Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That Dream When You Go To School Naked

Addie's in preschool.
She loves preschool.
She's been waiting all year for Crazy Hair Day.
We spent time making her hair c-r-a-z-y yesterday.

Crazy, huh?

I drove her to school.
I joked that it wasn't really Crazy Hair Day.
She rolled her eyes and said, "Mooo-ooom!" like a 14-year-old.

 Guess what?
It wasn't Crazy Hair Day.
It's next Monday.

Addie cried.
And hid behind me.
And turned into velcro on my leg.
I unbraided her braids.
I took out the pigtails.
I untwisted the pipe cleaners.
I wiped her tears.
I assured her that no one besides Miss Cristina saw and she didn't need to be embarrassed.
Well, except the little girl who stopped in her tracks when she saw Addie.


I didn't promise not to laugh about with her Daddy later and blog about it.
Because it was funny.
Really funny.
Someday she'll think this is funny too.

I guess this isn't my year for mom-of-the-year afterall.


  1. Aw, man, it WAS crazy hair day at my kids' middle school yesterday. And I obviously need a couple of "how to achieve CRAZY hair lessons" from you. :)

  2. PS: I'm sorry for Addie. I'd want to cry too. Hope she's okay now.

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm feeling all those childhood moments of embarrassment flashback :) but I still laughed out loud. And Addie, kudos to you for such commitment to crazy hair day! I would have been to afraid of being embarrassed to even try :) (& kudos to momma, for some seriously awesome hair!)

  4. blah. so many typos. Ang, my grammar queen friend, that's just to give you something to amuse yourself with :) (yup. that one is on purpose too!)

  5. Oh....sad! It's like the time I wore my pj's to school becaue I forgot to take them off before I got dressed! Yeah, they were under my clothes but still very noticable. I'll never forget the embarrassment...neither will sweet Addie! But the hair-do is AWESOME, I must say!

  6. That is golden. Someday you can thank her for giving you such great blog material. Or maybe you gave it to yourself? Either way - good stuff.

  7. Oh my gosh...this is so funny & sad at the same time...poor thing! It reminds me of the time when I was in 5th grade & my mom took me to a friends sleepover party a week early. I was in 5th grade & mortified!!!!!!

  8. That is some really good crazy hair! Great job! I wonder if she will let you do it again next week haha.

    I would have been mortified as a child lol. Lucky for her (and you) no one really saw her!

    Just found your blog - new follower!

  9. I fall in love with that girl all the time--no exception here. :) What a sweet girl, so sensitive.

    I kind of want to wear my hair CRAZY to work tomorrow just for Ads (but then again kind of don't, haha!!) Maybe Easter? I wouldn't want her to think I'm making fun of her though. I'll just hug and squeeze her twice as much and let her know how beautiful and loved she is.

    She won't even remember this, she'll be fine. But yes, keep us posted on next week's outcome. :)


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