Friday, June 12, 2009

10 on the... 12th

Oops. I meant to do this on the 10th, but forgot. But better late than never!

Originally I had a theme planned for this 10 on the 10th post, but theme shmeme. We're going random.

1. I took a walk with the girls last night, each of us pushing a stroller with a baby in it (mine real, of course). I got choked up when I realized that Emma actually had to bend down a little bit to push her stroller. She's too tall for it. When did she outgrow her baby stroller? When did she start growing up? I get really choked up thinking of the day she outgrows wanting to play with the stroller and her babies.

2. Has anyone seen summer? It has somehow alluded Colorado. The beginning of June isn't usually known for scorching temperatures or anything, but lately the days have just been downright cold! We've had tornado warnings, hail and thunderstorms all week. Hello, pool? I miss you.

3. I read in the news that Brad Pitt bought this painting for $956,000. It's not my style, so I'm probably not appreciating like he does, but WOW. I don't get it.

Where would you hang it? It's 9 feet wide. It makes me think I should start framing some of my art (and Emma's and Addie's for that matter) and start selling it. Sheesh!

4. Tonight I'm going to my first official book club meeting. In my opinion, our first book was a dud. In fact, I haven't even finished it. I'm usually stubborn and will finish a book no matter what, but this one has been bor-ing! I'm on page 70-something and can't get into it. I skimmed the rest, but I'm looking forward to the next one. (And since you're probably curious, it's this book... which when I went to found the link, I realized has GREAT reviews. What's wrong with ME?!)

5. I went to the eye doctor yesterday to get my eyes checked and get new contacts. We started talking about the possibility of LASIK. Whoa! I thought we were a few years away from it (because I thought I had to be done having kids... and we're not sure we are), but it could happen soon! So we're thinking and praying about that. It would be amazing. I can't imagine what it's like to just open my eyes and SEE in the morning. Anyway, I had my eyes dilated and Brody did NOT like my ultra-cool glasses when I got home.

6. We've been watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb lately. That's one show I can watch with my girls and not count the minutes until it's over. It is FUN-NY. Who's with me?

7. Check out our seedlings! It hasn't even been a week! Addie's are the two rows on the far left. Hers must be slow, because I know she put some in. Emma's are the two on the far right, and she did hers randomly, and couldn't remember which ones had seeds and which didn't... so that might be it!

8. Tomorrow we're going to a BBQ to celebrate my cousin who is being deployed to the Middle East again. He leaves July 1st. I really appreciate his work for our country and the sacrifices his wife has to make. Thanks, Robb and Kristi!

9. I tried a new shampoo/conditioner this week after my usual one ran out. A few weeks ago I sniffed a friend's hair and asked what she uses. (Do you think I have a thing for smells?) Herbal Essences! My college favorite. So I'm trying it again. It's cheaper than my usual (yay!), and although it doesn't make my hair feel the same way (boo!), it sure smells good (yay!)!

10. First I had written out the title of this post - "Ten on the... Twelfth." But I changed it after I realized that Mer uses numbers. That, and how weird is the word "twelfth?" It doesn't even look like a word. (Which reminds me, the girls and I were counting to 100 this morning, and Addie prounounces words so funny. She had it all fairly accurate until we got to the "sevenbees." "Sevenbeeone... sevenbeetwo..." And also, every number ending in "7" was, "fiftysevenby... sixtysevenbee... sevenbeesevenbee...")

That's it! Be sure to visit Mer's 10 on the 10th post for links to other fun posts!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Fun list, Angiel You never fail to make me laugh or smile!

    Really? You sniffed your friend's hair? Really?

    Hey, I went to my first official book club meeting yesterday. LOVED it!!! I was telling John this morning how cool it was. We all read the same book, but we all came away with different interpretations. I can't wait for next time!

    The sun is out here today! How about there? We haven't had tornados like the Denver metro area has though...that is downright scary!

    Hope you have a great weekend. Glad you played along...on the twelfth (weirdest word EVER!)

    Oh one more thing. We JUST got cable this week and my kids love Phineas and Ferb. I haven't watched it with them...just keep hearing them laugh. I'll tune in soon!

  2. Great list Angie!!

    That painting looks like either rainbow twizzlers gone bad or an electrician is trying (not very successfully) to lay some lines). But what ever it is....$956,000!!!??? You have got to be kidding!!!

    I agree with Brody on the shades. They just really don't do anything for him :-)

    Emmaline L.O.V.E.S. Phineas and Ferb!!! She asks to watch it all the time. Usually I am fixing dinner, so I don't get to sit and watch it with her, but I love to listen to her laugh as she watches it.

    Hope summer comes and visits you soon!!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great list!

    I joined a book club a few months ago. The first 2 books, I really enjoyed. The current book, I am really having a hard time starting and we meet next week to discuss it. I should really get working on that. I also have to pick a book for the following month (a banned book).

  4. personally, I don't like the book either. I skimmed the link you had, and probably wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

  5. Has great reviews? Well, that is always a huge sign that it will most likely suck.
    (Same goes with TV, movies, etc..most especially TV)

    I haven't watched Phineas & Ferb; none of us have yet. What am I missing? Is it as good as SB? SB is the only one I can watch without staring at the clock...and I still usually find myself checking the clock at least once or twice. LOL

    Why did Brody not like your cool glasses? Were they scary?
    I hope you can get lasik. Philip wants it so badly, but we can't afford it. What an amazing change it offers, though, for very little risk or pain.

    I've missed a few of your blog posts...I'll have to catch up later. I did have to do a few "mark all as read"s and I think that's how I missed them. :( If I'd seen you in there I would've come to read! :D


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