Monday, July 07, 2008

Save the penguins!

In the car just now, coming home from the grocery store, we were listening to a (very cheesy) CD of kids' Sunday School songs. "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" came on and the girls went nuts, because apparently they sing it in their class.

Here's what Emma said... I was mostly nodding and mmm-hmmm-ing between her comments because I was chewing ice. (Because that's what I do when I'm pregnant.)

"They're talking about Jesus, you know, Mom...

His hands are SO BIG that He can hold the whole word, you know...

Well, I know a little bit about the world, you know. The penguins are on the bottom, and Santa Claus is on the top...

I hope Jesus isn't squishing the penguins when He's holding the world."

(And that's where I about spit out all the ice I was chomping!)


  1. Very funny! I bet she keeps you in stitches!

  2. That is hilarious! So glad you wrote that one will be fun to look back on for a good sweet laugh. Don't you just love how their little minds work?

  3. I was looking through Mer's blog and found yours. I really enjoyed reading it.

    Love the penguin story. So funny.

  4. She is so witty and clever. So funny!

  5. Oh what a sweet, funny girl!

  6. I have several "Emma-isms" via email that I really do go back and read (and crack up doing so). She is just about the funniest little girl I know. I love that we get some insight to her quirky little mind when she says stuff like this. TOO Cute!! I just love her (and you! and Addie! and Ethan!!) Haha! :) I hope you're having a good day, Ang.

  7. Sometimes kids say the cutest things. It makes you wonder what is going on in those little heads of theirs.

  8. Oh that is just too cute! Well, she knows her globe...

  9. What a fabulous visual. She is so smart!

  10. Your kids are so funny!

    -Calvary Lurker

  11. The mind of a child is so simplistic yet intuitive. I love it!

  12. Any idea what sex your baby is? I get to find out in a few weeks...

    Please stop by and read my blog entry today...
    I have tried to email you this information, but your email address comes up as invalid.

    Please, please receive it in the context in which it is intended.

    With Love.

    God bless-

  13. Save the Penguins! Love it.

  14. Ya know, I've gotta admit that between Santa and the penguins, I'd rather see Santa go. He's always been a little creepy anyway. Plus, if you've ever seen "March of the Penguins" you know that penguins have a hard enough life as it is without having to worry about being squished by God. Santa has lived a long full life. And he's cushier, so he just might withstand the weight of the world.

    Emma must be a brilliant little girl to have come to such a complex conclusion!

  15. Oh Angie, what will she come up with next? She's so-o-o funny! BTW Her Great Grandma isn't a bit surprised by her. She comes by this honestly ya know. When you were her age you looked up in the sky as some geese were flying over in a "V" formation and said, just as sure as Emma did, "Those must be vultures because they're flying in a "V". Can we say...too much Sesame Street? Oh the things I would have been blogging about you and your sisters. I'm so glad you'll have this to share with your girls.
    'Love you!

  16. Too cute! I'm so glad to hear that someone else chews ice when they're pregnant. I totally did that and my hubby thought it was weird. :-)


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