Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why I love Colorado: Reason #528

Last Thursday - blizzard, white-out conditions, 10+ inches:

Last Friday - bright blue sky, over-dressed kids, awesome snow:

Monday (Yesterday) - Frosty's scarf has no neck to wrap:


  1. No fair! I still have 18inch drifts and snow covering the ground. Of course, some of that new snow fell yesterday.

    Cute, cute snowman. And cute, cute kids.

  2. awesome. I wish we weren't so lazy and had taken pictures of Miriam in her first blizzard. We kept talking about it and then we would just eat and watch another movie.

  3. That is a HUGE snowman! I made one with the girl i sit for- and ours was half that size- but I could hardly life the middle section. Good work!

  4. I'm impressed with the snow man. We couldn't get snow to pack AT ALL. No fair. Good job though. What a memory for your kiddo's!


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