Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm in the midst of cleaning up the aftermath of Easter weekend.  Dyed eggs have been thrown away (we didn't refrigerate them... oops), candy wrappers have been picked up, Easter decorations are being packed up for next year and the kids are coming off of their sugar highs.  
The middles are sitting next to me peacefully playing with play-dough while I type and sip my Dr. Pepper.  I have three things to post about today:

In case you were wondering how it all turned out, the Easter Bunny made a surprise visit on Saturday.  The kids weren't expecting it AT ALL, so when they walked into the kitchen and spied their filled baskets on the kitchen table - the very table we'd eaten breakfast at an hour earlier - they were stunned.

When they questioned why the bunny came early, I just said that I'd "heard" that the bunny might be coming early this year because he wanted Jesus to be the focus on Easter Sunday instead of him.  They didn't even question it.  I even took it a step further and pointed out that the bunny had left their baskets on the kitchen table, around our Hill of Calvary.  So clearly, the bunny wanted Jesus to be the main point - the center - of the weekend.  Quick thinking on my part, because this year's Easter Bunny had never left baskets before and didn't realize that they're ALWAYS on the coffee table in the other room.  Ha ha!

I didn't get pictures (doh!), but they were simple baskets, with just a few M&Ms and jellybeans, 2 pencils, a notepad, and sunglasses for the girls and a firetruck for the boy.  They loved it and never even asked where their annual rabbit was.  You know, the one that would be forgotten by today.  Good choice.  

What a wonderful day!  I loved hearing my girls' little voices saying, "He is risen!" "He is risen, indeed!" back and forth to each other all morning.  They were thrilled to discover the empty tomb on our Hill of Calvary.  
We went down to my parents' house for Easter dinner with my family, complete with an indoor Easter egg hunt, thanks to the usual Colorado Easter rain/snow. 
Crazy Hair Day, Take Two!  With a little hesitation, Addie let me give her crazy hair for the second Monday in a row.  She looked AWESOME! 
 After last Monday's FAIL, she was skeptical, but thought we could do better.  This time we added bows and a touch of pink (thanks to Kool-Aid).   
 "Hey Addie," I joked. "Today's not actually Crazy Hair Day either... it's next week!" 
I guess my joke wasn't funny.  She even made me show her on the calendar that it was today.
She came home from school all smiles, and very relieved that her friends (including her buddy Cam) even joined in the fun this week.   
Now she wants to have pink hair all the time.  Maybe I'm back in the running for Mom of the Year after all!


  1. One year my husband wasn't thinking and ate a dyed egg that had been sitting out for days. He vomitted so hard that night and has been done with eggs since. Good mems.

  2. Her hair looks awesome! I have to figure out what you mean about the Kool-Aid... It probably works best with blonde hair, I'm guessing. :)

  3. Yay for the real crazy hair day!


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