Saturday, October 18, 2008

No coupon necessary!

Before Brody was born in August, the girls would ask how I would know when it was time for him to be born. To keep it simple and well, non-scary, I told them that my tummy would hurt really bad and that's when I'd know it was time to go to the hospital. Of course, then they'd ask if my tummy hurt with them, and I'd get to tell them about when they were born. Telling your kids about their birth day is such a special thing!

Three years ago tonight, I was three days away from Addie's due date. I was pushing Emma in a grocery cart down the cereal aisle when a very real, very strong contraction hit.

I stopped the cart, looked straight at Emma and said, "Whoa!" To which she repeated with huge eyes, "Whoa!"

About seven minutes later, another one hit. Again, I stopped the cart, looked at Emma and said, "Oh my!" And a sweet little voice echoed, "Oh my!"

About 9 hours later, Addie was born... but according to Addie, "you got me at the grocery store!"

That would be like, MAJOR clean up on aisle 12!

Here's Gary and I 3 years ago tonight. Look how I'm totally bracing myself through a contraction as my dad took the picture. I remember saying through my forced smile, "Take the darn picture already!"


  1. Sheesh, Angie...I hope I look half that good when I'm in labor one day...I'm sure mothers everywhere are WAY jealous!

  2. Ah...special moments in life... :)

  3. Before I had kids, I would never imagine how much fun it is to hear "birth stories". :) Love it! Which child was it that you went to the mall when you were in labor? Emma?

    Happy Birthday Addie!


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