Monday, July 28, 2008


My blogging (writing, reading and commenting!) has fallen by the wayside lately. I hate that. I hate opening up my Google Reader to find posts I haven't read in the triple digits. I hate that I might not get a chance to read all of those posts, much less comment on them. I hate that I haven't posted on my own blog in a week! I hate that I can't respond to every comment I get.

But what I love...

Is that I'm getting a lot done in things other than the blogging world! (*GASP* a world outside the blogging world?! Tell me more!)

I'm chipping away at that pesky to-do list. Slowly but surely, things are getting done. The bad thing is that I've been easily distracted and find projects within projects. The good thing is that then I add it to the list and it's an awfully good feeling to check it off. Do you ever do that? Add something to the list that you've already done, just because you can check it off? I suppose that's probably to-do list cheating, but I'm not above that.

And doesn't it just feel like you can accomplish more if that to-do list is written with a Sharpie?

For example, I thought I'd tackle number 11 on the list and tame our wild mass of electronics cords. I swear they sit here in the office and breed. I'm not all that computer/electronic savvy, so I don't know what half of them are for, but I coiled them up, put the ones we don't use neatly in a box and checked it off my list. But along the way, I got distracted with the video camera and tapes, and decided it was prime time to go through every tape logging what was on it. UNNECESSARY. Seriously, I'm due to have a baby in 11 days and this was my priority?! But, the girls really loved watching old home movies and now I feel better.

I had some filing to do in the office (and by "some" I mean mountains of filing) and got it done and checked it off my list! Hooray for me! But along the way, I got distracted with reorganizing the files. They were fine the way they were, but now they're really organized. Again, the baby wouldn't have cared what those files look like, but I feel better about them. Oh! And as I sorted, I got distracted with magazines. I'm sort of a magazine hoarder. I keep thinking there has to be some reason I need them. Well, I kept a few issues of each (mostly for cutting up for kids' crafts) and boxed up the rest for recycling. I'm twitching even as I think about it. I had every Parents magazine and Family Fun magazine from 2003 til now. Not cool. I had 2 years worth of Southern Living from 2002-2003. I had ONE Shape magazine (huh, one magazine about exercise... now there's a surprise), I had one Australian Shepherd magazine, 4 years worth of Today's Christian Woman, a few gardening and home magazines, tons of MOPS magazines, a few crafty magazines, and countless - I mean countless - baby and pregnancy magazines. Oh my word. Aside from the money I fear was spent on these things, I think once they're recycled the school down the street will be equipped with paper for a year. As I put them in the box, I just kept thinking, "There's nothing in here I can't find on-line. There's nothing in here I can't find on-line. There's nothing in here I can't find on-line."

A fraction of my collection:

Before I go scoop them all up and clutch them to my bosom, can someone reassure me that I won't miss the magazines? Thanks.

Three days ago I dragged out my sewing machine, dusted it off, and decided to sew up some new basket liners for the nursery. I finally got to it yesterday and am half done! Not only was I pleasantly surprised that I actually DO remember how to sew, I'm thrilled that something will soon be fully checked off the to-do list that is actually baby related.

Because the baby isn't going to care if my scrap room is clean or if my backyard flowers are properly pruned. But you know what? He might care if he has a name or not. I need to add that to the to-do list.

Speaking of baby... I hope to post a baby update and some belly pics in my next post (today or tomorrow? Let me consult my to-do list). I have to squeeze it in before he comes, because to post it after the fact would throw my sister into a tailspin. So stay tuned!


  1. I am a big list maker! I have learned that if it doesn't get on a list, it most likely will not get done!!! Therefore, if I do something that isn't on a list, I have been known to add it to my list, just so I can immediately check it off. What a feeling a accomplishment :-) LOL!

  2. Oh yay, I was really hoping for some belly pics, so I'll be waiting patiently for tomorrow. :)

    I, too, love adding things to the list just to get the good feeling of being able to cross it off! And I am a magazine horder as well....maybe not quite that bad... :-), but I feel like I'm throwing away something really valuable. Jason got me some really cool-looking magazine organinzers/fileboxes for Christmas and it's definitely helped with the piles of the ones I just didn't want to get rid Real Simple Magazines are so pretty, it's hard to throw them away, they almost look like little presents or something.
    Can't wait for you to cross off the baby name box!!!


  3. I hope you post nursery pics too...I'm excited to see what the room looks like!

  4. 1. You won't miss the magazines... I just went through a very similar exercise and it was HARD (although, the nice thing about keeping them is magazine collage face masks the girls can wear up and down the street... that and the most awesomest 7th grade project e-v-a-h)

    2. I always add "posthumous" items to the list. Crossing them off is fantastic... cheating never felt so good.

    3. Lettie and Sherian would be oh-so-proud of the sewing skills you have retained. You go, girl!

  5. ELEVEN DAYS?! How has time flown by so fast?

    And I totally put things on my list that I've already done so I can cross them off. Put past events on my calendar too...


  6. Ummm...sounds like someone is doing some major nesting.

    And I can't believe you're having a baby in eleven days!

  7. I'm glad you got to check off something baby-related! LOL! Logging the videos is totally something I've done myself, while preparing for baby. VERY CRUCIAL to have your videos logged and updated when the nameless baby gets here. ;-)

  8. I loved this post because I can so relate. When I decide to get down to business with a to-do list I am easily distracted as well. (I am a known to-do list "cheater"!)

    BTW, you will not miss the magazines. I have the same problem with "Family Fun" and "Scrapbooks, Etc". I cannot part with either of them, but honestly, I never crack them open after the initial reading.

    In your next post, please give us an update on the name dilemma. Do you have a final list of names you're at least considering? Inquiring minds want to know!


  9. I too am a magazineaholic.....I remember when I finally had the courage to thrpow out my piles and piles of magazines, that I was sure I would need, down the road...that It was very difficult...but when I did it I felt such a sense of accomplishment! When I was pregnant I always loved packing my bag for the hospital because back in my day that was done when you just had 6 wks to go.....and you only have 11 days! Good for you!

  10. You make me laugh...lists are good, even if you can put 1/2 done next to it (I saw that in your picture), feels better than nothing, right!!

    Magazines...I have to use the same rule as for clothes, if you haven't looked at it for 1-2 years, toss it. I have gotten pretty good at tossing magazines because as much as I thought I might sometime look up that recipe in one of them...Never have.

    Can't wait to see pictures!!

  11. Okay, this is how nosey I am. I was trying to read what was on your list and I have a question. What do you need to Pluck and Pluck again?

  12. I'm a list maker and probably need to add "purge magazines" to I have two shelves full of scrapbooking magazines!!!

    Way to go on your decluttering/nesting!!!

  13. I write things on my calendar even if I've already done it...just for the sheer pleasure of crossing it off. The simple satisfations of life.

  14. You mean EVERYONE doesn't go back and add things to their list that they've already done just so they can get the satisfaction of crossing them off?

    Who knew?

    You will feel lighter and happier without the magazines. I guarantee it. I did a big purge a few years ago, and last year before our move, I threw away the "collectors box" of Life magazines I'd previously saved. Can't say I miss a single one.

    (Although I still have one old magazine -- Seventeen from May 1986. Molly Ringwald is on the cover.)


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