Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have a secret code!

I have something exciting to tell you!

Remember when I talked about the time Addie got her 5-year-old shots and didn't blink an eye and was so incredibly brave because she called upon the Word of the Lord that she learned from the Seeds of Courage CD?

(deep breath)

Well, we love that Seeds of Courage CD. So much that the other weekend we were looking all over for it because the kids really, like REALLY, wanted to listen to it and I searched high and I searched low and I searched in the car and it was nowhere, I mean NOWHERE to be found.

(deep breath)

So I called Gary, because of course I call him anytime there's a crisis of any sort around here, and heaven knows not finding that Seeds of Courage CD totally qualified, but I could not reach him. He was in the mountains with a billion high school students at a retreat and was probably too busy playing "Chubby Bunny" or "Pass the Pigs" to answer our very important phone call.

(deep breath)

But the second he walked in the door from his weekend away, the girls and I pounced on him and said, "Where is the Seeds of Courage CD?!?!?!"

And he sheepishly admitted that he took it. Because even big people like to listen to the Seeds CDs. It's good music.

Which brings me to my really exciting news!

If you didn't buy a Seeds Family Worship CD when I talked about them the first time, now's your chance!

Seeds has generously offered Flibbertigibberish readers 20% off their Seeds CD purchases!

20% OFF!



I was really - I mean REALLY - excited when I found out.

So, are you ready for the code? When you go to their store to order your CDs, just type FLIBBERTIGIBBERISH for the coupon code. (That's F-L-I-B---oh, just cut and paste it. I should've chosen HAT for my blog name.)

And if you've not heard about Seeds until now, here's the scoop. Seeds Family Worship creates great Scripture-based music with the hope of planting God's Word in the hearts of families everywhere. You know what? It's working in our family! We have all five of the current Seeds CDs (you can pre-order Volume 6), and I'm amazed at what our kids have already memorized.

Wait - not just our kids. Me. I'm amazed at what I'VE already memorized thanks to Seeds. Memorizing Scripture is not one of my strong points, and yet there are many more verses hidden in my heart now after listening to this great music with my kids.

Brody is 2 1/2 and still doesn't talk much. But I know which songs he wants to hear over and over again. "Go-o-o-o!!!" he'll shout at me from the backseat while clapping, which means he wants to hear "Go" (Matthew 28:19) from the Power of Encouragement CD. Or if he roars at me and nods his head like he's rocking out, that means he wants to hear "The Good Song" (Psalm 34:10) from the Seeds of Courage CD. And then he'll shout "Na-nen!" which means, "Again!"

I need to stress that this music is good. Really good and really catchy. Not annoying. You know what I mean.

And an awesome thing about the CDs: each package contains two identical CDs - one to keep and one to give to a friend.

Plus, I think the CDs and website have really cool graphics. (Does that matter to anyone but me?)

So what are you waiting for? Click your way over to the Seeds Store and get yourself a CD or two for 20% off. And tell 'em FLIBBERTIGIBBERISH sent ya!

- - - - - - - - -

Wow. I am nothing if not wordy.

Here's the bottom line:

20% off at Seeds Family Worship



  1. Okay, I just went to the website and went to the "Listen Online" and Lucas came up to say something to me and stopped mid-sentence when the first notes of "Call to Me" came on and started dancing. He literally couldn't control his bootie! LOL

    So, I'm thinking of picking up one or two for the kids' Easter baskets. If you had to pick two of them, which two are your favorites? Also, I have a feeling once we get two, we'll have to get the rest, so how long is your code good for and can it be used more than once? I'm tempted to get the whole set, but I know Matt would want to make sure the kids like them before jumping in with both feet.

  2. Hi Lisa! The coupon code is good for six months, so you have time to decide what you want for Easter, Mother's Day, Flag Day, 1st Day of Summer, 4th of July... the possibilities are endless. :)

    My favorites? That's tough. I'd probably have to say Courage and Faith, just because those are the first two we got and have listened to the most. Really though, you can't go wrong!

  3. I am so bummed! I just ordered the whole set two days ago! I did order them through an ebay store that another friend shared, but still don't think I got as good of a price! Oh well!

  4. This is the second time in two days I've read about these CDs...gotta get em.

  5. Thanks bunches! I have heard of these so often and yet still haven't purchased them.

  6. I JUST google searched for a code yesterday and came up with nothing so I decided to wait on them. THANK YOU! Just ordered 2 for us! Heidi

  7. thanks for the discount Ang! Ordered 1 today...can't wait to start listening to it with my kids. Also, I wanted to tell you that your "uniform" at home is way cuter than mine. WAY cuter! : )

  8. Angie! This is so fun.

    I went to the website and when I tried to order I got a warning that said it was not a verified address and someone might be tampering with the connection. Has anyone else had this happen?

  9. Yay! thanks for posting I was just searching some new kids worship music for us to listen to... especially in the car! I will definitely check it out!... ps thanks for commenting/visiting my blog:) it was fun to see your name pop up! Hope everyone is on the mend in your house?!

  10. Mmm Hmmm, where's the copy you were going to send me for winning your random drawing?! If you gave it away to someone else that's great!! Just let me know so I can order a copy of my own, I think Kenz would LOVE it!! :) (Just giving you a hard time, I know you have plenty more on your plate than to worry about popping that in the mail or driving it down to me!) ;)

  11. Missy @ It's Almost Naptime turned me on to Seeds. So now I feel the need to pass on the news about one of my favorite Scripture-based CDS for kids -- The Rizers. (The memoRIZERS?!? Get it?!?)

    My kids like The Rizers even more than Seeds (can I say that on this post?) because the music style is more pop/rock-n-roll. Anyway. Music-based Bible verses are awesome. (Tempted to say THEY ROCK but I'm feeling a little sacrilegious.)


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