Thursday, June 04, 2009

No energy for a catchy title, folks

Alright. Today was good and bad and exhausting. I have no clever way to start or finish this, so I'm just going to spew. Buckle up... here we go!

First, the tiny little humans who live with me accompanied me for a hike this morning with some other moms. It was GREAT! Some people out there *coughKATHYcough* thought it might make for a funny blog story, but the truth is, it was just a great morning. I took my camera out of the car and then put it back in right before we started our hike, because I wanted to just enjoy it and not be preoccupied by taking pictures. Sometimes I get so worried about getting that memorable shot that I forget to just have fun. On one hand, I'm glad I didn't bring it because I enjoyed the hike like I intended, but on the other hand, it was gorgeous out that I regret not snapping a few pictures!

Can't win 'em all, I guess.

But it was just so breathtakingly beautiful up there today. We hiked the Mesa Trail (I think) and everything was so green and lush. It was foggy this morning, so there was a thin veil covering the Flatirons and mountains. It looked very magical. As we were eating our picnic lunch, a nice lady let us pet her horse and ask her questions. That pretty much made my day!

Then we went to Target to get a few things.

Birthday present for Emma's friend? Check!
Raisins for oatmeal cookies? Check!
Two new shirts because the ones the girls wore to the hike got so muddy I was too embarassed to take them elsewhere? Check!

Because then we had to go to the doctor, and they already looked like little ragamuffins with their ripped jeans and disheveled hair, I wasn't about to take them in with muddy shirts. I threw perfectionism out the window years ago, but I do have my standards!

Before heading to the doctor (since we had some time to kill), I treated us to Peach Milkshakes at Chick-fil-a. I think they might be my love language. YUM.

We sat in the car and drank our milkshakes and had some interesting conversations. One was about what we're doing tomorrow. Emma said, "You mean, tomorrowtoday?" The next 20 minutes were spent discussing if tomorrow is called "tomorrow" or "tomorrowtoday". Emma was getting frustrated, I was too, and I still have no idea what she was talking about. But Addie did, so I guess they win.

So... the doctor. I called the nurse on the way to the hike this morning to see if there is any sort of relief for a baby with allergies. Brody's been rubbing his red, puffy eyes and sneezing like no other this week. The nurse said no, and that I should bring him in. Rats! I didn't want to go in, I just wanted a quick answer over the phone! Oh well. So the doctor confirmed that it's probably allergies and told me what to do. It took 3 minutes. They could've told me over the phone. But that's okay. The girls got stickers out of the deal, so who's complaining? Certainly not me. Okay, maybe just a little.

The rest of the late afternoon and evening spiraled out of control. No one napped. Everyone whined. Mommy counted down the minutes til bedtime.

Brody showed me his new trick of throwing food off his tray. Gary calls him my "golden child" because he can do no wrong in my eyes (reality check - obviously I know he can!), but my little golden child was reprimanded tonight and pouted the biggest pout and cried the biggest tears I've ever seen. Even Emma looked at me wide-eyed and said, "It's sad... but it's kind of funny!" And it was!

But seriously, the girls went to bed and I had to sit on the porch to cool down. I was so frustrated. Then I went upstairs and scanned my shelves for a parenting book because obviously I have no clue what I'm doing. Does anyone have a tip for first-time obedience? For good listening? For sisters getting along... and then for sisters who are getting along TOO well to not gang up on their mom?

The worst part was that after I put the girls to bed I realized that I had totally forgotten about a baby shower I was supposed to attend tonight! I could kick myself. I'm so mad that I missed the celebration. My friend was showing off the precious baby she and her husband adopted a few weeks ago when he was born. I was excited to go and see sweet Ashton and hear Lynn's stories. I guess the only positive thing is that I was going to be bringing my kids with me to the shower since Gary's gone tonight... and it might've been more frustrating to have them there seeing the moods they were in tonight.

And now, there's a mosquito on the loose and he keeps buzzing my ear.

Okay, I'm off to study parenting books, find my fly swatter and wait for Gary to get home.


I'm thankful tomorrowtoday's a new day! Aren't you?


  1. Hey .... Pssstttt .... If it were me, I'd want someone to say this to me ..... In all the events of the day - remember the enjoyable, breathtaking hike that you have no pictures to show of. The rest??? Throw it out the window. Tomorrow is a new day! Oh - and parenting books seldom do us THAT much good. ;)

  2. "I think they might be my love language." !!! You crack me up!

    Whew, what a day, huh? Glad you had a nice hike to start it off with. Gee, wouldn't first time obedience be a dream? What's the magical solution to that one?! Let me know if you find it in any of your parenting books after you get that mosquito.

  3. We all have days like that!!! But hey, if you find a parenting book with all the answers....... please ....... let us know :-)

    Hope today goes better for you. It has been rainy, cool and generally yucky here and today has dawned clear, blue, sunny and beautiful. It HAS to be a better day!!!

  4. No easy answers.

    But like you said...tomorrow is a new day. With new mercies.

    I love that you left your camera in the car. I need to do that more often. And I love the review on the peach shakes from Chick-Fil-A. We went for lunch the other day and the styrofoam cup was advertising them. My kids were convinced I got a shake and didn't tell them and after much discussion we decided we're going to have to try them SOON!

  5. I'm currently in a debate with my sister (who is house and job hunting in Colorado this week) about whether the copious Chick-fil-As and Sonic's offset your fair state's lack of Trader Joe's.

    Peach shakes might have just tipped the scales.

  6. Okay...I saw the peach shakes the other day and wondered if they would be I know that they are clearly delicious.
    If you find the answer to first time obedience and girls fighting/ganging up on their mom, let me know because we are desperately in need of those answers too!
    Hope your day is better today! I'm writing this my girls are ganging up on me...I look back to see Liam soaked with water that they kept sprinkling/dumping over his head...poor third baby.

  7. I'm glad you left your camera in the car! I find that I always just simply "have fun" whenever I don't have the camera.

    We have "Have a New Kid by Friday" by Kevin Leman, and it uses a pretty cool concept. We've been trying it out on Gray, but we plan to dive into it full-force next week (Philip hasn't quite finished reading it yet, but will finish it this weekend...then we'll both be on board and "armed" for battle. Although, there are a couple of things Leman ascribes to that I do not agree with...but we're ignoring those parts.
    The only other thing I can say works is having a good nap routine, and sticking to it. Gray didn't skip a single naptime until he was four years old, and it still rarely happens now (even though now he usually doesn't sleep, but he still has to lie quietly in his bed for the 2.5 hrs that makes up "naptime" in our house every day). Desmond has never missed a nap yet. I just can't imagine an evening where there have been no naps. It's so important for a mom's sanity.

  8. Hey my BFF... you seemed like you were doing much better this afternoon- so I'm glad for that. :) At least there were no mountain lions on your hike!

    Ditto to the "Golden Child." We need to make sure Jack & Brody never hang out when they get older or they will probably be lots of trouble together... Never knowing the word "no."

    And, yes, I really hate mosquitos buzzing in your ear. Why are they attracted to ears?!

  9. If peach shakes are your love language than cookies and cream milkshakes are Chris and I's love language. You are so funny Angie.


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