Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend End

It's Sunday night, and as I'm writing this, I'm watching a play that Emma and Addie are putting on for me.  Now, I know it sounds really rude that I'm here typing away as they're performing, but seriously.  I think we're 27 minutes into this play and I'm not sure they remember they have an audience anymore.  They're making it up as they go.  Here, I'll take a picture so you can be in the moment with me:
Minute 28 of the Never-Ending Play:  Princess Addie is about to strike Mermaid Emma with a paint stirrer.  Audience Member Brody has no regard for the stage, and Chloe wonders what kind of family she's been borne into.

In the meantime, here are a few tidbits from the weekend:
  • Friday was my little sister's birthday!  She turned 29.  What, Abby?!  If I painstakingly drew all 29 candles on your birthday card cake, I feel like I'm entitled to tell the internets how old you are.  

One of my favorite pictures of Abby - she's always laughing!
We had a fun dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, followed by ice cream at DQ.  And when I say a "fun dinner" I really mean chaotic and borderline NOT fun.  There are 14 people in our "party" and when almost half of them are 7 and under, it's not like we're lounging around, recollecting the last 29 years of life with Abby.  Our out-to-dinner celebrations may be a thing of the past...
  • Saturday I got to get away for a bit and run some errands ALONE.  I'm not sure if there's anything I enjoy more these days.  I went to a thrift shop (the Salvation Army store) to look for... well... I have no idea why I went there.  It was calling to me as I drove by.  And by "drove by" I mean I didn't drive by it at all, I had to intentionally go there as it's on a side street.  But whatever.  
There was a man there trying on women's dresses and I could not figure out if he was trying to be funny or if he was serious.  I think serious.  He bought about five of them.  One of them was kind of cute.  I was kind of jealous but wasn't about to fight him for it. I did find a few fun things which I should probably blog about later.

Also, I bought some men's ties for tie-dying Easter eggs this week (and by the way, this will serve as your reminder for those of you who don't want to miss out on doing it this year!).  I asked the lady at the counter how much they were, and she replied $1.99.  Later when I went to check out, I asked the man how much they were and he told me 25¢.  SOLD!  Lesson learned: get price checks from the man and work it.
  • Our Hill of Calvary is sprouting!  It looks like a little hedgehog, but I know we'll have lush grass in no time.  I thought I'd killed the thing by leaving it out over night in freezing temps, but apparently this Hill of Calvary was not going down without a fight.  
We've literally been sitting at the table for a lot of the day watching the grass grow.

  • This afternoon the girls and I wrapped up their Artist Trading Cards for the swap we're doing.  They loved it... pretty much.  I think maybe, just maybe, it would be good to spread apart the ATC love next time because they were pretty much done by card number 3 or so.  
Addie's creations: (L-R) Rainbow Flower, Summer All The Time, Just Me, Rainbows Are Fun, Butterfly Buddy 

Emma's masterpieces (L-R):  Happy Sky, Dinosaurs Say RRR, Clowny-Cat, Summer Flower, My Creation 
But, they're done and we'll mail them off tomorrow.  Emma has a girl from Malaysia in her group and Addie has one from Australia, so we're excited to get international mail in the next week or two!
  • I finished a little craft project that's been sitting in my craft room for a month now waiting for me to wrap up!  Isn't it purdy?   

The colors look super crazy in this picture.  I promise I did not put morbid, black roses on my spring wreath.  I also promise I didn't use neon green yarn.  You'll just have to come over and see it in person. 

In fact, if you leave now, you might make it in time for intermission.  We're on Minute 42 of this play...

P.S.  What is UP with these bullet points?  I wish they'd just align and behave themselves.  If it annoys you like it does me, then I am SO sorry.  If you didn't even notice, then we are very different.

P.S.S.  What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. That wreath is awesome! Good job! I might have to try making one.

  2. Wait, where is the knight in shining armor to resuce to mermaid with his trusty pokemon card and tower of legos? And where is the villan that is going to work alongside Princess Addie by fighting evil one cast whack to the head at a time?
    Sorry, that's my own little mini-drama playing out in my head. I think I would have rather watched you duke it out with the guy over a dress. (That sounds so wrong on so many levels.)
    And yes, the bullet points bother me. I can't get my paragraphs to align on my blog.

  3. cracking up! you are so funny! Send Brody over to my wait I will take your three girls and you can have my two boys!

  4. I wish I had your thrift stores! I've looked all year and have only found one usable tie. I ended up getting 1/8 yd of a few different colors of silk from Joanne's and am going to try to combine them somehow...we'll see how it goes.

  5. Oh, and the bulletpoints line up fine on my RSS reader. :) LOL

  6. LOVE your wreath. It turned out so cute. Great job.

    PS. I can't wait for the day when my boys are performing 28-minute plays or creating hilarious home videos together like their dad and his brothers did. :) Great memories.

  7. Reading this blog entry was the highlight of the last week, for certain. Eva and Juliet will put on similar "plays," although theirs are more like weird dance recitals that are very dramatic and involve lots of interpretive movement with blankets over their head, strange expressions on their faces sort of like the Zoolander Ben Stiller face, and classical music.

  8. I LOVE that wreath! I am going to have a little mommy along time tomorrow when my sis-in-law takes the kids to the zoo. So I plan on working on some of those fabric roses and making myself a necklace for Easter.

  9. adorable wreath! adorable kids! adorable blog! adorable angie. :)


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