Friday, May 29, 2009

Quixotic. Q-U-I-X-O-T-I-C. Quixotic.

I'm not a huge basketball fan. I mean, it's okay, I just don't follow it closely. Or at all.

But I live outside Denver, and rumor has it the Nuggets are doing pretty well. They're playing in some kind of play-off somethin' rather... I don't know, I just know they're close to the end where one team gets to move on and then whoever wins that is like the champion of the world or something.

Like I said, it's not really my thing.

But Gary got three tickets to go to tonight's game and of course he asked ME to go. While the game itself might've been fun to watch, I was totally pumped to go for the excitement and ambiance. I love people watching and being part of big crowds and figured it would be a blast.

Over the last few days we've been trying to figure out who would best be our third wheel at this game. Our standard third-wheel-friend couldn't make it, and so in the end Gary invited two of his guy friends to go.

I'm okay with that. I felt guilty holding on to this ticket when I figured others out there probably get far more excited about the game than I do. Besides, it might have annoyed our third wheel if I kept leaning over to ask about the rules every 30 seconds.

Anyway, last night I sucked Gary into watching the last round of the National Spelling Bee. I'm going to wager that it would've been his last choice of what to watch. But me? I loved it. so. much.

Hi, my name is Angie, and I'm a spelling bee nerd.

With much disdain, Gary said, "You probably wish we had three tickets to this."

I lit up at the mere thought and exclaimed, "YES! Yes, I do! Oh, who would we bring?!"

And he immediately said, "YOU would bring your sisters."

Hmmm. Interesting. How quick he was to bow out of this cherished event. Why wouldn't he want to attend this imaginary spelling bee? Doesn't he realize that, like his basketball tickets, people would probably be fighting over these tickets? Doesn't he know that friends would come out of the woodwork if they knew I had tickets to the National Spelling Bee?

Doesn't he even KNOW?!??


  1. I watched the spelling bee last night too. My kids were mesmerized. My oldest quipped that HE should be there (yet he could only spell a handful of words)(and he also told me he wanted to be on The Bachelor someday--oh my!)...

    ...but I was so surprised at a couple of those kids who broke down and couldn't get it together after being disqualified. WOWZA. That's some intense pressure right there.

    I hope Gary has fun at the Nuggets game! That is awesome that he scored some tix!

    Have you seen the movie Akeelah and the Bee? I bet you'd like it. ;)

  2. Hahahahaha! Angie, you're hilarious! I know I'd love tickets to a Manchester United game ;)

  3. Just for future reference .... you both could take Aaron. He's a big fan of both. (He made me watch the spelling bee last night too, till I stole the remote and switched it to The Office ... he caved. ;) )

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  5. Acknlowedgement. All I remember from meeting you for the first time in second grade was that you were the girl that could spell acknowledgement.

    Oh, and PS--you can totally go to the regional spelling bee for free. In fact, I've made it a nerd date on more than one occasion for the more than one nerds I've dated in my life. Too fun! I should have blogged about that one...

  6. okay... I'm ridiculous... acknowledgement. I can spell it, I swear. It's a darn good thing we became friends back then!

  7. Oh man, I wish I was still in Colorado, and I would have been the 3rd wheel!!!!! I LOVE any sporting event, especially in person!
    And, why only 3 tickets and not 4? that is random!?!?
    That was nice of you to give up your ticket, I bet Gary's friends are pumped!
    And, you make me LOL about the spelling bee....yeah...watching it makes me feel dumb. I don't know what I would do without spell check!!

  8. Hel-lo!!! What about taking your mother ?!?!?!?!?
    I didn't earn these gray hairs for nothing you know. Sitting through many a Regional and State Spelling Bee while you continually beat out others to move on to the next round...until that fateful word 'Quixotic' that to this day I have yet to forget either. So funny that you titled this post with it. I watched the bee last night too and thought of you and all those parents on the edge of their seats, proud as can bee. Love you!

  9. I would go with you...I watched it too! :)


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