Friday, August 28, 2009

Beyond Day One

I just couldn't contain my enthusiasm for Emma beginning school, so the pictures continued each day...

Second Day of School:

Third Day of School:

Oops... maybe one too many pictures this morning...

Fourth Day of School (making a "K" for "Kindergarten"):

Fifth Day of School:

(another "K" - but how hilarious is Brody in the window? Didn't notice until later!)

Sixth Day of School:
I was done taking pictures (I mean, how long would this go on?), but when it was time to leave, I couldn't find Emma. She was waiting on the porch to have her picture taken! Old habits die hard! (And no, I didn't take a picture. Now I wish I had...)

On the fifth day of school, Emma tried riding the bus to school for the first time. She had wanted to do it from day one, but I wasn't ready. So that morning we drove to the bus stop (it's only a block away but we had to make a quick get-away once she got on!) and got to know a couple other girls who would be riding. She was a little nervous getting on, but she found her seat and waved goodbye!

Addie and Brody and I raced to the school to beat the bus and watch her get off. She was all smiles!

The next couple of bus-riding days were shaky, but now it's old hat. Today she went all on her own and we didn't even follow her to school. A friend and mom of one of Emma's classmates called to tell me that she made it just fine!

Good girl, Emma. You're growing up before my very eyes.


  1. I was scrolling through the pictures, and when I hit that one with Brody in the window, I laughed out loud! A big, ugly, un-ladylike laugh! That is FUNNY.

  2. Cute pictures!! Glad the week went well. I am so dreading next year when my Emma heads off to school!

  3. aaaawww, baby girl is growing up!

  4. Aaaaaaaw... great shots. Glad it's going so well! :)


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