Thursday, July 10, 2008

This post is brought to you by Tom and Jerry

I can't say that this post will be filled with much substance, but since the girls are happy and occupied I thought I'd take advantage of the window. I could clean or do something useful around the house, but blogging is so much more fun.

Right now my girls are sitting on the couch, holding hands, totally engrossed in "Thomas and Jerry" as they call it. I remember watching it as a kid and thinking it was hilarious. I wonder if my mom was ever concerned that I might haul off and hit my sisters with a piano or tuck the cat's lip up over her head or bake a cake for my sisters filled with dynamite.

I'm pretty sure she wasn't concerned about those things, but yet, I think I was a much calmer and obedient child than my girls are proving to be. Hmm. Maybe this show is giving them too many ideas. Good thing we don't have a piano.

Yesterday morning I asked the girls what they wanted to do, and they said, "Go to the zoo!" So then I said, "Okay, what ELSE would you like to do?" (Because this nearly 9-month pregnant mama did not feel like driving 35 minutes to the zoo to walk around in 90 degree weather. Call me crazy.) So the next best thing? "Take a walk with our babies!" Done! Their other request? We should all wear skirts.

So, with each of us donning our Wednesday best, we put dollies in strollers and went for a walk. Simple pleasures! I was glad to walk right behind them as they had their best "mommy" conversations.

"How is your day going?"


"How is your husband?"

"Emma, I don't have a husband."

"I know, Addie. We're pretending to be MOMMIES!"

A slight scuffle ensued as Addie veered her stroller a little close to Emma's and Emma loudly informed her that's NOT how mommies take walks.

And then they continued.

"I like your skirt, Addie."

"Thank you. I like your shoes, Emma."

"Thank you. How is your baby doing?"

And so on. If it hadn't been so hot, I might've done another loop around the block just to hear more of their conversation. However, all conversing was quickly halted when we came to a hill, and at that point, the girls thought it was much more fun to give the strollers and babies a good, solid push to see how fast they'd go until they tumbled out of control. Remind me NOT to let them walk the new baby.

Last night since Gary was gone, we had "breakfast for dinner" which the girls love. None of us were all that hungry, so it wasn't even a really great "breakfast for dinner" night. We just had cereal and some fruit. I sort of felt like a lame mom, but the girls were happy.

The girls both wanted to pray, so after Addie's short and sweet prayer, it was Emma's turn.

"Jesus thank you for our family and for our food.
And the birds.
And the butterflies.
And our house.
And our toys.
And our neighbors.
And our pillows.
And markers.
And the new baby.
And my puzzles.
And trees.
And for the high school kids.
And for flowers.
And for airplanes.
And for windows.
And for our clothes.
And for spoons.
And for..."

Seventeen minutes later she said "Amen" and we ate our now soggy cereal.

I think tonight I'll pray before we eat dinner. And I'll thank God for cartoons made in 1942 that make my 2008 kids happy. Amazing.


  1. You have such cute patootie girls!

    We eat breakfast for dinner when Toben's gone too. But I think we'll have ice cream tonight instead. It's churning away in the kitchen sink. And since it has strawberries in it--and milk--I figure it's a good dinner substitute!

  2. Your Emma and Addie are precious. They are true treasures. And breakfast for dinner......Yum!!! My Emma loves eating cereal for dinner. In fact that is what she ate last night - two bowls of it!

  3. Eh-hem! Where's a picture of you in your skirt Angie?
    That was too cute! I love that they can be so content taking a walk and thoroughly happy doing it. Simple pleasures for sure!
    I love you all!
    Mom & Grandma ;)

  4. Love the mommy conversations...I also love breakfast for dinner, pancakes and eggs are my favorite! Although the ice cream for dinner sounds good too:)

  5. So cute. I have tried to get my kids to watch Tom & Jerry but they're not down with it yet. They're in a Boz & Bob the Builder stage right now.
    One night when M was gone we did breakfast for dinner too but I made pancakes out of corn muffin mix. It was actually pretty good! (the things you do to spice up your life, right?!)

  6. Oh how cute are they! It is stories like that, that make me think hmmm maybe we do need a little girl.

    "Brenner" is Chips favorite also.

  7. You are such a good mom. How cute are your girls to take a walk and pretend they were mommies...what a sweet picture.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. You had BRINNER!! We love Brinner!! (See the Scrubs episode about Brinner, pretty funny). John loves making pancakes and bacon just about any day of the week and any time of day. They can come over sometime for it. And I love that they're watching TV holding hands... did we ever do that? Want to? ...Is that weird? LOL!

    Love you all!

  9. Thomas and Jerry are quite popular at our house, too. I think those are the only "old" cartoons my kids will watch. Everything else is too freaky for them; old cartoons aren't Dora-friendly, you know?

    Love those pictures of the girls. But the conversation? Priceless.

  10. My dad made pancakes for dinner for us all the time when my mom was at work. He even one-up'ed it by making them colored - green or blue marbled is the all-time-favorite. Aw memories. He is a good dad. Did my pig tails too!

  11. Cutest post evah! I couldn't stop giggling and Johnny is making fun of me.


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