Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ice Cream Sunday

I'm sitting down with a full heart after a full Sunday.

The hubster preached in church this morning and he did such a great job. I'm so proud of how he allows the Lord to speak through him. He asked me after church if it's hard to sit in the audience while he's preaching, and I said no, although I do get a little nervous for him sometimes. The hardest part is resisting the urge to stand up and shout, "That's MY husband!! Woo hooo!" If you want to hear it, his sermon should be up on the church website within a week, I'd guess.

We came home and went on a family bike ride with the new bikes Gary bought for our birthdays and presented me with on Friday, along with the "chariot" for the littler two. SO FUN. I've got to post pictures of our bikes one of these days. We're not serious bikers (ahem, at all) so don't laugh if you see me riding through your neighborhood... on my pink beach cruiser. (Nope, not kidding!)

Then while the boys napped, the girls and I camped out up in their bedroom window searching for funnel clouds since we were under a tornado warning. (I know, I know... head to the basement!) No luck on the funnel clouds, but we did see some ominous clouds!

After dinner, Gary left us to hang out with the middle school group. Seconds after he left, the girls came running inside after hearing the magical tinkling of the ice cream man. I've never let them spend their money on the overpriced sweets he peddles, but today I was a pushover. They each grabbed a dollar of their own and we headed outside.

I pointed out the colorful popsicle (the cheapest one up there for $1) and they were sold. Here's where it gets strange. Are all ice cream men creepy? They were when I was growing up, and I felt like today's was no exception.

So here's where the story gets funny - I was taking a picture and he said, "Wait, don't hand me your dollar yet... okay... did you get the picture?" Everything was kind of in slow motion, as if he expected me to be documenting every second of the transaction. "Um, yes, " I said. He asked, "Do you want to take any more?" At this point he had this unnatural pose and wouldn't let go of Emma's popsicle. It was a bit odd. Either he's encountered too many scrapbooking obsessed mommies or he's a camera hog. Needless to say, the picture below is totally posed - by HIM.

And this next picture? Totally posed by ME. Seconds later, Emma licked her popsicle and her tongue got stuck to it.

After the unexpected treat, some friends came and hung out for a few minutes and then I took the kiddos for another long bike ride.

So now I'm sitting here waiting for Gary to get home, a load of laundry running, the dishes clean and put away, and feeling like today was a great day. Great start to a great week - tomorrow VBS begins!

*** BONUS! Later this week I'll post a funny ice cream man story. You'll love it! Don't give anything away, LMNT... you know where I'm going with this one! ***


  1. Eww...creepy ice cream man! That seems just wrong.

    And we're totally a beach cruiser family. Mine is pink and green with flowers all over the wheels. I LOVE IT!

    See you tomorrow!


  2. I'm curious to see Gary's sermon. I know you're proud! I know I would also have to resist the urge to stand up and yell, "Yes, people, he's MY husband! Woot!" LOL!

    Ice cream men. YIKES. They are almost always creepy, or worse. :-O I never let G stop the ice cream man in our old 'hood. Never...just getting a glimpse of his big, sweaty, comb-over-ed self in that truck, with his lewd-looking grin whenever he saw was enough for me to stay away. Then there was a story in the local news that a 13 yr old girl had been lured into a local ice cream man's truck, where she was, uh, rubbed up against by him. NOPE, no ice cream man for my kids, EVER! LOL (not funny, though!)
    (Later, there was a truck driven by a woman, which I would occasionally give in to...but no mens, nope, no way.)
    ANYWAY. I always have a way of bringing weird, negative stories to your blog posts and FB statuses, don't I? Sorry. :-(
    The picture is scrapbook-worthy, but yeah, that is strange, yet also totally funny that he was orchestrating a perfectly posed picture. Haha! I like the one of them enjoying their popsicles afterward, too.

  3. hubby thinks ice cream men are pedophiles and refers to them as "Chester the Molester" (not within my kids earshot though), so we rarely get ice cream treats from a truck and only under strict supervision.
    I'll have to listen to the sermon online, we missed church because Liam fell off a chair and hit his head...long story...he is fine and was fine, but my hubby wanted to watch him to make sure he was I'll look for it online.

  4. Awesome day.

    I don't know which is more eerie -- the ice cream man or the ominous clouds.

  5. Ha ha ha ha! You knew I was going to comment... only there are so many ice cream man stories... of course the one you're thinking of is the best, but maybe only funny to us?

    Love you!

  6. I love that picture of the girls in their tutu's going out to the truck! So cute!
    I sure love your stories girl...

  7. I have tears in my eyes from laughing about poor Emma's tongue being stuck to her popsicle. I must have a sick sense of humor to find that so hilarious. The fact you took a picture tickles me, too.

  8. Love the pictures of the girls in their little tutus!!

    And...I DO know one of your neighbors...the house with the open garage door. :)


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