Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I guess it could be navel fluff*

As a kid, I had several collections.

For example, I was one of those really cool kids who collected stamps and coins. (Thanks for getting me started on that, Mom! You were right... everyone DID think it was awesome. I earned major popularity points.) In fact, not long ago I found my Trapper Keeper full of cancelled stamps. Nothing says, "Serious Stamp Collector" like a Trapper Keeper with a pastel rainbow and unicorn on the front.

I also had an unsharpened pencil collection numbering in the hundreds. And an eraser collection. And a keychain collection (only the square, plastic kind, thankyouverymuch). And a horse figurine collection. (Since every junior high girl went through a horse phase, I figured maybe it would redeem the cool factor of the aforementioned coin and stamp collection. It didn't.)

So when my girls decided they'd start collecting things, I didn't flinch. Sure, another name for "collection" is "clutter," but I figure that they'll forget about their collections soon enough and one day when I put all the rocks from their rock collection back into the backyard from where they came, they'll never notice. Right?

But I'm not a fan of Addie's most recent collection. After eating KFC one night (a major craving during this pregnancy), she held up the bones from her drumsticks and proudly proclaimed that she was going to start collecting BONES.

Ummm... no.

"No, no you're not," said her mother calmly without gagging.

But her daddy, who thinks it important not to squelch his kids' creativity, told her it was a GREAT idea.

"Maybe she'll go into forensics or something! A future CSI!" he said with way too much enthusiasm.

If she starts collecting human bones, stay tuned for a VERY interesting blog post.

What did you collect when you were a kid?


  1. So is she really collecting bones?! LOL! That's gross, but actually quite interesting.

    I collected business cards. lol! I came up with the idea and my dad actually gave me a keeper that had plastic pages that held 3 business cards per page, each in their own little sleeve. He was not only a mayor, but a businessman who was always meeting people. So he would always ask for these people's business cards and then would pass them on to me for my collection. I loved it!

  2. gross ! not the bones, the fluff ! i looked at that picture and seriously about threw up - and I'm not even pregnant ! ewe. i just had the sticker collection. a friend of mine collected all her used nail polish. yup, used. she'd chip it off her fingernails and keep it. yum !

  3. Ummm ... Gary? No. Wrong. WRONG.

    I'm pretty sure it says in Hesitations 3:24 that "thou shalt not collect bones lest they desecrate the home and make it unclean with vomit from the mother." Or something like that. I'm trying to translate directly from the Greek.

    Oh. And Angie? The fact that you had a Trapper Keeper with a unicorn just makes me love you more.

  4. Ok, I am the mother of a "collector", and can I say I'm so glad I didn't open up the naval fluff link while he was in the room, so as to give him inspiration for another collection?! (I'm amazed at the change in color of that fluff collection! Amazed. Or bewildered. I can't decide.).

    I collected my baby teeth. Still have them. Tooth fairy never took them, isn't that great?! I wanted to collect stamps, so you're really cool in my book. And Mike has a fabulous childhood collection of bones (animal, I promise) that I'd be THRILLED to share with Addie. But don't tell him I said so.

  5. This post is cracking me up!
    I also collected keychains. And, I collected postcards.I also collected baseball cards. I still have a box. Maybe they are worth something!
    I don't collect anything now because clutter scares me!!
    P.S. that is so funny about the bones, Gary is awesome. When I was 10 I told my younger sister (who was 5) that she should collect pizza crust & save them in a box under her bed so that if she got hungry, she would be able to have a snack in the middle of the night. haha!

  6. I totally had a stellar collection of stamps and coins. no joke. I was pretty cool.

    I also collected rocks, leaves, ceramic dolls, nut crackers, beanie babies, mini mugs (my dad would buy them for us on business trips), barbies, umm- pets? (we had a lot of pets) I collected tons of stuff and to be honest- I was sad to see it go when I had to move out here three years ago. sigh. I guess I am a clutter bug at heart.

  7. Yup, we're sisters...I had the pencil collection, eraser collection, keychain colletion, sticker collection, cat collection (not horses but the same idea), rock colletion - tumbled my own thankyouverymuch! Gosh we were SO cool!

    P.S. I'm not looking at the link, I've learned my lesson before when I viewed one about toenails. Major YUCK!

    P.S.S LOL to Kelly's comment - love the passage she quoted from the book of Hesitations. I need to get that translation! LOL!

  8. I'm with Gary, I say encourage her passions no matter how unsanitary, vile, and downright icky they may be... Better than belly button fluff collection. That truly made me gag.

    I have to ask, was is a Lisa Frank unicorn???

  9. I almost forgot, I collected Starburst wrappers. Intriguing, I know. Talk about clutter...

  10. I like horses! Buwahahahahaha. ;)

    Clearly we were VBFF's because I also had the unsharpened pencils, erasers, and stickers.

  11. Hey I am so loving your post:)
    What a funny thing those little collectors are!!!
    I would have to agree bones really can not nor will not make an appearance in collection form in my house!
    You're a riot!


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