Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just some more thinkin'

Sometimes my mind wanders and I think up bizarre ideas and storylines, as evidenced in this post from December.

This morning was no exception.

Maybe I was trying to escape the reality of what was happening outside the walls of my shower (bickering girls and a crying boy first thing in the morning), or maybe I'm slightly disturbed. Probably both.

Maybe it's just a coping mechanism since the next couple of days are looking a little crazy.

Anyway, I was standing in the shower when I saw the shadow of a bird fly by the window. I could see its wings spread and flapping, and it made me wonder if there are ever birds born as siamese twins.

Seriously. That's what I thought of.

So it made me think that if indeed there ever have been birds born as siamese twins (that would mean two birds out of one egg... can that happen? It seems logical... of course, this whole thought process is logical and yet completely impossible, so...), would each twin have one wing that they control? Could it fly? Maybe they'd have to work together to fly, much like a three legged race.

That made me think about my BFF and I, who, despite there being at least a 6" difference in our height, totally ROCKED every three legged race in elementary school field day.

Well, that made me think of the potato sack races, which I did not rock at.

That led me to think about potatoes and their eyes. It made me chuckle to think that maybe in some secret potato world, maybe their eyes are like status symbols. The more eyes a potato has, the better. Some kind of twist on "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

And then I thought, what if that potato is a PIRATE? Would it have multiple eye patches? And how would they stay on without ears to keep them up? I pictured this little multi-eyed potato with five eye patches and a red bandana on it's head. It didn't have an earring because it doesn't have ears, and it didn't have a parrot on it's shoulder because, you guessed it, potatoes don't have shoulders.

But the potato is with his band of other potato pirates, shouting, 'Arrrrgh!" and keeping a ship hostage off the coast of Somalia. Things got ugly when they started fighting back with spud missiles and potato guns.

I was quickly shaken from my reverie when a naked Addie pounded on the shower door and told me she wanted to get "dwessed" and that she was "hungwy."

And then I turned off the shower and my runaway imagination.

The end.


  1. made me laugh!!! And I certainly needed a good laugh :-)

  2. Glad to know that I'm not the only one with such a coping mechanism. :) You are funny. You should turn the potato story into a kids book. Seriously.

  3. too funny. not sure if this can address the siamese twin birds, but it does open the possibility:

  4. You know that an imagination like that is a sign of being a genius, right?

  5. I needed that laugh, Angie!

    Love you so much and wish you lived next door so I could pop over with, well, I've got nothing freshly baked to share, would a mini-Butterfinger from Easter work?

    Anyway, so I could pop over to say hi.


  6. 1. We were the best 3-legged race team to ever, and I mean EVER, walk the halls of Northridge Elementary (the reason being the extra six inches I have on you is all torso, and since we were of such like mind... it was easy to make our legs syncrhonize)

    2. My favorite thing in this whole post is: spud missles (but you had to know I'd love that).

    Miss you dearly, friend!

  7. Hahahaha oh my gosh Angie you're hilarious!

  8. I love your unpredictability! Just when I thought you were gonna head into a spiritual lesson (the siamese bird twins having to work together... and the church, etc), you start going off on potatoes! Thanks for the chuckles!

  9. Angie, this was hysterical! Your rabbit trail thought pattern reminded me SOOOO much of my husband. He's constantly coming home and taking me on similar journey's as he retells his day's thoughts. Thanks for the chuckle!

  10. Angie, I found your blog through your facebook page! I just wanted to add to all the above comments, your blog reminds me of "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" HILARIOUS!

    Love, Angie


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