Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soccer Mom: FAIL

I'm not really a sporty kind of girl.

I attended football games in high school... because I played the flute in the band.
I attended football games in college... because it was fun to flirt with boys.

I'm not really sporty.

I tried to play sports a few times in high school, but it didn't usually end well.

I like to go to Broncos and Rockies games now, but it's really just a social thing for me.

Or there was the time I had to write a sports commentary for a journalism class in college and it went something like this: "Nelson passes the ball to Jones... the pass is complete... he takes it to the thirty yard line... the forty... the fifty... the sixty... the seventy... the eighty... the ninety... TOUCHDOWN!!!" (And if you think there's nothing wrong with that commentary, then indeed, we are kindred spirits.)

Yeah. I'm not really a sports girl.

And if you need further evidence, I present you with the following photo documentation from Emma's first ever soccer practice the other night, entitled, "Angie tries to be a Soccer Mom."

Says Gary at soccer practice, "You do know that you fold the socks OVER the shin guards, right?"


I'm not really all that sporty, you know.

But no one will EVER fault my girl for having ribbons that don't match her shoes and shin guards. Even if you can't see 'em.

(I'm pretty lucky that my son-of-a-football coach / son-of-a-gym teacher / ESPN-loving husband married this athletically challenged girl, don't you think?)


  1. LOL! The first thing I noticed in the pictures is that her socks should have been over the shinguards! Way to save the day Gary ;) Feel free to facebook me or email me if you need any "sporty" or soccer advice :)

  2. Oh Ange...we all have our talents in life. And, ya's very important that you know how to match things! Matching helps with things like job interviews, making friends, dating...the list goes on! Never under estimate the power of matching your shoes and socks and hair ribbons! You can always ask me about sports stuff. Maybe I need you to come down here and start coordinating my outfits for me!!! ;)

  3. I had no idea that the socks went over the shin guards! We are baseball, football and cheerleading family. Soccer, not so much!

  4. The first thing I noticed was- pink shin guards! how cute!

  5. Two things...
    1. As I was reading your sports commentary, I thought...that sounds pretty good!! LOL.... Then I realized what was wrong with it. But I am still myself!
    2. Pink shin guards!! Too cute. I didn't know they came in pink...or that you were supposed to fold the socks down over them. But I love how her shirt, ribbons, and the shin guards matched! That is soooo something I would do :-)

  6. Too funny Angie. My boys start soccer this fall and I don't think I will be testing out any pink shin guards with them - but seriously she had to be the cutest, best dressed/assembled member of that team. She has the perfect balance between her mom and dad. : )

  7. This is so perfectly you. I love it. :)

  8. at this stage of soccer, i'm sure you'll see other kids with their shinguards on the outside as well! all that matters is that she knows where the goal is!

  9. "I'm pretty lucky that my son-of-a-football coach / son-of-a-gym teacher / ESPN-loving husband married this athletically challenged girl, don't you think?" --> Well, there are times when opposites really attract (:

  10. I absolutely LOVE this! I am SO not a soccer mom, either. Not even a PTA mom. I know... I'm a poor excuse for the mother of an 8-year-old (not to mention the 20yo and the 14yo). Loved this post, Angie! :)

  11. She's so cute in all her soccer gear! I love all the pink!!! Especially the puffy-shouldered shirt. I bet she looked so cute out there on the field. :-) We've still been trying to figure out how to do the soccer sock/shin guard combo, but now that I see that on Emma, that makes sense that you'd fold it down over the shin guard. So thanks....and you're not the only one who doesn't know how to do it. :-)

  12. You are speaking my language here, girlfriend.

    The closest I ever came to playing sports was the time Corey FORCED me to sub-in with his co-ed softball league, because two of the girls were caught in traffic, and if I didn't play, they were going to forfeit the game.

    I believe I told him I'd rather give him a divorce than try to hit the ball.

    But we're beyond that now. And I'm a full-fledged sports parent, and I enjoy it.

    (Although I do have to say -- I didn't notice the error in the first picture. Corey would DIE!)

  13. That's okay Ang... Gary can handle all the sporty deets and you will make a most FABULOUS President to all her teams' Booster Clubs!!! They will be the most well funded (and best dressed) teams EVER!

    I, of course, had to laugh about the shin guards... Love you!

  14. Hmmm... I'm sitting here shaking my head thinking, "Did Angie not learn ANYTHING about when BOTH of her sisters played soccer?" I mean, it may not have been the most exciting thing to go to a game if you aren't on the team or a parent... Granted, even at Amy's games we younger sisters would high tail it to the playground. I mean, Emma is by far the cutest soccer player I've ever seen (and yes, matching ribbons are a MUST), but I still come back to wondering if you ever really watched our games?? :) (Love you!!)

  15. Angie... no sweat, I consider myself to be a pretty sporty fellow and didn't know this!

    -David (one of your fans in Ohio)


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