Tuesday, June 24, 2008

** Michelle **

Today is my special friend Michelle's birthday! I'm proud to say she's one of my very most best friends. If you know her, you know how lucky you are. She's just one of the sweetest, most caring people I know. She has the gentle spirit I strive for and just shines Jesus to all those who meet her. In fact, I remember one time when a girl we both knew came to her and commented that there was just something different and joyful about her. Duh! It's Jesus!

Michelle, I'm thankful for you and for our friendship. I feel like I've known you forever, even though it's only been what... six years? seven? I can't keep track! You're a great example to me of what a wife, mom, daughter, sister and FRIEND should be. I love the ways you love Jason, the way you honor your parents and brother, the fun, loving, and patient way you are with your kids, and what a faithful and caring friend you are. You really are special. And you're so good at so many things! It's hardly fair!

So, in honor of today, here are a few poems about my friend, Michelle. (How can I get a copyright on these things? Because these are GOOD!) I didn't get something in the mail to you like I'd hoped, Michelle, so hopefully these will do until that happens. Oh, and Michelle is great at being prompt and following through with things she intends to do... I'm not.

On to the poems. These are sure to become classics.

A limerick:
There once was a girl named Michelle.
She loved her family, you could tell.
She made dinners from scratch,
Picked out clothes that did match,
She really knew how to love well.

A haiku:
Michelle 'livia
Born thirty-one years ago
Time to celebrate

Another haiku:
Michelle is the bomb
She just cut her hair; it's cute
That girl is awesome

Yet another haiku:
Come back to Boulder
California will miss you
But I miss you more

Another limerick (illustrated with a photo!):
There once were two Mary Kay girls
Who went to Dallas for some thrills
They wore fancy dresses
And curled their long tresses
But were really just girls from the hills

(That one will make no sense to others...! You see, we met through Mary Kay years ago, and attended a big convention in Dallas, and one night we had to wear FANCY formal dresses. We felt like we were playing dress up. Michelle looked BEAUTIFUL that night. But the truth is, I think we're both more comfortable in our jeans, t-shirts and flip flops.)

And a few more pictures...

Here's one of us with our first babies, born a month apart! (Yes, I have my finger in Emma's mouth... it's the ONLY way she ever stopped crying those first few months!)

I love this one. Carson was only 7 months old, and it's still on my fridge.

This is from when Emma and I came out to visit in June '05. We were both pregnant with #2!

From February '06... Livi and Addie were so tiny!

From your last trip out here in March... no picture of us together, but look how big our kids have gotten!

Happy Birthday, sweet Michelle. You are a treasure to me!

Click here to give Michelle some birthday love on her blog!


  1. Okay...I'm done laughing at the brilliant prose. ;) Those were sweet! A sweet post altogether! Enjoyed the photos. I'm jealous that you have such a wonderful friend...IRL! But happy for you both.

  2. What a sweet tribute to a truly sweet person. I call Michelle my friend too - and I know how much you mean to her!

    I love your blog - I know we don't really know each other, but I love reading your blog. [hope you don't mind].

    Do you ever think about speaking at MOPS. I think you'd be fantastic.


  3. That was so very sweet. I miss my best friend very much. I'm so glad you appreciate your wonderful friend so much!

  4. It is such a blessing to have dear friends, like Michelle. I'm curious...seemingly that you are pregnant at the same time, is Michelle pregnant with #3 also? :)

  5. Michelle, how can you stay in California after those beautiful poems??? do I need to blog about you too to get you to move back here? :) For everyone who hasn't had the wonderful pleasure of meeting this girl- Angie has not exaggerated one bit about her. Michelle, you have been, and always will be, an inspiration in my life, too. (are you blushing after all this attention?)
    Michelle & Angie- I'm glad you're my friends! I love you guys!

  6. Yea! I love your friendship! What a treat to see the retrospective of photos. Michelle is going to love this! Well, at least she will love your love for her.:)

  7. Oh, wow, I have to leave a comment to represent Michelle's California peeps or she might start getting some silly idea about moving back to Colorado.

    I love that girl so much, especially because of her wild and crazy side behind all that sweetness.

    I think it is so great that you two have remained so close even with the miles separating you.

    Angie, come visit California again soon!!

  8. Ang....thanks for the wonderful post....you rock! I loved all the poems, you just crack me up. And of course all the pictures, I love how tired we look in the one with our new babies. :-) I, too, can't believe it's only been 7 years, it does feel like forever. You are a true gift from the Lord in my life. I love you!


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