Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kindergarten Eve

Yesterday, Emma was born. And then I blinked, and tomorrow she'll be in kindergarten.

All of those good-intentioned ladies were right when they chided me for not wishing the days away, telling me, "it goes so fast!"

I'm really excited for Emma to start kindergarten, and she is too. She has her outfit all picked out, her school supplies all labeled and packed up, and her teacher's name committed to memory. She's ready.

And I am too. Or so I thought.

I was fine yesterday. When someone asked if they thought I'd cry when I dropped her off, I smirked and said, "Nahhh... this is great!" Today is a different story. I woke up feeling melancholy. I think I'm feeling down because it's hard to say goodbye to summer and realize all of the things we didn't do, and yet hard also because the fun summer things we did do are coming to an end. The lazy days of preschool and wide open days are over. School is commitment! There are no more spur-of-the-moment trips to the zoo or breakfasts at Chick-fil-A. Since she'll only be in school in the mornings, I'm going to cherish our afternoons together. I'm glad we still have that.

I'm going to miss having her around all the time. Addie's going to miss her. Even when Emma is off on a play date or summer sports day camp, Addie would lament missing her sister. Brody's going to miss her too. He lights up when she walks in the room.

Okay, this is only kindergarten! It's not like she's going off to college.

I remember my first day in Ms. Petersen's kindergarten class at Northridge Elementary like it was yesterday. The bright colors of the room, that new school smell, the kids anxious to learn and play... I loved it all. I especially remember the moment I met Jessica - the girl who introduced herself to me and made me feel like I belonged. I had a friend. I sure hope Emma meets a Jessica tomorrow.

I also remember the night before I started kindergarten, my parents tucked me in as we talked about the big day I'd wake up to. I tearfully said, "I don't want to grow up!" And now, fast forward a few years, and tonight I might tearfully be telling Emma, "I don't want you to grow up!"

Alright... off to get the camera charged. Tomorrow's post will be chock full of pictures and a report from my little kindergartner. And it will be happy!


  1. Oh Angie, I cannot WAIT to hear about tomorrow! I too am a little teary-eyed that my little (er, not-so-little) niece is starting kindergarten!! But, knowing Emma the way we do, SHE will be the "Jessica" that some new lucky friend gets to meet.

    I remember my first day of Mrs. Graham's class too, I'll never forget it. I hope tomorrow is unforgettable for my sweet little Emma. In all the excitement, her Aunt Abby would love to hear every detail!! :)

    Love you all,

  2. I'll be praying for you tomorrow. And it's ok to shed a little tear!

  3. OK, I was feeling okay about Dawson starting up tomorrow until I read this!!! sniff...sniff...

    & am I crazy to not remember my first day of kindergarten? The only thing I remember about kindergarten at all is being sent to the corner for talking to my friend!

  4. I just about teared up reading this and I was picturing sweet Miriam going off to school. It'll be here before I know it!

  5. Tomorrow!!!!! Wow!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it, such a big day! One more week for us, I feel like I'm stepping into very unchartered parenting territory - but I guess that's how it is with every new thing...this just feels so big and more out of my hands! I'm glad the Lord has big hands to walk us through these growing experiences! Have fun!

  6. Blessing upon Emma (and you) as she begins this new chapter. Moose begins tomorrow, too. I love the phrase, "I sure hope Emma meets a Jessica tomorrow.) That's my prayer, too.

    Parenting -- the days are long, but years are short.

  7. Prayers are being lifted up on Emma's behalf as she heads off to her first day of school. I am also saying a little prayer for you too......it is hard on the mommy to say goodbye to her baby! I know I am dreading it next year :-(
    Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the pictures!!

  8. It will be good. It will be so very good.

    But it is bittersweet.

    We can't stop them from growing up anyway, no matter how hard we try. And yes, things change for the whole family when the oldest goes to school.

    But it's a good reminder, isn't it, to see every day as a gift. We forget so easily.

  9. Oh Angie,
    I can't see the screen so I hope this makes sense. Yesterday you were born and then I blinked and now YOUR baby is starting school. I wouldn't want it any other way. I just remember how much you loved school and Emma will be no different. I can't wait to hear about her first day. She makes friends easily so I'm sure she'll find her Jessica too. The year will go fast and the day after she gets out in May she'll do what you did and 'play school' all summer long. I cherish all those memories and now I have them back. I have to go re-do my make-up now. I love you little one. Mom

  10. Wow, good luck with that. She probably WILL be starting college before you (before we) know it! :-/ Time is flying by.

    Hey, not ALL school commitments mean you can take a spur of the moment trip to the zoo, take a day at the beach, etc. ;) I love homeschooling for this reason--we still go and do all kinds of fun stuff! You would be such a good HS mom. ;) Heck, even I pull it off and I'm not 10% as organized as you are.

    Can't wait to see the pictures of how today went.

  11. Angie - my tears were beginning to well up as I was reading this and I was feeling so sad for you...only another mom could do that. : ) It reminded me of Isaac's first day of Kindergarten which was definitely a whole new part of letting go for me than preschool. I'm so glad your post with pictures of that smiling Emma - it's evidence that she is one loved little girl who has been prepared for this step - her contented smile speaks of it. Way to go Mom and Dad! I pray you guys will grow even closer as you have your after school chats and as you teach her more about trusting the One who's always with her. God bless you Angie!


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