Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day

What a fun day! Kenzie was dedicated, which was really sweet. I skipped our church so I could go to Amy and Justin's to be there for sweet Kenzie's dedication. They played a little slideshow/video of all the babies being dedicated, each with a few little unique tidbits about the babies or parents. Most were sweet and touching and Kenzie's was no exception, but the best part of hers was when it said that her mommy (Amy) got to have 2 C-sections: one to get Kenzie out and one to get the sponge they left in her the first time! Ha! That got a good laugh.

Anyway, it was a beautiful service. It's not easy to give our children over to the Lord. It's a daily process. But I find that there is so much joy and peace that comes as a result when I submit to the Lord and realize I'm not in charge. I think I could easily have inherited my mom's worrying if I didn't make a conscience decision every day for God to take my burdens - my children included. I pray that Amy and Justin daily hand Kenzie over to God her whole life and seek His wisdom in raising her. It's the only way Gary and I have gotten this far! :)

After the dedication service, we went over to my folks' for a Mother's Day BBQ. Very fun.

My sweet family. I love them tons and bunches.

Abby, Mom, Amy and Me!

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  1. Angie! What beautiful pictures of you guys! You look so pretty!


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