Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back with a snack attack

(I'll spare you the rest of the nonsensical rhyme that finishes my title. Be glad. Be very glad.)

I've got to get back to blogging because I've missed it so! It's such a good outlet for random thoughts. And even for deep thoughts that do make sense. But surely you don't come reading my blog expecting that, do you? I've felt pretty scattered and in a funk lately, so I figured maybe my lack of blog reading and writing is contributing to that feeling. After all, my Google Reader says I have "1000+" unread items. Even Google Reader won't accommodate a blogging slacker like me.

That said, I'm wiping it out. Starting over on Google Reader. If you have breaking news you've shared in your blog and I MUST KNOW about it, please, please put in the comments below! I hate to be out of the loop, you know. Seriously.

I've wiped out Google Reader before. This is like deja vu.

I thought I'd jump right back in with a few timely snack ideas.

First, you must know that when I was in preschool many moons ago, I came home one day and told my mom that I had eaten "pencils and water" for my snack. Yum! Translation: pretzels and water.

So, how appropriate that Addie and I made pencils for her preschool when it was her turn to bring the snack. They were a huge hit, and Addie had a lot of fun making - and eating - them.

Before you start thinking I'm the most creative mama that ever did live, you need to know that I found this in Family Fun magazine's September issue. I love that magazine.

All you need is string cheese, bologna, mustard, raisins and Bugles. I read that you could use an apple corer to cut the bologna, but apparently, my corer is HUGE or my string cheese is too THIN, so I ended up cutting out all those little bologna erasers out by hand with a paring knife. It didn't take long, and now I'm an expert eraser-out-of-bologna-cutter. Cut off one end of the string cheese so it's flat, and attach the eraser with just a dab of mustard. Snap off the end of a Bugle and squeeze 1/2 a raisin in it, and twist it onto the other end of the string cheese. Voila! You have an edible pencil. On some of them, we whittled the string cheese down a bit in order for the Bugle to fit better.

Also, a friend (shout out to you, Jenn!) sent me a link to some REALLY fun Halloween snacks. How cute are these mummies?!

There's lots more where that came from. Check out the other snacks here.

Happy snacking!


  1. I love the Mummy dogs! We do a neighborhood pot-luck before sending the kiddos out to trick-or-treat, and I'm totally going to make these dogs! Or maybe the Cheesy Fingers. The Slimy Worms are AWESOME looking, but I don't know how they'd "sell".
    Thanks SO MUCH for pointing me to the Our Best Bites website! :o)

  2. Finally!!!!!! I've missed your blog so much!!
    Those pencil snacks are SO super cute!'s been about 25 years since I've had bologne and I don't recall it being so thick, I just remember the thin pre-cut circles. Very cute!
    I've been following Our Best Bites for a while, and I love it. Have you tried their chicken taquitos yet? Super good.

  3. YAY! You are back! I am so glad! I LOVE reading your posts & hope you post more! no pressure :) Those snacks you made are AWESOME! I am copying you next year when Kate is in preschool!

  4. Oh! I'm glad you mentioned that, Michelle. I meant to say something about that. I didn't buy the pre-sliced bologne, you can buy it in the meat/hot dog area in a huge round chunk - maybe 5 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter (or something close?). Quite disgusting, actually. ;) I personally can't stomach the stuff, but it seemed to taste a little better when shaped like an eraser. Obviously. ;)

  5. Thanks for these fun ideas! I have missed your blog too!!

    Our family is waiting to see if a camp job in Big Bear, California really happens...we got the offer and are now waiting for the sale of the camp to finalize before we come down. We are ready to move on with life!

  6. So cute! What a good mommy you are. When I had to bring in snack for Henry's Preschool they got a box of cheesy crackers. Love the mummy dogs, I think we will make them for halloween :)

  7. Those are so freaking cute! Good work.

  8. Those are so stinkin' cute. If I had the energy, I would make them for Connor's birthday celebration at kindergarten on Tuesday.

    Oh! And I made those mummy hot dogs for Halloween dinner last year. They turned out GREAT and were absolutely adorable. They aren't the healthiest meal, but I did manage to get some food into my kids before they hit the Trick-or-Treat circuit, so I considered it a success.

    As far as news goes, did you get my e-mail? I'm pregnant.

  9. Thanks so much for the shout-out! :) You have a beautiful family and I've enjoyed poking around on your blog! :)


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