Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Up for Adoption

Free to Good Home:

A half finished mannequin. Foam and newspaper head. Newspaper-covered torso. Pipe and chicken wire legs. Rubber glove hands. Old tennis shoes.

On second thought, maybe I'll pay you to take him away.

He was some project Gary had the high school kids working on (I can't remember the deep meaning behind the hands-on project, but I assure you it was brilliant), but has long since been abandoned. And now he stands in my garage, scaring the living daylights every time I open the garage door. He was kind of cute for awhile, and my girls would say, "Hello, Robot!" or "Goodbye, Robot!" every time we'd come and go. Well, he's not cute anymore.

I meant to ask Gary to take it away before his trip, but forgot. So now that I'm alone, it's a little unnerving to open the garage door at night and see the silhouette of this dude. I have to remind myself EVERY TIME that it's not a real person.

View when I open my inside garage door: (sorry for showing your well-loved workspace, Gary!)

So... any takers?


  1. Two words: Frea-ky!

    You need to get rid of that immediately. If you want, I have some friends in low places that would be happy to dispose of him.

  2. That is so completely hilarious. I want you to post it on Craigslist... see how much you could get for it. Ha! Only, post it when Gary's back, and maybe take my dad's advice and have a can of mace in your pocket, you know, just in case.

  3. Sorry, I can't take him off your hands, but I bet you can find a taker.

    It would freak me out to open the garage and see that too!

  4. ummmmm, no thanks! That thing would give me nightmares to have in the garage!

  5. How long have you kept him for???

  6. Have another give-a-way contest. See how many lurkers come out now. :)
    Please don't enter my name.

  7. OMgosh that would be so creepy while staying by myself, especially!


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