Thursday, March 03, 2011

God in the details

Yesterday morning was one of "those" mornings.

I took a shower even though I didn't have time to.
We were rushed.
Kids weren't hurrying.
Diaper blow-out.
New outfit.
Spilled milk.
Oatmeal in hair.
Lost shoes.
Tangles in hair.
Another diaper blow-out.
Another new outfit.

Needless to say, Addie was late to school.

Emma had a late-start day, so after we dropped off Addie, we went to the grocery store and to get a haircut for Brody. After that, we headed back home to pack Emma's lunch and get her to school.

We walked in the door and there was Addie's lunch, sitting on the floor right in front of me. GRRR! She forgot it! I looked at the clock. If I hurried, I had just enough time to make Emma's lunch really fast, run Addie's lunch to her school, and get Emma to school just before the bell rang. I could do it.

I stood at the kitchen counter and got out two pieces of bread for Emma's lunch.

And then I reached up to the cupboard to get the peanut butter.

But it was already out on the counter, which is when I was hit with numb-chills. I had made Addie's sandwich with peanut butter. She's allergic to peanuts.

In that split-second, I realized God had really protected Addie. Yes, she'd forgotten her lunch, which was kind of an inconvenience. But really, she'd forgotten her lunch that had a peanut butter sandwich in it. Talk about inconvenience!

And in that split-second, I felt so loved. God had orchestrated my morning exactly right.

For whatever reason, I didn't make their lunches at the same time like I normally would. That meant that later, I'd have the chance to realize that I'd made Addie's with peanut butter instead of her almond butter. If I'd made them at the same time, I'd have had no reason to make Emma's lunch and notice the mistake.

Also, I didn't put the peanut butter back in the cupboard. Had I put it away (like I always do, you know, followed quickly by wiping down the counter to rid it of all crumbs, mopping the floor and having time to throw in a load of laundry), I wouldn't have noticed that I'd used it by mistake.

And then He got me home at just the right time. Any later and Emma would've been late for school after running Addie's lunch to her, and Addie would've gone to get her lunch bag only to realize she'd left it behind. No line at the grocery store, no waiting to get Brody's hair cut... God knew how much time we had.

Do you know God loves you? Do you know he cares about the details in your life? I felt loved and protected yesterday, and was able to share the story with the girls to show them how much God cares. He's not this big, distant God watching us go on our merry way. No, he is a part of our lives, orchestrating every minute, every detail, and cleaning up our messes. Our daily wants are God's business.

Thank you, Lord, for being full of tenderness and mercy. We praise you!

"The LORD makes firm the steps
of the one who delights in him."

Psalm 37:23, NIV


  1. gave me chills, Angie....what a cool story to share with the girls. :)

  2. What a great post and wonderful reminder. Gives me chills too! Praise God. Very neat story.

  3. oh my goodness! This also gave me chills! God is good...all the time!

  4. Wow. So true, Angie! I was just telling someone earlier that I was so thankful that God is in my details. Reading this just reaffirmed it for me. Thank you God for loving us!!

  5. God's timing was perfect for you today! And how blessed that you noticed. :) That's usually the hard part. So glad that you were stopped in your daily busyness to thank God for His daily blessings and protection. :)

  6. I have always said that "God is in the details" but what an amazing picture of how that is so true. Thanks for sharing that, it put a smile on my face:) thanks!!

  7. wow. God's love is amaing, stead and unchanging! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Wow! What a story and you are SO right! Thank God...he knows what he's doing!

  9. That is awesome. God is in the details. And 95% we have no idea. So cool that you lived in the 5%.

  10. Such a cool story, Angie! Thanks for the reminder today :)

  11. God is good. All the time.

    I love how He orchestrates our lives and we live in oblivion most of the time of this divine orechestration. So glad that you stopped to notice.

    Hope you have an amazing weekend! BTW...loved the firetruck I've had those moments!

  12. I am new to the blogging community, therefore I am always looking for new ones and found yours. WOW, what a story that for the reminder that God does order our steps and watches over us. Great post.


  13. This is my first comment here, but I had to say something because I love this post! I need that reminder a lot lately that God is intimately involved in every detail of our lives, and He wants to be! He loves us, cares for us, and takes interest in all of our "stuff." May I be keenly aware of this from now on!


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