Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So Berry Cute

Emma is my strawberry girl.

She has ALWAYS loved strawberries. She has several pairs of strawberry jammies and could eat strawberries all day long. Whenever strawberries are on sale, I snatch them up because I know they'll all get eaten; when I ask Emma how many strawberries she wants at lunchtime, she always says, "One hundred!"

But she's started a new way of eating her strawberries.

She takes a small bite out of each one...

Then she lines them up on the table from yummiest to least yummiest. Despite her discretionary tastes, I've never seen her reject a strawberry. She's an equal opportunity strawberry eater.

And then she eats them, saving the best for last.

And yes, she is still in her jammies at lunch time, but that's because we stayed in our jammies all day long while it blizzarded outside. Cozy.

But she's also on a heath kick which I don't get AT ALL. She doesn't get it from me, that's for sure. I offered her a cookie after dinner the other night and she refused, stating, "It's not healthy."

Say whaaa?

What is this health thing she speaks of?

Have my standing dates with Ben & Jerry taught her nothing?

Have I been force feeding myself Twizzlers in vain?

She helped me make and decorate sugar cookies the other night, only to eat half of one before stiff arming me with some kind of "it's not good for you" nonsense.

She even came home today with 1 1/2 cookies left over in her lunch. Oatmeal cookies, mind you. She said, "You gave me too many cookies, mommy. I only eat healthy things."

I guess Emma can keep her strawberries and tofu. More cookies for me.

And ice cream.

And chocolate.

And licorice.


  1. I'm cracking up at her strawberry distinction. Very funny.

    My kids love strawberries. I bought some at Walmart last weekend and they were really sweet which surprised me because it seems early for them to be in season. Anyway, they didn't even last a day, and all five of us may or may not have fought over the last one. :)

    I would have loved to have stayed in my pjs today. I'm hoping for a delayed start tomorrow.

    I also have a healthy child. She asks for things like broccoli and edamame in her lunch box. Seriously. She'll even check things off her mental healthy list for me in the mornings while packing lunches...
    healthy carb

    I am SO not kidding. Puts my eating habits to shame.

  2. Oh my goodness, is that too cute? I love the way she takes a bite out of each strawberry and lines them up in order! And saves the best for last! That's great!
    She'd have a hay day in the strawberry fields out here, we'll have to go picking next time you visit us in the summer. :-)

  3. P.S. I noticed that new blog link to Stuff Christians Like, and that is AWESOME! I've been laughing it up over here. I like the way he thinks/writes. :-)

  4. "More cookies for me.

    And ice cream.

    And chocolate.

    And licorice."

    You're adorable, Angie (:

  5. Love the pic of the strawberries lined up.......too cute! And there is nothing wrong with having your jammies on at lunchtime :-) I certainly hope you still had yours on too.

    Have you tried offering her strawberry ice cream or strawberry twizzlers? :-)

  6. What a goof. I love the pictures.

  7. Wow, that is the mark of a strawberry connoisseur!

  8. Um, can she come and teach a class to my kids on healthy eating? Truly amazing! : )
    My tastebuds agree with yours though Angie - my downfall is Haagen Dazs Mocha Chunk - among others. : )


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