Saturday, May 30, 2009

No wonder I love ice cream so much!

It's a rare day that I take Brody out somewhere and someone doesn't make a comment about his hair. It's red. Nine times out of ten, someone will ask, "Where did the red hair come from?"

It's an innocent question. Maybe they're trying to just make conversation, maybe they're truly curious. But no one EVER asked me where Emma or Addie got their hair colors from. I always proudly say, "Oh, my dad (and nearly every person on his side of the family!) has red hair" which is true, but Gary and I have snickered lately thinking of other replies -

(after exchanging remorseful looks) "Ohhhh... it's kind of a sore subject."

"The milkman." (Which, it turns out, could really confuse the poor kid years from now.)

"Gary's friend..." (It's fun to see how big their eyes can get.)

"My sister's husband." (They'll nod and say "oh" and then realize "OH!")

I LOVE Brody's hair. I think it's darling, and Gary and I both proudly give credit for it being in our gene pool since Gary's grandma had red hair too.

But for every comment about Brody's red hair, I get one about how different my kids look. They each have a different hair color. Emma is almost brunette, Addie is bright blonde, and Brody is a cute little red head. Kind of like...

Isn't that cute? A friend pointed it out to me awhile back and said that she dreamed of the same scenario, and being able to stand on the front porch calling, "Neapolitan!" when it was time to come in for dinner.

I can totally do that!

I also have heard them compared to the Rice Krispies guys:

But I think I prefer Neapolitan ice cream. Don't you?


  1. Neapolitan! Love it....was that Byranie, by the way, who mentioned that to you? They are such cuties Angie! Love the crazy hair shot of Brody.

  2. LOVE it, Angie.

    And guess what? I have Neopolitan kids too!

    My son has dark hair like me.

    Sarah is sandy blonde (getting darker as she gets older though).

    And Abbey's hair is auburn, which she also gets from my red-headed father.


    Your quippy comebacks had me laughing pretty hard!

  3. Neopolitan!!! That is HYSTERICAL!
    I LOVE it!!! This post made me LOL. So fun that they all have different hair colors! You have 3 cuties!

  4. Angie, you're hilarious! We get the same thing with our kids and the curls... I guess b/c I don't have curly hair? When Wyatt was little, after a LONG day of many many flights, and many many airline employees along the way making cute conversation about his hair... we'd had enough and were feeling rather silly. We prepped Wyatt to answer the question we KNEW would be asked when boarding the next plane... "Sweetie, where did you get your curly hair?" and he said, just like you've answered, "The milkman!" YES! The looks on their faces, which later turned to sly smiles, made that flight just a bit more tolerable!

    I love the photos, especially the one of B's wild hair. And I love Neopolitan. Now why do I have a sudden urge to run to the freezer?

  5. Neopolitan is PERFECT.

    And if I know you, I'm guessing you've already used a few of those less-than-truthful answers on some unsuspecting souls.

    (If it makes you feel better, we get curious questions about our kids all the time too. I especially remember when Natalie was a toddler. I took her swimming at a hotel pool; we had accompanied Corey to a conference in Florida. The other moms at the kiddie pool made small talk. Then Corey came out and joined us a lunchtime. And there was this collective, "OOOHHH! Now she makes sense.")

  6. Neapolitan sounds pretty good! Your kids are adorable, by the way!

  7. Oh - I love that. Neapolitan? Nice.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. You are so nice.

  8. My brothers and I are like the same order, too...I'm the brunette, Robert is the blondie, and Chris has the red hair. And my mom was blonde and my dad had the brunette hair and everyone ALWAYS asked where Chris got his red from. :) They liked to tell people "the post man." I just used to tell Chris he was adopted and left on our front porch in a basket! LOL!

  9. Yea! You are living my dream!;)

    The Rice Krispies guys are perfect, too.

    Red hair is such a novelty. We get that question, "Where did they get the red hair?" all the time. I should start counting and see what the daily record is.

    I used to say, "My dad had red hair." It lead to awkward questions about whether or not I was mourning the loss of my father. I have since corrected myself to stating, "My dad had red hair when he was younger."

    I think I should scrap it all and try a few of your ideas!

  10. And it's also like you and your sisters... Your mom could've said, "Neapolitan!" too!

  11. Okay, so people look at my hair all the time (almost the same color as my girls) and ask me where their red hair came from...seriously!?! BTW now I want Neapolitan ice cream at 10:30 at night.

  12. Cute! I don't know... I kind of like "Snap, Crackle and Pop"!

    Thanks for stopping by... Yeah, it was a pretty deep day for your first visit. =]

  13. Seriously--I get this all the time. Pumpkin just doesn't look like either of us at all. The red hair doesn't help it that. Dumpling's hair is so light it's almost white. Sweetheart is a brunette. Well, at least what is left. :) We say they must have been switched at birth. Of course, since they were both born at home....not so likely.

    We've been asked about the milkman as well. Pretty funny to us since the milkman's hair is black. So is his skin.

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