Saturday, May 19, 2007

The good news and the bad news and the bad news

The good news: I finished a REALLY cool little mini-album for my sis for Mother's Day. I have to swap out a few pictures that didn't print out clearly, and so when I get it back, I'll take pictures and post them. I really was happy with how it turned out! She loved it, so my goal was accomplished. I like making the time to do special things like that. I think about stuff to do and make all the time but it never gets done. I can think of at least THREE little things I'm in the middle of making for three special people... that have been in the works for um, years. How embarassing. Anyway, finishing this little book and being able to give it to her was encouraging and makes me want to get off my tush and do it more. Unfortunately, I didn't get my mom's little mini-album done which was intended for Mother's Day. Luckily, she's forgiving.

The bad news: I submitted two pages in to my little scrapbook store for a page contest they're doing. What's so bad about that? I think they're HORRIBLE! I'm embarassed. I think I just tried too hard instead of just doing my thing. You know? Things kept going wrong with them. I kept gluing pictures down in the wrong spots, only to tear them off the page and had to really switch up my plan to cover my mistakes. Sadly, some of it couldn't be covered. Maybe they'll think it was on purpose. Ha! :) I really think it was the Lord telling me to get over it and not enter, because I think my pride was getting in the way of it turning out the way I wanted it to look. So, we'll see what the results are next week. I haven't even gone in to look at the other entries for fear of seeing my own. How lame am I? So, I guess I learned that I just need to stick with "me" and my style instead of trying to impress. Huge lesson there... way deeper than scrapbooking, right? If I weren't fried and starving, I'd run with it. Lucky you. ;)

The bad news again: About an hour after I posted that I hadn't puked... yep, I puked. Fun, huh? Emma came over and rubbed my leg (I was standing at the sink - I was desperate), and told me I should rest and that she could take care of Addie. How sweet is she?! I told her I needed to make them lunch (which is what triggered it, I think), and she assured me she could reach the raisins in the pantry. Whew. At least they'll eat when I'm passed out on the couch. These next few months should prove interesting. What a sweet girl I have!

- - -

Oh... and from day one (like I mentioned in the pregnant post), Emma has been convinced that there is a boy baby AND a girl baby in my tummy. Grrreeeat... she never refers to them in the singular. It's always "they" and "the babies" and "them"... I'm kind of nervous about that. One thing I KNOW she's not right about: she says their names are "Washcloth" and "Soapy." Hmmm. Maybe for middle names, but not first names. Sorry, Ems.


  1. those middle names might work. too cute!!!!

    Have a great day - leigh

  2. Ugggggh, are you still puking over there? (Or, yelling at the toilet? ROFL!) I hope you're doing better!


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