Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remember me?

Anyone who has read my blog for awhile is well aware that I go in cycles... I blog a lot and get on a roll, and then I take a long break. The break is never intentional. It just happens! And if you think I just forget about the blog and suddenly remember one day, you're wrong. No, instead I've felt a little stressed every day that I haven't posted. It's like that horrible feeling when you have a big assignment or project hanging over your head. The end result is that I have a million posts floating around in my head. Hopefully this will start me on another roll... until I accidentally abandon my blog again.

But enough about that. That was boring. Who wants to hear a million excuses about why I don't have time? No one, I'm sure. But do you want to see one? I thought so.

What? You want another one?

Okay, fine. One more.

Pretty good excuse, huh? Yeah. He's cute.

But I do have one more thing to say: I have this major block where I feel like I can't blog until I've caught up on all my blog reading. And I'm literally at least a month or more behind. At this moment, I have 487 unread posts in my Google Reader. Fat chance that they'll all be read! Instead, after I post this, I intend to delete nearly all of them. It's going to break my heart. I'll feel like I'm really missing out on stuff. Sure, I'll read a few here and there, but I have to start from scratch or I'll just have them hanging over my head. So if I don't comment on your funniest or most important or most profound blog post ever, please direct me to it. I sure wouldn't want to miss it!

Stay tuned... my head is about to explode with stuff I need to blog about.


  1. His smile is awesome! I feel your pain about the blogging thing...a friend of mine from California said that she checks to see if I've updated McKenna's blog EVERY DAY. Good grief, who needs that kind of pressure? I think it makes my writing less clever. I can't handle it... I'm going back to work on Monday to take my mind off of it ;-)

    BTW, I subscribed to the RSS feed for Facebook status updates of my friends, may have been a mistake, because I get about 500 unread google reader posts a day.

  2. What a cutie! You can imagine that I am quite partial to redheaded little boys.

    I had a dream in high school that I had three children: one with brown hair, one with red and one with blond. If I wanted them all to come at the same time I would call, "Neapolitan!" and they would all come running (in my dream). I also dreamed the blond one said, "I don't want to be vanilla."

    Anyway, looks like you have Neapolitan. Let me know if it works:)


  3. Look at how cute he is!!! And look at that red hair!! I figured he was one of the reasons there weren't any posts for a while...that, and Disneyland, Disneyland, and did I mention Disneyland? :)

  4. Welcome back! Your beautiful excuse is a good one. I enjoy the blog. It's great to see you back.

  5. Oh, he is indeed a cutie, Angie! Delete it all and rest, friend :) That's why I don't use a reader. But I have started to show the latest posts on my sidebar, so I can see when you do have a chance to update.

    Praying for you!

  6. Awww! I love him! He's so cute.
    I think he looks a lot like Emma did.
    I can't believe you're that behind on your reading! I think I'd take a deep breath and delete, too. Just not mine. Haha! (I'm kidding.)

  7. I think I would be distracted by that smile too!!!

    Been missing you but I know you're busy! Read my post Oct.15, delete all the others :)

  8. Oh Ang....he's so stinkin' cute!!!! Wow....what a sweetie! He's gotten so big, and what a fun mix he is of Addie and Emma....I think I see more of Addie in him, especially the second picture, so cute! Wish I could reach thru and love on him! So glad to see some pics and hear your "voice" on here. :-) Hugs!

  9. Your kid is so adorable!!

  10. Glad to see you back here! You have been missed. And I just have to say...........he is STINKIN' adorable!!! BTW - I want to see pics of your trip to CA!!!!

  11. Great to see your name pop up on my Google Reader! Don't feel like you have to catch up on EVERYTHING...I couldn't read that many and I don't have a newborn. Sometimes you may need to "mark as read" and start anew. Nobody will be offended. Really...

  12. Ooops, I got so caught up in deleting your Google Reader I forgot to mention my most important comment-Baby is A for ADORABLE!

  13. I do the same thing when it becomes overwhelming. Toss it all out and start fresh. Like cleaning out the fridge. Kinda.

  14. So fun! I can't wait until Liam starts smiling:)

  15. Yay! You're back... I've been needing my fix for awhile too. :)If you didn't read my post re: Lawrence Welk, you must (it's titled "Marco... Marco..."). Read it not so much for the post, but for the video link. Hiiiiiiilarious. Miss you, friend!

  16. Hooray!!! You're back!!! I've checked your blog almost daily for a month (because my Google Reader doesn't work at work), and I've got to say I was growing really tired of reading the word "Pooped" (as great a word as it may be).

    Brody is so stinkin' cute!!! I use the word "stinkin'" in a purely non-aroma sense. But he is a baby, so maybe the aroma is there too :)


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