sell 100 boxes. She sold 156! Oh wait - make that 157. Brody tore open into someone's box of Thank You Berry Munch cookies and started chowing down. Kind of reminds me of the time my dog ate some of the band candy I was supposed to sell. Funny, when I discovered Brody with the box, he ran away holding his bottom with both hands, shaking his head and saying, "no! no! no!" Hmmm.

Are you following along with Joanne's progress? A-maz-ing. I'm in awe of her strength and perseverance, but most of all, I'm in awe of the work God is doing in her and everyone praying for her and following her story. Please continue praying for her. There is still so much she needs to conquer, but she has come so far. Praise God!

I went to pick up Addie from preschool today and her teacher said, "Wow! Addie has a lot of energy! She makes me tired." Preach it, Teach.

And last but not least, a while back I mentioned that I thought it would be fun to try my hand at What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW) - the weekly showcase of outfits you've worn throughout the week, hosted by Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy. Honestly, I haven't done it yet because a.) what I wear isn't interesting and b.) I'd feel silly posting pictures of my so-called-outfits. But the whole reason she started it was to motivate herself and others to get out of sweats and put a little more effort into how we put ourselves together each day. I'm there.

Let me tell you what sweet child #4 has done to me. Actually it's more like what child #3 has done to me. I cannot leave that child alone. In fact, it's now 10:30 p.m. and while I thought he'd finally settled down and fallen asleep, I just heard a SCRREEEECH sound from the other room and went to investigate. He was sitting naked (naked!) in the living room, ripping scotch tape from the dispenser. And you think I would risk hopping in the shower each morning?!

Where was I? Oh. I've gone from cringing at the thought of not taking a daily shower, to rejoicing when I get to take a shower twice a week. Those who know me personally are probably astonished. I can fake it well on those non-showering days, but sister (oh please let there be no brother reading this), it ain't pretty.

And so, instead of WIWW, I present you with: L!ITAS! (Look! I Took A Shower!) Here is a picture of me.

Top - Kohl's
Cardi - Old Navy
Jeans - Kohl's?
Shoes - Payless
(See? Not exciting)

So what if it was 3:30 in the afternoon and I finally was ready for the day?

I took a shower.

This was yesterday (Tuesday). And guess what?

I took a shower again today!

That's two days in a row! Two!

Nevermind that I wore the same exact outfit again today. Sigh.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last-Minute Valentines

Yesterday afternoon, we had a babysitter come over to hang out with the kiddos while we ran an errand.

It was almost like a date.
Except it wasn't.
And there was no ice cream involved.
But that's beside the point.

We came back to find that our babysitter had made the cutest Valentines for the girls. I thought I'd share them in case anyone is looking for a quick, easy and CUTE idea for some last-minute Valentines.

And another for Addie...

Isn't that ADORABLE?!

Thank you, Jenny! You ROCK and you made the girls so happy!

We're finishing our Valentines up tomorrow for class parties on Monday. Just in the nick of time! Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Gary and I are different in a lot of ways.

One of our differences is that as a kid he was glad - nay, THRILLED to the tips of his toes - that he didn't have to celebrate his July birthday in the confines of his classroom. I, on the other hand, thought it was so unfair that I couldn't be at school to celebrate my June birthday. I remember one year in elementary school, we had a bunch of snow days and I secretly hoped we'd have enough make up days in June to stretch school to my birthday.

We didn't.

I just thought having a birthday in school with your teachers and classmates would be the funnest thing ever. Yep, I was that girl.

Well, my little 08-08-08 baby turned 2 1/2 today!

An August birthday cheats him out of the joy of celebrating at school. (Right, Gary?)

But a friend posted this really cute idea on Facebook, and I can't wait to make this for him in a few years when he's in school:

Cute, huh? That's my friend Alana's son, Lucas, and she made that shirt for him to celebrate his half birthday at school. AT SCHOOL!!! So clever!

Happy half birthday, my little guy. You melt my heart and fill me with joy every day.

Your terrible twos haven't been at all terrible so far, and I don't anticipate them being too bad if they ever arrive. You are just the funniest, most easy-going, adventuristical, sweetest little boy I've ever known.

I know you love your dinosaurs, your "pound" (hammer), your drums, your "weets" (treats), your hat, and your Daddy a whole lot, but I know you love me the most. :)

Here's to another happy six months of being two... even though you tell everyone you're three. I love you, Brody Bear!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

240 months (give or take)

It's true what they say: "Blogging is the best way to celebrate a personal anniversary."

Okay, no one says that.

And this is the part of my blog where I'm going to assume that there are no boys reading this.

Twenty years ago today, Aunt Flo visited for the first time.

I won't rehash the details, but it's worth remembering. Just go ahead and enjoy this little blast from the past from my 17th anniversary, where I reminisce about Annie, lots of sunshine, and a code even Nancy Drew couldn't crack.

I can't believe no one remembered my anniversary today. I mean, the twentieth anniversary gift is typically platinum or china. Imagine the possibilities! A platinum tampon holder! I think that's an etsy shop waiting to happen, don't you? Or an etching into a delicate china plate to commemorate the day. Come on, people!

Instead, I went to church today, played Monopoly with Gary and Emma, (was royally defeated), and went to a friend's house for "a party." Imagine my disappointment when we walked in and it was all for a silly football game! I sort of thought I'd walk in and everyone would jump out shouting "Surprise!" and shower me with roses and boxes of Tampax. *sigh* Maybe next year.

It turns out that in the last eight years, I've been pregnant or nursing so much that the sun has only come out about 7 or 8 times instead of the 96 that one would normally expect.

And THAT, my friends, is gift enough.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Saturday night confessions

I confess... that I'm ready for bed, because I stayed in my jammies all day.

I confess... that I laughed and let Brody get away with things tonight instead of disciplining him.

I confess... that I logged into my girls' Webkinz accounts and played some games after they went to bed. All in the name of winning them some Kinzcash, right?

I confess... that despite good intentions on December 1st and getting a jump start on my read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan, knowing I'd need some wiggle room, I'm on day... THREE. But it's not too late! I'm going to keep at it.

I confess... that even though it was loud and chaotic around our dinner table tonight, it seemed perfectly normal and relatively calm, and I wondered what it would be like to have more kids.

I confess... that I keep dodging the subject when Gary brings up... "the operation." :)

I confess... that if I had a pint of Phish Food here right now, it would probably be gone in 14 minutes.

I confess... that if everyone successfully makes it through the night, we will be at church tomorrow for the first time in three weeks. Winter colds are no fun.

I confess... that I was thrilled that my girls both had two "cold days" this week due to extremely cold temperatures, although I think it was a ridiculous decision. I've lived here in Colorado all my life and that's never happened. Kids these days. Too soft! (Joking.)

I confess... that we finally started Chloe on rice cereal today, at almost 6 months old. Remember with the first how eager you are for them to sit, to eat, to talk, to walk... not so much with subsequent children. Especially when it's {probably} your last. Stay a baby, Chloe!

I confess... that I'm signing off to watch Dana Carvey on SNL. Hi, my name is Angie. I'm a pastor's wife and I watch SNL.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I Love You Necklace Tutorial

Here's a fun tutorial just in time for Valentine's Day!

This would be a fun little craft to do with your kids that they can keep for themselves, mail to Grandma or give to a classmate! You don't have kids? It's still fun to do!

Remember Shrinky Dinks? This is a way to do Shrinky Dinks, using recyclable plastic. Just use a plastic strawberry or take out container with a #6 on the bottom.

The strawberry containers I've gotten lately are #1. Don't use them. They don't work right, and I'm pretty sure they emit toxic fumes!

(If you don't have any plastic on hand, Hobby Lobby sells Shrinky Dinks paper.)

These pictures show us using the official Shrinky Dinks paper AND the strawberry containers, so don't let that throw you off. First, I traced Addie's hand. Remember to keep the fingers upright and the thumb straight out in order to make it look like the sign for "I Love You:"

Then we cut it out.

Then, she colored it! On the actual Shrinky Dinks paper, you can use colored pencil, but if you're using the strawberry container plastic, use Sharpies. With all the beautiful colors they come in, you really can make a work of art!

Just lay them on a cookie sheet, and put your finished pieces in the oven at 350 degrees for just two or three minutes.

This is the fun part! Turn on the oven light and watch them get all curled up and deformed, and then magically flatten out again. It's so fun to watch! I've found that when doing the hands, sometimes the fingers stick together and don't flatten. Just gingerly get in there with a fork and gently separate it and it'll work out. But sometimes just when you think they're stuck with no hope, they surprise you and flatten on their own. It's really fun!

As soon as they come out, bend the middle and ring fingers down with a fork or flat-head screwdriver. Hold them down for a minute until the plastic hardens. Make sure that they are touching the palm of the little hand, so that the ribbon doesn't slip through when you make it a necklace.  If it hardens too fast, pop them back in the oven to heat up again and try again.

Slide a ribbon under those two fingers and voila! You have an "I Love You" necklace made with your own child's hand.

But! The possibilities are endless! You can cut out any shape and punch holes in it. Just remember that the holes shrink with the plastic. You can make pendants for necklaces, charm bracelets, keychains, hair clips, and more! We made Christmas ornaments a few years ago. And I made these necklaces for my little lovelies:

And, in the spirit of February being the love month, we decided to make some today to share with a couple of girls who could use a little love right now. Today's "I Love You" necklaces and charm necklaces were made just for Joanne's daughters, Audrey and Emma. These seemed especially poignant to make after reading this encouraging post about Joanne's progress.

Deidre at For Such A Time As This is encouraging her readers to post about something we love or a way we're showing our love to others during the month of February. (Details here!) So today, this first day of February, we want Audrey and Emma to know how much they are loved! We popped them in the mail today, so hopefully they don't see this until they get them!

Wanna join the love party?


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