Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sights of spring

That's an ant on Emma's hand in that first picture. She likes it when they crawl on her. I mean, who doesn't?


  1. WOW!! Your blog looks so cool! It's so pretty Ang! Man, it looks gorgeous in CO right now, Jason said everyone (at work) has been talking about the cherry blossoms all around this year. They are gorgeous, aren't they? Looks like you are having a fun spring so far.

  2. Great pictures! I loved looking at each one!


  3. Hi Angie:

    I'm finally getting around to leaving a comment on your blog, after your visit to mine last week. These pictures are TOO cute. I've wanted to live in Colorado for years, so I might just live there virtually through you. :-)

    I've bookmarked you, and I will be back.


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