Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I deleted a widget.

I don't even know what a widget it. But I deleted one, and now my blog is all wonky. I have no idea what I did. Emma's on my lap while we try to figure it out. Uh-huh. This will work!

If anyone out there in blog-land knows what I did, I'd be so grateful. And then we can get to our regularly scheduled ramblings.

- - - - -

Okay... things are sort of back to normal, but I still need to tweak a few things. I'm so not blog saavy. What's that weird line around my banner? Why isn't it centered? The perfectionist side of me is going bonkers right now...

- - - - -

Whew! I think I've got it. And I learned a thing or two on along the way. Number one lesson learned: naptime should be used for MUCH more productive things.

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  1. wonky...that is a great word! Perfect for how things feel sometimes. Your blog looks awesome, you've done a great job with that whole "personalized template" thing, maybe some day I'll get to that. It looks really cool.


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