Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just call me Drizella

Yesterday I took my three munchkins to the pumpkin patch to celebrate Addie's 4th birthday.

Obligatory pumpkin patch picture:

After an exhausting, full 8 minutes of kid wrangling, navigating a wagon in desperate need of an alignment, cleaning off Brody's pacifier 14 times after being dropped in the dirt 26 times, and shooing bees which nearly stung my kids 37 times, all while trying to capture the perfect pumpkin patch picture which conveys the serenity of sweet family time on an ideal fall day, I decided it was high time for a break.

I mean, as relaxing as that all sounds, enough was enough.

So I headed over to the concessions tent and waited with 24 other weary moms, who if nothing else, were just thankful not to be making PB&J for themselves for the 732nd day in a row.

While standing in line for overpriced hot dogs and really overpriced apple juice in pumpkin cups, the lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder and told me I look exactly like her step sister.

You know, if I had a quarter for every time I've heard that...

No, seriously. I'd be rich. I get that all. the. time.

I really hear it quite often - at least once a week - that I look like someone that someone knows. And more often than not, it's their step sister. It's the weirdest thing.

But here's the funny thing - the woman who told me I was her step-sister-look-alike came and sat on a picnic bench near us with her two daughters. At one point I saw her talking to her girls and then she immediately shushed them as they whipped their heads around to look at me. Okay, a little awkward. What I wasn't prepared for was for the 5-year-old daughter to nonchalantly pick up her mom's camera while her mom looked the other way, and pretend to be taking pictures of things around us, and then WOW, WHAT DO YOU KNOW she had the camera pointed right at me.

Did I accommodate her with my best step-sister smile? You'd think. But no. I couldn't help myself and without thinking I crossed my eyes and tweaked my lips around and now I'm sure that image is forever burned into the camera's memory and will soon grace that lady's blog where she's talking about the crazy lady who looked like her step-sister.

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I'm fairly certain that lady's step-sister doesn't look like THAT.

We wrapped up lunchtime fairly fast after that proud moment and moved right along to the corn maze.

I think next time I'll just roll with it and smile nicely. That is, unless, it's Cinderella I'm talking to in line at the pumpkin patch.


  1. Have I said lately how much you make me laugh? Because you do.

    And your description of the pumpkin patch helped curb my longing for the annual apple orchard excursion. We haven't gone this year because it's been so cold and dreary. I'm sure we'll get to it eventually. (It's supposed to be in the 50s this weekend.) But yes, I do remember that there's a whole lot of work for those peaceful family memories.

  2. You crack me up, thanks for a great laugh, I just loved picturing you making that face to that sweet little girl. :-) Ha!

  3. That is hilarious! Ah, technology... permanently documenting our crazy moments.

  4. you're funny, angie! :) i have a very similar pumpkin patch story i'll be posting on my blog very soon! :) (in fact, i'm sure we all have one!)

  5. oh my gosh you are so funny! love it!


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