Friday, May 18, 2007

Today's McNugget of Wisdom

I'm at that yucky spot where preparing food - even the simplest PB&J- wants to make my stomach turn. So I can't say I was too disappointed yesterday when lunchtime came along yesterday while we were out running errands. It was the perfect excuse to go out, and let the magical, germ-filled McDonald's Playland wear out my kids in time for their naps.

I was standing in line near this woman who had a thick New York accent and was talking loud enough for the entire joint to hear her speak. She bragged and bragged about how wonderful their staff is at that McD's and how they just don't compare to any other McD's in the area. "I come here every day for lunch," she announced, "and you guys are by far the best. Sometimes I go to a different McDonald's for breakfast every morning and they just don't even compare! Hooray for you!!!" (At this point, the thought of McD's every morning and noon just about kicked in my morning sickness.)

Later, I had the pleasure of sitting in the booth next to her in the kids area. That's where I learned this delightful little tidbit of information. Please, friends, tuck this away. Tuck it far, far, far away...

"You know, it doesn't matter if you give someone a bunch of [we'll pretend she said "JUNK"] on a special day like a wedding or birthday. Even if it's cheap, it's the thought that counts. I go to the Dollar Store, buy a bag for a buck, find something small for a buck, and BAM. They get a gift."

Now, don't get me wrong. There's a LOT to "it's the thought that counts." I'm sure when my mom was sick and Emma drew her a picture of a bunch of lines, my mom didn't for an instant balk at it and wonder why she didn't at least get a picture of a house or herself. I'm thrilled to get a CARD on my birthday - there's no way I expect to be showered with gifts. Even if they're from the dollar store. But to be so intentional about finding something cheap just so you can say you gave someone a gift? Where's the thought in that? The whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way.

I know. There are far more serious issues to get fired up about. :) I agree.

As she left, she told the woman she was with (who, by the way, I never heard speak), that something she does is stand up and wait 20 seconds before taking that first step. That way she can balance herself and think about which direction to walk. (No, she was far from elderly.) Have you tried that? Twenty seconds is a long time to just stand there. It just struck me funny.

With that, Emma came running to me to tell me that a little girl had pooped in the play area. We were out of there faster than the woman at the Dollar Store!


  1. Um...okay, that lady was cuckoo!

  2. Good stuff. What a hilarious blog. Your writing is fun to read!

    I'm a friend of Christi Kurtz,' by the way. I like to read the blogs of people's friends every now and again, just for kicks and giggles.



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