Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just your average day

The fire department visited our house today.
And the medics.
And the police.

Because Addie accidentally locked Brody in the car.

She was extremely worried.
Would Brody ever get out?
Would they take her to jail?
("Mom, can you take another picture?")

("How about like this?")
On the way home from Chloe's well-check today, the kids got to watch a movie. When we got home, I left it on for Addie and Brody while I took sleeping Chloe up to bed. The plan was NOT for Addie to get out of the car while locking the doors behind her, and thus, locking Brody in. No. The plan was for her to stay in her seat.

But apparently she thought my day needed some added excitement.

And so when I first thought to call AAA and changed my mind and called the police, how was I to know that every emergency vehicle in town would show up?

And how was I to know that EIGHT people would come to rescue Brody?

And speaking of Brody, he was totally oblivious to the entire situation. Until The Fox and the Hound ended. That's when the waterworks started.

But five minutes after they arrived, our friends saved the day and Brody was free.

We gave them three boxes of Thin Mints for their efforts. Addie and Brody got cool firefighter hats. I probably got a police record.
Lessons learned:
  • Never wake up in the morning and wonder what you have to blog about.
  • Always keep your car washed, in case the police have to break into it.
  • Always keep your garage clean, in case the police have to break into the car that's parked in it.
Oh! And all you local readers, could you save your next newspaper for me? I'm sure we'll be featured in the police blotter section, and I'd like to save it for the baby book. Everyone has to document their 15 minutes of fame, you know. Somehow, I imagined it more exciting than this.


  1. this has happened at the Britton house a few times. . . why is it that every call to the police means that 50 people will show up with sirens blazing? Can't there be a JV 911 or something where you just get one guy. . . even like a retired police officer or something? so embarrassing.

  2. oh my gosh....this is Classic. Classic Angie. So glad he was rescued. I would have called AAA or made my husband leave work to bring me his spare key! And, you are awesome for giving them thin mints :)

  3. Lol! (I hope those weren't MY Thin Mints you gave away....)


  4. Oh my...Yes...I wish you would have called me first to ask. Well, no I don't actually, but I would have been able to tell you what to expect. :) What a story!

  5. Slow day in Erie emergency services, I guess. Or, maybe they all heard how adorable your kids are! Or, maybe they were wondering what you were wearing today?! You should be glad they didn't know you were going to give out cookies, or more of them would have shown up! :)

  6. New reader from WIWW! That is sooo funny! My little man shares the same name as yours! :)

  7. Children make our lives so much more exciting, don't they?! :)

  8. Police Blotter? Definitely, maybe you should offer to write it so at least you can put a positive spin on it. And include information on your blog for the visual learners. PS I'd like a copy too.

  9. Oh my- sounds like you had a good time then.

  10. Addie's pictures are hilarious...she doesn't get the ham genes from mommy at ALL! LMAO You definitely have to scan that blotter in for all of us non-locals. What an exciting afternoon!

  11. love this story! My favorite part is definitely the re-enactment. :) This happened to a friend of mine when we were meeting for bible study. Her little guy got locked in and thought it was just the best when the hook and ladder truck came blazing down the street, sirens and all, to rescue him. ALl the rest of the kids were gathered on the porch and us moms were drooling over the hunky firemen. A pretty ridiculous scene for sure!

  12. You out did yourself this time!

  13. too funny Angie! I love how you were ready with your camera to document the action and how willing of an actor Addie is - oh I wish I lived closer so I could come to your house and laugh often!!

  14. Funniest post ever! I love you angie!!

  15. Oh my gosh - my profile still says Shana or JOhnny. I'm shana... SHANA!


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