Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Okay, Tinkerbell. Work your magic!

Warning: potty talk ahead! I know some of you out there just don't want to hear it... and who can blame you?

As a last resort (except not really, because it probably won't work either and then I'll have to think of another last resort. So maybe this is my next-to-last resort?), the girls and I went and bought the new TinkerBell movie today to motivate Addie to use the big-girl-potty.

Addie was so excited. Her eyes got super big and she squealed as we walked through WalMart saying, "I can't believe it! I can't believe it!" as she gazed at her new movie.

The catch is, she can't open it until she's wearing big-girl-panties. So until then, it will be prominently displayed in the bathroom for her to see.

And the night we take off the magical plastic wrapping, pop open that case, pop that popcorn and watch the movie to celebrate this milestone, I think I'll be the one saying excitedly, "I can't believe it! I can't believe it!"

So, no pressure, but I'm counting on you, Tink! Turn Addie into a little TinkleBell! Please!


  1. so, it's penultimate resort?

    good luck! i only know how to "potty-train" dogs, so I can't offer any words of advice. Crating Addie probably is not a good idea. ;) Just better hope none of her friends will have the movie...

  2. TinkleBell, really? :) You're cute... I'm pulling for ya, and just hope your little girl doesn't cry her way into getting the plastic off, or sneak it. Stranger things have happened in your household, right? Here's to using the Big Girl Potty! Go Tink!! (Get it?) LOL!

  3. You aren't alone in that one. Eden had a doll that she picked out, and Sam got "Mac" from cars. Both of which were proudly displayed on top of the fridge until they got "it" figured out. :) Good luck. Oh, and love the potty humor. :)

  4. Did you get her some matching TB panties too?

  5. Go Addie...Go Addie...Go Addie!!! I know you can do it. I think once you have it mastered and that plastic has come off and you are sitting there eating some popcorn and watching your movie, you need to hit mommy up for some Tinkerbell panties :-)

  6. "tinklebell" Ha! That gave me a chuckle! It has to work, what could be a better motivator?!


  7. You are one smart momma!

  8. You go momma! I don't know who wouldn't want to start using the potty like a big girl in exchange for a cool Tinkerbell movie!

  9. Ha! I do the same thing ... hey, whatever works :) potty training is TORTURE. I think my youngest just conquered it, but I hate to even type that for fear of regression ;)

  10. If this works, please tell me you'll find another method by the time Brody gets around to potty training.

    I'm thinking about his manhood here, Angie. SAVE THE TESTOSTERONE!

  11. I know what you are going through. K was my never-ending struggle. Eventually she got it. I am not sure what was the trick but I sure hope this movie is it for Addie! Go Addie Go! In the potty that is.


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