Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of rabbits, robes and 'rody

It's the weekend! Goodbye to a very long week.

Sickness invaded the Flibbertigibberish home, saving me for last. We had our share of puking, croup, RSV, sniffles... and now it's my turn.

But on this lazy Saturday morning, between bites of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and reaching for the Kleenex, I just thought I'd highlight a few random things.

Addie came to me yesterday, smiling ear to ear. She held her school bag in one hand and was reaching in with the other.

"Mom, look at this," she said joyfully. "Finders Keepers!!!!" and she pulled out a chunk of rabbit fur.

And no, my Facebook friends - who said they loved their rabbit's foot growing up - no. There was most definitely skin and blood still attached.

She found it in a field next to her preschool. The lucky duck.

"All my friends asked if they could have it, but I said NOPE! Finders keepers!"

After these pictures were taken, it went in the trash. At least Addie didn't decide this would be the perfect start to another new collection.

The girls and I are going to work on their first sewing project together this weekend. We're making robes. I'm questioning why we didn't start with something easier since my sewing skills are a bit lacking, but they are so excited.

Last night we ran to the store and I let them pick out whatever fleece they wanted to make it with. Addie chose black and pink zebra stripe (so her!) and Emma... well, Emma chose THE MOST HIDEOUS pattern they had available. I tried to convince her otherwise, but she had her heart set on this one. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished products. Oy.

'rody (Brody - but I needed an "R" ya know):

Want a strawberry?

Or maybe half of a strawberry? We're so glad Brody can open the refrigerator these days.

I discovered these munched-upon strawberries yesterday morning just after I finished cleaning up an entire can of crumbled Pringles from under the corner table in our family room. Brody had snuck under there with the can and ate who knows how many before we noticed. It was a new can. He eats like cookie monster, crumbs and pieces flying everywhere. I should've taken a picture first, but suffice it to say, Dyson earned his keep yesterday.

And then yesterday when I went to get my shoes, I came upon every archaeologist's dream. I love that little guy.
Have a happy Saturday!


  1. The dinos and the strawberries have me laughing out loud!! So cute :)

  2. Wow, never a dull moment!! I love picturing Brody sneaking food and eating it like Cookie Monster in the corner, that's hilarious....and Addie....she's a riot! Can't wait to see how the robes turn out and what kind of fabric Emma chose, ha! Have fun....what pattern are you using? I love that you are doing that with them. Hope you feel better, we've been sick all week, over it already, it's tiring to blow my nose every 30 seconds!
    Love you!

  3. The strawberries...oh my funny! And yet, so NOT funny.

    CANNOT wait to see the robes...especially Emma's pattern of choice.

    And hoping you feel better! Mommies doen't have time to be sick.

    Oh, and how could I forget the rabbit fur. GROSS!

  4. Oh my goodness. I needed that laugh today. :)
    Can't wait to see Emma's robe!

  5. Sick. Sick. Sick. I would be so grossed out like you with the rabbit fur. But to reward you for taking pictures of it I clicked on the ad: "Pet Rabbit Cages". It's funny to see what ads are coming up. :)

  6. Oh. I am soooo glad that Cam did not find that rabbit fur at the preschool. Grody! And what a sweet gem your 'Rody was this week. He saved half of the strawberries for you1

  7. I am so torn. I can't figure out what I love the most - the dead rabbit or the strawberries. Ok, I decided. It's the dead rabbit. So great.


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