Thursday, June 19, 2008

Messages from above

The other day Emma was in her room for nap time (or quiet time, as it's turned into for her), and was not happy about it. She just doesn't get that mommy needs that time to do mommy things - like nap, do laundry, read blogs and play silly games on Facebook.

Anyway, about 20 minutes went by when a note floated down over the upstairs balcony and into the hallway downstairs. I happened to be walking by when it arrived. It looked like this:

And a moment later I received this note:

Later, when she was finally granted access to the magical land of downstairs (really, does she think she's missing out on all the fun?) Emma informed me that it said, "I would like to come downstairs now."

You've got to credit her for trying! At least she's creative.


  1. Clearly I know nothing about child development, becuase I am floored that she can write her letters so well so young (or is she really advanced).

    Once she goes to school, I'm sure she'll have your mad spelling skillz and will be wowing us with monosyllabic words before kindergarten is over.

  2. PS--are those tear drops on the end of the "Ss"?

  3. Well, you know, she IS advanced. (C'mon! What else is a mom to say?!) She's been writing for awhile now, and while I'd like to say that she's far beyond what she should be capable of, I think it's normal. :) She can spell a few real words on her own though. I'm proud of that, and right now we're working on antidisis... you know. ;)

    And no, they're not tear drops! LOL! That would be creative, wouldn't it? Actually, I'm glad you picked up on it... they're her "fancy" S's. Isn't that funny?!

  4. I thought that they were teardrops, too. But fancy S's are much cooler! Before you know it, she'll be spelling out JEEPYSHANEEPYLU. he he he he

    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now in my google reader, but not commenting. I love the way you tell a story!! The pig cracked me up!!

  5. LOL, I was going to put antidis... in there, but I wasn't sure how to spell it! (Laughing hard now!)

  6. I don't think I could love that little girl ANY more!! She cracks me up, and I'm sure the SAD picture tugged at your heart strings (where you also did your "I'm-trying-to-hide-the-fact-that-I'm-laughing-at-this-somewhat-serious-moment" laugh, I'm sure).

    Love you!! ...and your silly little mini-me's.

  7. Maybe you should take that first picture to a therapist and have it analyzed! :)

    So Cute!

  8. That is adorable. My little one also makes a fuss about quiet time.

  9. Angie...that cracks me up! That sad picture is so.....sad! The tears and sad frown are too much! She's really good at drawing though, and good at letters, and I too, thought they were tears on the S's. You've got to keep those forever.

  10. That is too cute!! LOVE it!! I also thought those were tear drops on her S's since she had tears on the first one she sent "down" to you. She certainly is a pretty creative little thinker, isn't she? :-)

  11. Ok, so a couple friends of mine have been telling me to start a blog for a long time, and I kept persistantly saying no. After finding yours and Amy's blogs though, I have caved. You have sucessfully convinced me (whether you knew it or not) that blogging is, in fact, awesome.

    Every story you write about your little girls cracks me up. I hope to get to meet them someday soon! :)


  12. Oh my goodness that is so cute! I totally would have teared up over that picture. You are a brave mommy to let crayons near her quilt! again.

  13. I would just like you to know -- my kids have also been known to drop pitiful plea letters onto the cruel parents below. It never fails to make me giggle. (Nor do you.)

  14. I love this. SO dramatic.

    Emma & Gray are meant for each other, I tell you. I'm going to blog about something similar soon (if I can get off of FB).


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