Thursday, October 23, 2008

911 calls that didn't happen

Two incidents in the last 24 hours were almost 911-worthy. But definitely blog-worthy.

My friend Amber came over for dinner last night with her kids since our husbands were both gone. I had hoped to provide a nice break and escape for her since she's single-moming it this week with her husband away. It's hard to get off on the right foot though, when you almost set your kitchen ON FIRE. If you've kept up with my blog at all, you shouldn't be surprised that I had yet another kitchen blunder. I was making spaghetti of all things... it's not like I was making something complicated like mac-n-cheese or a casserole.

I put the noodles in the boiling water, turned to the sink for a second, turned back around and for crying out loud, there was a FIRE ON MY STOVE. I panicked. I truly didn't know what to do. I darted my hand between the fiery tongues leaping from my back burner and turned it off. (Didn't that sound dramatic?) And then? I started blowing. I felt like one of those ladies from those commercials years ago who couldn't blow out the birthday candles. (What were they selling in those commercials anyway?) I just huffed and puffed and huffed and tried to blow out that fire. In my mind I was trying to remember if I should be throwing water on it, calling 911 (for a little ol' stove fire?), or stopping dropping and rolling. After all, this picture was peering at me from the front of my refrigerator. Thank you, Emma's preschool education.

Anyway, as quickly as it started, it stopped. It was like someone just turned it off. (Thank you, Lord!) I was so relieved because truly, I did NOT know what to do. Emma was standing there with huge, scared eyes and quietly said, "I'm going outside." She was so freaked out! Amber later reminded me I could've beat it with towels! I forgot about that! What should I have done?

Here's a picture of my scarred pot, should you think I'm making this up (look on the bottom right side of the big pot):

So after opening all the windows, Febreezing the heck out of my house and hoping the smoky smell would go away, I answered the door to Amber and her kids. She helped me finish getting dinner ready, and all was going swimmingly until I, in all my kitchen clumsiness, decided to hold the way-too-small strainer WHILE I dumped the huge pot of noodles over it with the very same hands. This only resulted in me pouring boiling water all over my left hand. Amber, I tried downplaying how much it hurt, but YOWZA!!!!! I might've cried had you not been there. I played it cool and sauntered over to the fridge to get some ice, but it hurrrrrrrt. Only now, 24 hours later, is it not still hurting. Next time I'll use the colander like I should've in first place! Lesson learned!


Addie. Ohhhhhh sweet Addie. She is a piece of work. Today she came to me whimpering and asking if I could help her blow her nose because she was stuffed up. She said it hurt, and of course I cringed, thinking maybe she was getting sick. I grabbed a Kleenex and had her blow. A teeny bit came out and she whimpered again and said it hurt. I told her to blow again.

A LEGO CAME OUT. A green lego. A small, round, nostril-shaped LEGO.

I was floored! Of course it hurt! Of course she was stuffed up! She put a freaking LEGO in her nose! Had I known it was in there, that would have been one thing. But I didn't know! Imagine my surprise when BAM! Out flew a LEGO. I was laughing so hard while I checked the other nostril and asked if there were more in there. Laughing, but so relieved that we didn't have to make a trip to the ER.

She said she will never do it again. But after receiving a tip from my friend Mer to read these posts, I hardly believe her. Anyone wanna place bets?


  1. Wow--Angie! All in one night? You certainly live on the wild side. Hope you went to bed and slept like a baby. (Well, babies don't really sleep all that well, so hope Brody slept like a log and you did too.)


  2. What a day, Angie! I think you should have titled this post "Angie's Horrible, No Good, Very Bad (ButSlightlyHumorousInRetrospect) Day."

    So sorry about your hand...and the fire...and the lego up the nose!

    Hey, someone once told me that Lansinoh (lanolin cream for breastfeeding mothers) works wonders on burns, and it DOES. It takes the sting out almost immediately. Tuck that away for next time, should there be a next time.

    And yeah, let's hope the lego incident isn't repeated, but you just never know.

  3. Oh my goodness. No dull moment around your household. :) Maybe your could have sacrificed the lego into the fire.

    I'm glad no one was hurt!!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! There is never a dull moment in your there??

    I had also heard about using Lansinoh on burns so the last time I burned my finger on the iron (this is a regular occurance with me), I gave it a try. It worked!! The stinging stoped pretty quick and it seemed to heal up faster.

  5. I like Mer's title!

    Aww, I'm glad you made it through another day in the life of a Mom, Angie.

    And for the stove fire? Use salt or flour if there is grease or oil involved. Water is not so good for that kind of fire. I am an experienced fire starter. It all began when I used those oh-so-popular burner covers in the early 90's. I burnt almost every one, bought a second set and burned them, too.

  6. Angie, next time we'll just order pizza! :) I do feel special that you risked life & limb- literally- to have us over for dinner. You were a gracious hostess and we all had a great time! Maybe we should just call them Adventure Dinners from now on. When will the next one be?!?

  7. OH.My.WORD!!

    We almost had a poison control moment last night. Caleb walked into the living spitting and drooling and in his hand was an open bottle of nail polish remover!!!

    I think he might have just licked the lid, he wan't crying so we just washed his mouth out really well!

  8. Wow, what a night! I'm so glad the fire was minor and went out on its own. And that you didn't burn yourself badly with the burning water.
    The lego makes me giggle, and you're so lucky you didn't end up in the ER over that one, either.
    I still remember the horrible ordeal I went through when I was 3 or 4 and stuck a piece of broken crayon up my nose (it was purple). VERY TRAUMATIC what ended up happening. I still remember the horror, and I still have a messed-up septum because of it. Ughhhh...
    I'm glad it came out so easily!

  9. Life is never dull in the Osborne house!

  10. Oh my goodness... perhaps someone should be making YOU dinner to provide you with a nice break and escape.

    A few weeks ago I, too, had a small fire on my stove. And I responded in a strickingly similar way. I stared, and panicked, and pointed a little. Then it burnt out. I'd like to believe that in an actual emergency I'd respond with much more grace, but I'm pretty sure that any life-threatening situation I encounter will generate much more than a blank stare and possible point.

  11. Laughing with you. Completely and totally with you. Glad everyone is safe, and more importantly that you were able to blog it all!


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